Great Bundle of Books on Motherhood

Earlier this week I shared a list of my favorite books as well as some that my Booking It Buddies and I are considering reading this year. If you’re looking for still more good reads, consider grabbing this bundle of the week:, 5 eBooks for $7.40! offers a new collection of ebooks every week. Five books for $7.40 every week, allowing you to collect some great books for a great price.

Included in this bundle of books are the following ebooks:

I’ve read three out of five and I am familiar with the authors of the the other two books, so I can vouch that this is definitely a great deal.

You can buy all five books for only $7.40 this week only.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for BundleoftheWeek. This means that if you buy a bundle of ebooks, this site may benefit monetarily. However, I wouldn’t tell you about them if I didn’t think they were valuable to your “life as MOM”.

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  1. Any recommendations for books for moms with boy? Not necessarily Christian. thank you

    • I’ve been thinking of this and can’t really come up with any specifically geared toward mobs. I don’t know that I’ve read many parenting books that didn’t have a Christian worldview, so I’m coming up short. Sorry.

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