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I have found that reading an organizing or decluttering book is an ideal way to get me motivated to tackle the stuff in my home. I’m also inspired by new ideas and methods. And since we’re on Zone Defense, this is a great time to get thinking about stuff. (It’s not too late to join the team.)

Here are some favorite books about organizing and stuff:

There are also a number of bloggers doing decluttering/homemaking series this year. Be inspired by what they have to say as well:

Have you found a great organizing resource?

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Psst… And of course, there’s this.

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  1. Oh, yes, Don Aslett is great. We read him for fun around here! The kids giggle and giggle.

    I also like Confessions of an Organized Homemaker and Organized Simplicity.

    Molly Gets Organized is also good; you can see my review here:

  2. Right now I am reading “The Joy of Less” by
    Francine Joy and it is fabulous!!! It is probably one of the most practical and motivational books I have read on the subject. We are getting a lot cleaned out around here now so I am enjoying your Zone Defense, too! Can’t wait to see what other books are recommended…

  3. Not exactly an organizing book but Eat That Frog has really helped me to get my priorities in order and to get more done around the house. The principles Mr. Tracy teaches can be applied to just about anything in our lives. I share my insights on the book, chapter by chapter, each Monday afternoon and invite anyone who has or is reading the book to join the conversation.

  4. I’ve really enjoyed Clutter Clearing Choices by Barbara Tako (arranged somewhat differently than other resources – she does things by season, which works for me) and found Organize for a Fresh Start by Susan Fay West (it was a free Kindle download a few weeks ago) to be inspiring as well.

  5. I love reading stuff for motivation too. I loved The Joy Of Less by Francine Jay.

  6. I just read Organized Simplicity and thought it was really good.

  7. I’m reading Organized Simplicity now which is great! I’m also finding so many great ideas on Pinterest, my organization board keeps growing. Now I just need to take action on the very inspiring pictures!

  8. Crystal Paine’s new book, the Money Saving Mom’s Budget, also talks quite a bit about organizing. It’s down-to-earth, practical, and personal…

  9. Home-Ec 101 by Heather Solos is a good one. It’s more than organizing but is pretty helpful.

  10. Don Aslett’s books have got to be my favorite. I never forget the time years ago when I bought his book “lose 500 pounds this weekend” I got half way through and was so inspired I had to put it down and just start decluttering. I even called my sister in law to watch my oldest son who was a baby then, and talked my husband into spending his 3 day weekend tossing our clutter.

  11. Ahh you’re awesome, thank YOU for including me in your list!!!

  12. I am missing where the link on amazon is for the shelves… help!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Ha! The shelves were just a picture I found that was cool and organized. 🙂

      The Amazon links are for the books that I’m recommending. I am required by law to let you know that I receive a percentage of any sale generated from that link. It’s small, but still.

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