Grocery Geek Goes on Vacation

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In anticipation of our upcoming Fall vacation, I’ve been working on using up what we’ve got in the fridge and freezer. Instead of groceries, I kept my eyes open for sales that might benefit us on our vacation. And did I score!

CVS had their summer stuff on clearance, marked down by 75%!

I was amazed at such low prices. I was able to pick up charcoal briquets, flip flops, plastic straws, sand toys, and a grill basket.

Can you tell we’re heading to the beach?

I got all of this for $7.19!

Find any good deals this week?

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  1. My big score happened about 15 minutes ago…. I woke up and went out to get the paper and realized my neighbors were having a garage sale. I love her style, so I went over there and found that she was selling a fabulous blanket trunk that was just the perfect size for a coffee table. I don’t like my current coffee table at all and I’ve been looking for a trunk to put there to maximize storage space. $15 dollars later, that is now mine…. and her hubby even hauled it over to my house for me! And all before I’d even had my first cup of coffee!

  2. Jessica Gaul says

    Lesile-dont you just love it when you find a good garage sale! I go weekly, but its hit or miss.

    Anyway, we are going to dinsey next month and I found a promotion at meijer. For every 25 dollars you buy in giftcard for Disney (store, theme parks, etc.) you get a 5 dollar instore credit. So i loaded up a ton and I am going to get 60 dollars worth of free groceries now. One tip, I would go to the front cashier, where you return stuff etc, and have them ring a ton of 25 dollar individual gift cards in separate transactions. they did this for me no problem. Otherwise you only get 5 dollars off for no matter how much you buy. this is over on sunday!

  3. Just this past week I was able to get 24 Bottles of Dishwashing Liquid for Free! I know, sounds a little extreme doesn’t it–lol!

    Here’s my picture—

  4. I picked up a bunch of those summer toys on the 75% rack to put away for gifts. My nephew has a summer birthday and I got this cool bubbles set that I will give him next year (he’ll be 6, just the right age). This year I gave him a cute golf set that he really loves. It probably cost be $2 last summer.
    My attic is stuffed with off-price toys and gifts. I love end-of-season sales!

  5. I got some corn, cantaoupe, apples, pears, potatoesand a small pumpkin at the farm market for $14.

  6. I hope you had a great time at the beach:-)

  7. I got nice black suede boots that were originally priced at $39.99 for $10 at Target. And the best part, there was only one piece left and that was my size. Sometimes you feel, ‘maybe that piece was just meant for you!’
    Wish you and your family a wonderful vacation.. 🙂

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