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In the busy life as MOM, I’ve found that being able to flip through a parenting or cooking magazine gives me a refreshing glimpse of life outside my home. It inspires me to be more creative, be more organized, be more restful. Even if I don’t copy the ideas I find, they help me think up some of my own.

Back in the day, I spent a huge chunk of change on magazine subscriptions. But, when we started cutting back, magazines were the first thing to go. My mom always lamented the fact that there were no quick reads at my house when she came to visit. I think she even resorted to reading the Yellow Pages once.

Well, I got her covered now since I found some inexpensive sources for magazines. My mom is here this week and in anticipation of her visit, I gathered up the magazines I had on hand. I was amazed to see the number and to realize the fact that I hadn’t paid much for any of them.

Four Inexpensive Sources for Magazines

  • I have had great success with ordering magazines through Amazon, sometimes getting my favorite publications for as low as $5 a year. I don’t mind paying fifty cents a month for a good read. And with homeschooling projects, it’s nice to have back issues for the kids to use for cut and paste. This month, you can order a magazine subscription and get two years for the price of one.
  • You can also find some great magazine prices at Best Magazine Deals. This week Family Circle, Woman’s Day, and Family Fun are available for $3.75 a year! Once you’ve added them to your cart, use the checkout code WKLYSPEC to get an added discount.
  • I’ve also enjoyed a free subscription to an internet magazine thanks to the free tradepub magazines available. There is a huge variety of trades represented, including business, construction, education, and food. You must qualify to receive the magazine.
  • Regional Parenting magazines are another great source of reading material. They also give you the head’s up on what’s going on in your area. Usually you can find them in your local library, doctor’s offices, and stores like Walmart. This database offers a listing of parenting pubs’ websites by state. Not all pubs have websites or are listed in this catalog, but many of them are.

What’s YOUR favorite magazine?

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  1. Natalie says

    We’ve gotten magazines free by using our airline miles before they expire (since we don’t fly very often). Their selection varies, but in the past we’ve gotten free subscriptions to Money, Smartmoney, Entertainment, Golf Magazine and more!

  2. I also pick up magazines at my local library. They always have more than one copy and after a pre-set time, they sell them for 10 cents a piece. Now, granted, they might be several months old but my favorite, Real Simple, is a great deal this way! And since my library gets such a varied selection of mags, I can always pick up some mags that are an interest to my hubby and sometimes even my kiddos!

  3. I LOVE Real Simple. I got it around Thanksgiving when Amazon was having a $5 sale for year subscriptions. That is a STEAL! FamilyFun and Family Circle are also lots of fun. I usually read them in the doctor offices, if it’s an old issue and has something I really like in it I ask if I can take it home. They always say sure!

  4. I really enjoy Delight Magazine…it’s entirely gluten-free and has great recipes and beautiful pictures 🙂

  5. The Library is loaded with current magazines, in a large variety, to check out and try with out any OOP expense.

  6. After running in a few different half marathons and with each registration came a subscription to magazines. Needless to say I have a few. Oxygen is my favorite, Real Simple, and Runner’s World.

  7. Patti says

    I love “All You” for the coupons. I also frequent the library, especially on Friday nights to stock up for the weekend. Hairdressers also usually have piles of magazines. When I worked with kids, I always asked them for old magazines to use for cutting up.

  8. Kimberly says

    My two all time favorite magazines are Real Simple and Midwest Living. I currently am not subscribed because I need to be very cautious with my spending. As soon as I go back to work though, you know I will be back on the subscription roll!

  9. Katie says

    Hi Jessica,

    My secret addiction has to be magazines. I also had to wean myself off of them due to the expense. I read the New Scientist, Food magazines (love cake recipes) and Home and garden magazines. I have just selected the vegetables for our garden so of course I had to read magazines on doing that. In fact my idea of heaven is to have a quite spot, a lovely cup of tea and a magazine. My gorgeous husband paid for me to have a facial (my last facial was about 7 years ago so it was a huge surprise) to cheer me up and do you know the best bit? Well, it was being taken to the “relaxation room” afterwards, given a cup of tea and allowed to flick through a huge pile of magazines. I didn’t tell my husband but I could have skipped the facial. I think it is endearing to take such pleasure out of small life comforts.

    I hope you mum has a lovely time.


  10. I like Ladies Home Journal (I got a free subscription. I can’t remember which website I got it from!).

    I also would like you to know that I love your blog and awarded it:

  11. I borrow magazines from our library every week. I can pick and choose instantly from just about any topic I am interested in at the moment. I love it and it doesn’t cost me anything.

  12. Our favorite is Smithsonian. We always wait until the end of our renewal period and then they let us renew for $10 a year. It is such a well-written magazine with articles on a wide variety of topics. When we’re done I gather them up and bring them to the local cancer center. When my mother was being treated there we lamented the lack of any good magazines, so in her memory I’m trying to keep them stocked with reading material to keep their minds off of why they are there 🙂

  13. Kristin S says

    I cracked up about your mom’s comments – my mom was the exact same way. I’ve gotten several subscriptions through Amazon and also my mom has started giving me them for Christmas or birthdays, etc. I guess she figured if she wants something to read at my house, she’ll have to order it herself!! 🙂

  14. I love love love Clean Eating magazine. The recipes are simple and they use real food.

    I have not made something for there that I didn’t like!

  15. It was my grandma who said that a person should always have a variety of magazines on the coffee table, for houseguests. Sounds like your mom would agree.

  16. Hand’s down my favorite magazine is Everyday Food! Yummy recipes and use normal ingredients. It also has very practical topics, like big batch cooking, but gives them a unique spin. Plus the photos are good enought to eat! My kids even like to look at it – probably helps that the issues get put in the bathroom… I mean my reading room. 🙂

  17. I LOVE magazines 🙂 They’re great for a quick read. Usually on Sundays I will head to the local cornerstore for a magazine. I don’t buy as many as I used to, though. Now I often get 4-5 magazines from the library every couple of weeks.

  18. Lisa Justus says

    Thanks for the tip on Woman’s Day! My subscription expired a few months ago and I had been waiting for a really good price before renewing. I’d say $3.75 fits the bill! 🙂

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