Grocery Geek Presents: 50 Cent Cereal AGAIN!

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Y’all were doubting me when I said that my target price for cereal was fifty cents, weren’t ya? But, looky here! Kashi cereal for $.50 a box. Oh me oh my.

Albertsons has a great deal on Kashi products this week 2/$6 doesn’t sound like a deal, but when you buy 4, they’ll give you back $4. Throw in 4 coupons each for $1.50 off and you’ve got cereal bars and cereal for fifty cents. Yes, ma’am.

Now I did fudge and pay $.88/box for the Jumbo Rice Krispies. I have a little “buyer’s remorse” on those as they seem to have a lot more sugar than the traditional krispies. But, we’ll eat them for dessert some night and call it good.

In other news, I said I wasn’t going to buy any more groceries. BUT….

We were out of milk and most of the fridge shelves were empty, and my poor ears couldn’t handle the children’s cries for food. So, we made a mid-week trip to Costco and stocked up on some great deals for the basics: lettuce, milk, cheese, and eggs are rock-bottom prices there. They also have very good prices on olive oil, chicken broth, and a host of other ingredients.

I guess I’ll save the Eat-from-the-Pantry challenge for actual moving week.

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  1. Great job! But hey, I'm mostly glad to hear your poor l'il children ain't gonna starve any time soon!

  2. Since I started couponing about a year ago, I never, ever, ever will pay full or even sale price for cereal! I brought home 15 boxes of Kashi and Rice Krispies recently for 50 cents TOTAL. Not per box, TOTAL. It's amazing what the power of coupons will do! Jennifer

  3. Just FYI: Regular Rice Krispies contain HFCS and the Jumbo's don't. I was shocked when I discovered it!

  4. good shopping week! Did you see ralphs has 77¢ eggs this week? Might be worth one more teeny tiny stop. wink wink… 🙂

  5. Mary Beth, thanks for pointing that out. I wish they didn't taste sugary. I didn't compare grams of sugar. Hmm…. The Kashi seems so much better than either Krispies.

    Got my brother to go back for the deal. I have won him to couponing, ladies! Yes! A partner in crime?