Grocery Geek Presents: A Weekly Shopping Trip

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This week was pretty mellow on the grocery shopping front. The freezer is still pretty full and the grocery stores’ coupon deals aren’t really calling my name. But, we needed milk and a few basics, so I headed to two of my old standbys: Costco and Sprouts.

Costco is near and dear to our hearts and its got great prices on bread, milk, and a few other staples.

I picked up the following at Costco:

2 gallons of milk – $3.79
2 loaves whole wheat bread – $3.99
2 dozen burrito size tortillas – $3.25
3 dozen taco size flour tortillas – $3.99
1 dozen bagels – $4.99
2 pounds cheddar cheese – $4.89
large package of turkey deli meat @$3.69/lb
bananas @ $.45/lb
large jar basil pesto – $7.69
2 large bottles organic olive oil – $20.99

Costco Total – $62.91

Some people avoid it due to high prices on organic and natural foods, but Sprouts is one of my favorite places to shop for fresh produce and bread. Some of the produce has been hit and miss for awhile, but it seems to be on the upswing. Things have been looking good there. Today I was able to go early enough in the day that the clearance bread cart was full. I love markdowns at Sprouts!

Our Sprouts run included:

7 packages of bread and rolls – $0.99 to $1.50 each
extra large eggs – $1.50/dozen
large container yogurt – $2.79
sparkling mineral water – $1 each (to try our hands at homemade cherry limeade)
cumin – $1.19
chicken breast – $1.97/lb
green beans – $0.69/lb
tomatoes – $0.69/lb
limes – 10 for $1
grapes – $0.69/lb
3 romaine hearts – $0.99
nectarines – $0.49/lb

Sprouts total – $35.01

Weekly amount spent – $97.92

Our refrigerator and freezer are now packed to the gills. Unless there are some screaming 4th of July sales next week, I’m thinking of taking some time off.

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  1. Jessica ~ we did homemade limeades last Saturday. SO good.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Nancy, thank you for the recipe. My first efforts were a bomb, so I’m glad to have directions!

  2. I appreciate your dollar amounts. I did some super shopping yesterday, hitting 3 grocery stores, to maximize sales while I had the time. I ended up spending around $100. Many things are for later too. Do you find it hard to believe when people say they shop for $40 a week? I can only imagine they have a lot in the freezer and on the shelves already, and are only buying “fillers” or a few items that are on sale that week. I don’t see basics like milk, eggs, fresh fruit, etc. on their lists. What’s your opinion?

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Suzanne, I don’t follow many blogs where people are doing that on a regular basis — except MoneySavingMom. Since I know Crystal personally and I know how she shops, I know she can pull it off. But, as she clarifies, they eat away from home at least two nights a week, so if they ate at home those nights their costs might bump up to about $50/week.

      I didn’t start aggressively attacking my grocery bill until I already had 5 kids, so ours is an unusually sized family to compare to. The lowest I ever spent in a month was $365 and that was lots of rice and beans. For a long time my budget was $400 and that worked with LOTS of couponing and shopping at 3-5 different stores each week. Now, we set our budget at $600 — our kids are bigger and our boys eat a ton. But, even so, we have a little more wiggle room, more fun food, and I don’t HAVE to coupon every week if I don’t want to or can’t squeeze in the time.

  3. Always so interesting to see what others buy at the store! You do a nice job keeping those totals low. It’s all about avoiding processed foods, isn’t it? :0)

  4. I have to say, that I too was pleased to see your totals. It’s good to know that everyone has weeks where the total is near $100. It’s not everyweek that we have totals that high, but we do have an occasional weeks like that, even though we are only feeding 3 🙂

  5. Kelley says

    I LOVE IT!!! My biggest goal right now is to spend as little as possible while eating as healthy as possible. This is so motivating. I am currently feeding a husband and two young boys. But I know as they grow so will the grocery bill and as soon as the little girl gets bigger it will change everything. I figure if I have the skills in place, it won’t be hard as the bill goes up. Saving money is so fun! Thank you! And can I just say you spent $100 for all that and you live in California. WOW!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Thanks for your encouragement, Kelley. You can totally do it. It just takes a little work.

      And re: CA, we spend less on MOST things except for housing than we did living in Kansas.

  6. I’m curious about your milk purchase. Do you regularly use only 2 gallons of milk per week? I currently buy 3 and only let the kids have 1 cup per day each (I have 5 kids and one on the way — ages 11(boy), 9(boy), 7(girl), 5(boy) and 23 months (girl)) plus one morning a week we have cereal. I’ve felt guilty about limiting this but feel somewhat justified in doing it as they actually drink a lot of water throughout the day and with the other 2 meals. I don’t think they would if they had free access to the milk. Just wondered what your thoughts are on the subject…

    • Jessica Fisher says

      No we already had two partial gallons in the fridge (1 whole, 1 non). Usu we go through about 4 gal a week.

  7. Kirstin says

    Sprouts was just selling a $100 store gift card for $89.99 (or something like that). So you automatically save 10 percent on everything.

  8. I am jealous of your produce prices.

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