Good Friends and Grime

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This past weekend our friends Devin and Jessika and their children came to visit. We’ve known them since we were newlyweds. They are those friends that you can “let your hair down” with.

One afternoon the guys were out running an errand, and the moms were chatting in the kitchen. It’s rare that I’m in the kitchen “with nothing to do,” so I thought it would be the perfect time to scrub the stovetop. (You didn’t know there was a perfect time to scrub the stovetop, did you?)

I’m sorry there’s no “before” picture. You would be tempted to report me to the Health Department, I’m sure. Trust me when I say it was grimy.

Beyond grimy.

Black, baked on grimy.

It had been haunting me that I had let it get so bad. I figured that while I visited with my friend, I could multi-task and tackle a cleaning job that I despise. I am not in a good habit of wiping down the stovetop every time, so needless to say, there was build-up.

So, a sponge and some Softscrub and I got to work. Before I knew it, Jessika had a sponge of her own and was scrubbing the other side. We worked and visited and scrubbed. Really. hard.

And what was a chore became a fun project. Sort of. I mean, the company made it less of a chore.

When the guys came home, they jumped into the act. (I told you the stovetop was bad.) Jess had googled tips and tricks for stovetops and found that fine grit sandpaper works. So, FishPapa brought out the belt sander. Seriously. And we got this baby spanking clean.

Some things I learned from the experience:

  • Good friends love you no matter what kind of messes you get yourself into.
  • Good friends will help you out of said messes without lecturing you.
  • Hard work is always easier to do with someone else to keep you company.
  • Don’t let the sun set on your messes.

These are great lessons for life and for parenting. Especially that last one.

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  1. It seems to be a theme that is running through the blogosphere today. I just blogged about how collaboration is so important for frugality – we can share our resources, what we own, but also share in tasks and reap the rewards together. I live in an apartment but my friend lives in a house – we we both share her garden and likewise share its yield. It’s such a great way to get things done!

  2. Work is always more fun with a friend! Lately I’ve been downloading podcasts or audio books and listening to them while I do chores. It makes the time go faster.

  3. I know that I should be learning soemthing about friendship, sharing etc. but what I really needed to know was how to clean that stove.

    I have a stove that looks a lot like this one except it is filthy. I have scrubbed and can’t seem to get it clean. I then (seriously!!!) wondered if once you used it – maybe it wasn’t supposed to be clean after that.

    Your post has given me hope! Tomororow my post is on Titus 2 Women and how not only are they to instruct in spiritual matters but also in practical!


  4. LOVED this! Makes me want to go finish my kitchen before we crash for the night… And be that kind of a friend too.

  5. ROTFL! I can’t believed you blogged about sandblasting your stove clean! You must have just qualified for the Keeping It Real award of the year! πŸ™‚

    Life as Mom – rarely glamorous, often humbling. πŸ™‚

  6. I love this post (by the way, my stove has been about this bad before too). I think it is so important to share things like this with each other and be real so others will be encouraged.

  7. Heading to your hometown anytime soon? I was just looking at my stovetop in disgust last night.
    Thanks for the reminders.

  8. Seriously, we need a step-by-step on how you got your stove that clean. Mine is awful- and I can never get the stuff off!!!!

  9. My drip pans are DISGUSTING…any suggestions? If you and your friend aren’t busy this weekend and feel like a drive up North, my drip pans will be waiting for you πŸ™‚

  10. Oh, believe me – my stovetop has been pretty close to that bad before. And even worse? The inside of my oven door. The only thing I’ve ever tried that got either clean was baking soda and a little water on a scrubbing sponge. Seriously – worked like a charm! Of course if I’d have had a sander, I may have tried that first – great idea! lol