Great Things to Serve for Father’s Day (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

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Father’s Day approaches! My kids and I have been plotting a few things for the weekend to honor FishPapa. I couldn’t ask for a better father to my children. He’s got his weaknesses, to be sure. But his honesty and character far outweigh his inability to get socks in the dirty clothes hamper.

I am so blessed that he chose me out of all the women in the world to be his wife.

What to serve on Father’s Day

And as we know, the way to his heart is through his stomach, I’ve got some tasty meals planned for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; oh! and a snack in between.

Here’s our Father’s Day meal plan:


We’ll start the day out with a full breakfast, maybe even at the Broken Yolk. Hubby loves a breakfast out. It’s one of his comforts. And if we go early, we can beat the crowd. No sleeping in when ham and eggs are in question!


One of hubby’s favorite meals is Brats with Sauteed Peppers and Onions. They are easy to pull together and not too expensive, either. Especially when brats are on sale at Vons this week. Yeah! I’ll make a batch of Deli Potato Salad and some Homemade Hot Dog Buns to go with for a yummy and filling lunch.


Chips and Homemade Salsa are a big hit around here when someone gets the munchies. I know FishPapa will like having that option if I’m late getting a meal ready. (Which has been known to happen on more than one occasion.)


Hubby’s been working out more, so his appetite is less than it used to be. This Asian Chicken Salad with Noodles is perfect for a light Sunday night supper. Hopefully, there will be leftovers to wrap into Summer Rolls for his lunch the next day.


My husband isn’t a huge dessert fan, but if he were to choose something that wasn’t cake (I’m banning cake after baking three birthday cakes in the last week), I think he would choose Mixed Berry Pie. So good!

Ultimate Recipe Swap

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What will you serve for Father’s Day?

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  1. Brats sounds like a PERFECT lunch option. Didn’t even think about it, but my hubby LOVES them! Thanks for the ideas and swap!

  2. I had to laugh when you mentioned that your hubby eats less when he works out. Mine eats way, way more!

    It’s a great idea to focus on the tummy connection, though! Thanks for the inspiration. We’d be eating meat, meat, and meat if the menu were all for Dad…and hey, why not for a day.

  3. I love, brats. Have you every tried those chicken sausage. They have a buffalo chicken sausage that is so yummy. Thanks for hosting

  4. Looks great! I don’t have my Father’s Day menu planned yet. Gotta get moving!

  5. I’m making steaks on the stovetop, using a cast iron pan and searing them, then finish in the oven.

    For dessert though, he’s getting chocolate covered strawberries, which I shared here. They are in season and simple to make.

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