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Snacky Lunch

In my efforts to curb our grocery spending, I have had to simplify my cooking habits. I came of age in Santa Barbara, CA where fancy restaurants and gourmet food abound. Since I have always been a glutton, er, I mean, foodie, this was a fun place to enter adulthood. The families at church and the university catering company where I worked introduced me to all sorts of amazing foods. In our early years of marriage, we spent at least $250 a week for the two of us! Ouch! Needless to say, now that we are a family of 7, almost 8, I am amazed at how our habits and our budget have changed.

We’re still food snobs in a way. My kids refuse to eat Kraft Mac and Cheese, no matter how much I beg them. But, we’re learning to be satisfied with simpler, less expensive foods at home. Our menu this week reflects that. Since there weren’t screaming deals on meat last week, beans are prominantly featured on our meal plan for the week.

berry scones
eggs and toast
berry streusel coffee cake and smoothies

Papa Murphy’s with a coupon
Turkey sandwiches, pineapple
cheese and crackers and fruit
chicken quesadillas
popcorn chicken, cheese sticks, rolls
PB&J, fruit
omelets, salad

Sunday night free-for all
bean tostadas with leftover brisket
baked chicken legs, rice pilaf, veg, salad
BLTs, macaroni salad
beans and rice with chips and cheese
bean burritos with ground beef
homemade pizza

For more tips on organizing and menu planning, visit Organized Junkie.

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  1. I just made macaroni salad a few days ago myself. It’s yummy, and quite reasonable.

    Sounds like a good plan!

    another meal planner at

  2. Looks like a great menu! I don’t make homemade pizza enough, even though it’s so good. Have a great week!

  3. mmm..just had macaroni salad here a few weeks ago..yum!


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