Grocery Geek Presents: Breakfast is Served!

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The last two weeks have been jam packed with couponing adventures. It seems that I’ve gone in and out of a zillion stores. I am ready for a restful weekend. The sales weren’t prolific this past week, but good enough to supply some really inexpensive breakfasts.

Albertsons: Buy 7 Kelloggs cereals and receive coupons for 3 gallons of milk. The cereal was $1.88 a box. I used three $1.50/2 coupons, spent $8.66 and got 7 boxes of cereal and the milk coupons. If you account for the price of the milk which I would have bought anyway, I paid about 1.16 for the 7 boxes of cereal.

Ralphs: I went to the 8-hour sale a day early. You didn’t know my name was Miss Doesn’t-Know-How-to-Read-the-Fineprint. While I was there anyway, I stocked up on bacon. It was on sale for $1.97/pound and I had $1 coupons. I got bacon for $0.97/pound. Woo hoo! And thankfully, my husband doesn’t mind stopping at the store on his way home from work. He went to the 8-hours sale on the right day and picked up OJ for $1.88 and eggs for $0.99.

Target: We tried to do the egg deal there as well, but they were cleaned out. C’est la vie….

These purchases, coupled with the pancake and instant oatmeal mixes I made earlier this week, should ensure some quick and easy breakfasts over the coming weeks.

Did you score any good deals this week?

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  1. I got six boxes of Cheerios for .59 cents a box!!!! And a catalina for a free almond milk. My son and I don’t drink cow’s milk so that’s a good deal for us.

  2. At Kroger, Bumblebee Light Tuna and Premium Albacore Tuna pouches were .50 ea (reg $.99 and $1.79 ea). I bought some at the sale price and then a catalina printed out for $1/3….so I bought 3 more…another catalina for $1/4…so I bought 4 more yesterday. My husband loves to keep these at work for lunch….13/$3.50 is a great deal in my book!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      I’ve been hoping to find a good sale on these to try them, but I never have.

  3. Betsy J says

    Went to Albertson’s last night and saved over $40 in coupons!! The best was the three Albie’s “double your coupon” coupons which made $1 off into $2 off! Whoo Hoo! Plus they had some awesome deals with their store coupons!

  4. That’s great! I’m waiting for the big cereal sales around here!

    I did snag 4 wesson veg oil 4 boxes smart pasta and 1 roll paper towels for $3.92! (Pic on my blog). I love scoring a great deal!!

  5. Sheri says

    At Rainbow (Minnesota) they had a similar Kelloggs deal. It was buy 7 at regular price, get $7 off at checkout and 3 free milk coupons. The cereal included in the deal were more expensive, but after double coupons and the $7 off I paid about $9. I figure with the 3 free milks, which at regular price are $3.29 this was a pretty good deal.

  6. I scored some great produce deals at the farmers’ market this week. No coupons, but we’re going to be eating really well this week!

  7. I got a bunch of cereal this week too. Must be the time of year to stock up! I also got some King Arthur bread flour, a bunch of cake mix and pineapple. It was a good sale week for me.

  8. Did you ask for a raincheck at Target for the eggs? I hope so. I bought 6 doz AND got a raincheck for next time. woot! 🙂

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