Grocery Geek Presents: Albertsons is My Besty

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Grocery Geeks start early around here. This is FishBaby helping me unload the other night. I’ve gone a little crazy with the shopping and cooking ahead. But, according to Quicken, I’ve only spent $360 so far for the month. Often I find an error in my data entry, but here’s hoping not. My freezers still hold about 33 meals, so the rest of my grocery budget can go toward milk, produce, and stockpiling. Good thing, too, ’cause Albertsons and I are becoming “besties.” We go way back, you remember.

I got all that is in this photo for $4.40! After coupons and sales, the pastas ranged from $.20 – $.50 per package. The popcorn was $.20. I know that my fam may balk a little at the whole wheat pasta, but I’m hoping to sneak it past them by mixing it with the white pasta. We shall see.

Albertsons did play a trick on me a few weeks ago. The stock-up sale on flour was only for bleached flour. But, I’m hoping that they’ll redeem themselves this week with this great Catalina deal. I have enough coupons to get 4 bags of flour for $.70 each! There are a ton of other items, like yogurt, cereal, and frozen veggies to add to my stockpile. Yeah!

Part of my weekend round-up includes stops at up to FIVE different stores (I know…) because great stock-upportunities abound. I’m hoping to work it into our regular weekend travels so that I’m not making a special trip anywhere. You’ll be sure to hear more from this grocery geek in the next week!

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  1. deals!!! love em!!!!!!!! yesterday at Publix I scored more FREE than I paid for!!! SIX boxes of Crystal Sun Sweetener (mommy needs her coffee sweet!) two cans of Glen Muir Tomato Sauce, Belgium Waffle mix, P.b cookie mix, two jars of Peter Pan and two pouches of Bumble Bee tuna….grand total……$1.84!! I would have attached a pic…but couldn't figure out how here…! Thanks for your blog! I love it!

  2. Never too early to learn frugality, LOL! Wow, you did a great job. And I never thought about mixing the 'healthier' pasta with white stuff. Great idea!

  3. Funny what you said balking at whole wheat pasta. In our house, it's the other way around, especially with our Papa. We love the whole wheat stuff, balk at the white pasta, which is mainly used when the whole wheat runs out and the only good deals are on white!

    Blessings. Your blog lightens my day a little every time I read it!

  4. My kids didn't like the whole wheat pasta alone, so I have been mixing it half and half for over a year now, and my kids love it.