Grocery Geek: Pantry Challenge Week Two

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As we continue the Pantry Challenge, ending the second week, I think we’re doing okay. On Sunday I cruised the markdowns at my local Ralphs and picked up some good deals at CVS.

By Monday night the entire family was sick. The. Entire. Family. We’ve never had a cold come on so quickly and in one fell swoop. Hubs was home from work for a few days and we were all on limited activity.

Due to our head colds, we needed a few comfort items, so one afternoon we all ventured forth to Costco for some of those things.

Here’s what I got this week:


At Ralphs, I mostly bought items that were going to be marked down: bread, vegetables, dairy. I also bought a much-needed gallon of milk and more of those bananas for 39 cents a pound.

Total spent after coupons and redeemed catalinas: $27.92


I’m a little out of practice when it comes to CVS. And while we still have shaving cream and deodorant to last us some time, the rest of the toiletries stockpile is starting to dwindle. So I figured it was time to get back in the swing of things.

I bought toilet paper, Kleenex, and skittles thanks to sales, coupons, and ECB deals. The cranberry sauce (which we enjoy year-round) was 42 cents a can, the lowest price I’ve ever seen.

I spent out of pocket, $22.10, but I got back $10.89 in ECBs, so I really shelled out $11.21 for all this:


Costco is probably the last place to go during a Pantry Challenge, but I did exercise caution. And since there weren’t great deals elsewhere on baby wipes, EmergenC, Advil, cough drops, or Cascade, it really made the most sense to go there.

It seems like a lot that I would spend $123 for all this. But they are items that are really rock-bottom prices for non-sale items, things we needed in the immediate, and things that we will use over the coming month and beyond. (Though I’m guessing the EmergenC will be gone pretty quickly.

This week I spent $162.13 . Added to last week’s spending, my monthly total so far is $243.64. I couldn’t have planned for the Plague to hit our family, but we’re not too far off our target.

We have two more weeks of the challenge with $156.36 left to spend. Barring other unforeseen circumstances, we could do okay.

Grab any good deals this week?

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  1. Sounds like that same plague hit our home too. My husband had to stay home from work too. Praying for your family to be healthy soon.

  2. I was very excited about my 2 trips to Rite Aid last night to find everything I was looking for. I ended up paying $3.42 for paper towels, sharpies, face wash, pads and lots of other stuff.

  3. I’m not sure about costco prices since we don’t have one near us but I’ve found that we can do as well or better than most coupon paired with sale deals for diapers and wipes by using the amazon mom program paired with subscribe and save and then you can sometimes stack with a coupon from a variety of parent magazines like Parents, American Baby, etc. I’ve found it also helps to keep me out of some stores that tend to be problematic for our budget (Target, I’m looking at you) since you tend to not find that “one really cute thing” when you aren’t in the store. 🙂

  4. Yeah, that cold is nasty this year … 2 weeks later and I still have a slightly running nose and a hacky cough. Ack. Emergen-C…Hubby made a stop and got me some one night, raspberry flavor … still hate the stuff but I’m sure it helps 🙂 Hope you are all on the mend and well, I need to go update my pantry challenge and post my trips for today. Went over and realized I didn’t need a few things … but at least I am clearing the pantry and freezers of a lot of older stuff which is my goal.