Got Milk? A Very So Cal Giveaway

Update: Anyone can win! Check the store locator to see if you have a local store where you could redeem your coupons if you won.

As a mom of four strapping young men, I buy a lot of milk.

A lot.

And while going completely organic is not yet within my budget’s reach, one area where I do like to “go natural” is in the dairy department. Good, fresh milk is just so, well, good.

Especially with peppermint chocolate cookies.

Or fudge-nut brownies.

Or trail-mix cookies.

In honor of the goodness of milk as well as the plethora of great cookies out there, I am pleased to announce a veritable Month O’Milk for all my Southern California readers.

Stremicks Heritage Foods, with more than 35 years in the dairy business, was recently awarded the title, “#1 Tasting Organic Milk in America” by American Masters of Taste. To celebrate, Heritage Foods would like to offer one lucky LifeasMOM reader two free half-gallons of their organic milk.

And not just this week, but for the next five weeks. Talk about a season of giving!

And as a mom who cares what’s going into her kids’ bodies, I’m pleased to see that what they’re offering is a quality product: certified organic, free of antibiotics, hormones or other yucky stuff, ultra-pasteurized for purity and longer shelf life, “Real California Milk” certified, and available with Omega-3 DHA. This milk is sold at most Vons, Pavilions, Ralphs, and Albertsons. Go here to see if your local store carries it.

Wanna try some? Click here for a money-saving coupon worth $1 off any half gallon.

Wanna win some? Fill in the form below.

If you’re viewing this in a reader, click through to LifeasMOM so that you can view and complete the form. You can leave a comment, but only those who fill in the form will be entered to win. I am not going to sell your addresses or anything funky like that. Just want to have your contact info in order to send you your coupons, especially since people will be doing all sorts of holiday stuff next week.

And remember, this giveaway is only open to those living in Southern California. Must be over 18 to win.

This giveaway will close Saturday at midnight PST. Be sure to come back Monday morning to see if you won. And if you didn’t, you’ll have another chance next week.

Wanna have even more chances of winning? Visit Freebies4Mom for free milk and more!

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  1. The Things We Do says:

    Well, I’m totally bummed…I don’t live in S. Cal. but I DO buy this milk and have for years. Why the state discrimination?

  2. TTWD, sorry. Those were the guidelines I was given for the giveaway. But, I assume you like their milk?

  3. The Things We Do says:

    Yes, we love this milk. It’s the cheapest of all the organic milks which is a plus on a Dave Ramsey budget! =0) It also has a very long use-by-date which is a plus for us because we don’t drink it as a beverage so we need it to last a long time. We don’t drink it as a beverage for health purposes…it’s a health nut thing….I believe that we shouldn’t drink milk as a beverage but that’s just me. =0) I do use it in cooking since I haven’t found a way yet to eliminate it completely. But, I would recommend considering organic milk especially if you drink it as a beverage because milk is one of the big ones when it comes to artificial hormones, pesticides and antibiotics. Some believe that milk is a big cause of girls starting puberty earlier and earlier and that milk is a huge contributor to antibiotic resistance in our society. All things to consider.

    So, yes, I sing the praises of this milk! =0) and the praises of your blog too. ;0)

    I used to live in S. Cal. does that count? Just teasing. I’ll sit out on this one. =0) Have a great day today!

  4. I drink this milk too. Thanks for the coupon. I do live in Southern California. (sorry Things We Do)The company is eco-friendly and the cows do get to graze in pastures which is not the case for many other Organic milk producers. That’s probably why it tastes better than other Organic milk. Happy Cows = Delicious tasting milk! 🙂 Thanks again for easing the financial burden of buying organic!

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