Grocery Geek Presents: Bruised Knees

Can you say, overboard? Yeah, that’s something I tend to do.

How about buyer’s remorse? Yeah, that’s been happening, too.

Now that we are out of debt, it’s been a little harder to exercise self-control and to plan as well as I could/should. It’s not like I have been spending more than we have. But, I haven’t been as exacting as I was a year ago. One thing I was reminded of lately?

Always, always, always count the cost before you attempt a project! I bought candy to put on birthday cakes this week. I didn’t weigh each gummy snake before I had the man bag them. Imagine my horror when I had accumulated $30 of gummy snakes, rock candy, and chocolate pebbles. They gave us some major discounts since we were buying so much. And I felt a little better that it was enough candy for all six kids’ cakes. But goodness! Overboard? Buyer’s remorse? Oh yeah.

Always, always, always count the cost before you attempt a project!

I feel like I’ve slipped off the wagon and need to get a better grip. Pray for me. I think I’ve got bruised knees from hanging on and getting dragged behind.

That said, I did nab some great deals this past week, saving money on things that we regularly use and buying ahead to stockpile so that we can enjoy cereal and cheese and crackers and free BBQ sauce in the coming months.

You saw the cereal, right? 30 boxes for about $15 ought to do us for quite some time.

Albertson’s had another great sale this week with lots of Kraft products. Did you print those coupons yet? Do it quickly before they’re gone.

Thankfully, I bought the following with only $9 out of pocket. I had purchased a gift card last month (Buy a $300 gift card and get an extra $30 loaded on it), so I used that. Good thing, too.

After sales and coupons, my prices were as follows:
cheese $0.75/7 oz.
butter $2.50/#
milk – bought the wrong milk! $3.69 & $2.49 each gallon (I guess it pays to write these posts, otherwise I wouldn’t have ever known)
hot dogs $1.33
spice packets $0.16 (don’t normally get this, but since they were so cheap, I bought the ones w/out weird ingredients and thought I would experiment)
Kraft BBQ sauce free
canned tomatoes $.99
Tostitos $1.50
pinto beans $1
triscuits $0.66
wheat thins $0.66
artisan wheat thins $0.88
graham crackers $1.50
sour cream $1.50/16 oz
bananas $0.79/#
red wine vinegar $2
Breyers ice cream $2
Starbucks ice cream $1.50 (figured it would be a date night treat)
diapers $11.99/

My total was $77, but the receipt said that I saved $188 in sales and coupons. Yikes!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I loved the “Buy $300 get $30” gifts cards. Any idea if/when they will be returning?

    With very few trips as an exception for the last few months, I can’t even see my wagon anymore. LOL. We need a do-over around here!


  2. Kimberly says:

    I once bought $25 worth of Jelly Bellys at the candy store. Didn’t know the jelly beans were sold by the quarter pound!! Oops….

  3. Kristen says:

    If you divide that $30 by your six kids, that’s only $5 per cake and you know you couldn’t buy a cutely decorated already made cake for that little. Yes, it was a splurge, but it wasn’t that bad! And now you are totally prepared for a year’s worth of cakes.

  4. Out of debt? Man, that sounds so nice. I cleared my debt more than 10 years ago and then I got married. That was the end of that thanks to my trying to keep the peace and go along with bad decisions. The marriage ended and the debt still remains. Oh well… sorry for the vent.

    I love saving money. I am sure you’ll get back on the wagon soon enough and your knees will heal quickly. 🙂

  5. Jessika says:

    my best deal this week was finding the organic ground beef 1# pkgs for $2 each in the discounted meat section-but I did nab some of the same deals you showed here along with ribs at 99 cents/#-with all my meat I only saved 37% overall but I feel like I can BBQ my way through the next couple months 🙂

  6. Claudia's Irish Eyes says:

    You are doing the right things to get ahead, that’s what counts.

  7. The Grill Mates “spices” are really good . We used the Montreal Steak seasoning on our grilled steaks . They tasted wonderful . I will have see if I can purchase some that inexpensively.

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