Grocery Geek Presents: Buy the Whole Box of Apples

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It took me awhile to figure this out. I would see apples at a loss leader price and buy a bag or two. And then we’d eat them in a few days, and the sale would be gone. Now? I buy a lot. A few months ago it was five or six bags. But, thanks to my coupon buddy, I wisened up to buying a whole box!

Why bag up apples just so the produce man has to stock more apples on the display? Now, I just go straight to the guy and ask for a box of packed apples. They travel better, are colder and fresher, and save me losing apples all over the back seat of the van.

This is our second box of apples this season. At $.33/# for organic apples can I really go wrong? I don’t think so. I’ll be making applesauce in the crockpot, slab apple pie, baked apples, and lots of fresh apple slices for me and my peeps. In total it cost me $12.66 which I think is a great deal for about 40 pounds of organic, fresh produce.

How did you save money this week on groceries?

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  1. Thanks for supporting organic! And good for you for getting such a great deal. I WWOOFed on an apple farm last year, and one of the fun things we got to do was preparing winter boxes of apples for customers and delivering them.

    I love having lots of bulk supplies standing by. I'm happiest when I have a cabinet full of rows of stuff in case a storm comes, or the car breaks down. lol!

  2. It's fun when you ask the produce man for 4-5 boxes of apples at a time. Sometimes they have to order them in for you, so I always go the first day of the sale.

    I've bought 14 boxes this year, plus more apples tha I've bagged.

    As for what I did this week–I bought 160 pounds of potatoes (my family has already eaten 55 pounds this month, so buying 160 more won't last us too long). I also bought 2 turkeys. The checkers think I'm having lot of people for Thanskgiving, but really, it's just a way to get a lot of food for my family for less. The potatoes were .15 a pound and the turkeys were .33 a pound.

    I can only imagine how much food I'll have to buy when I have 5 teenagers all at the same time in my house! My children are small now.

  3. How long do the apples last? It would take us a while to eat through a whole box. At most I usually buy a dozen large apples.

  4. If you have the fridge space, they can last for months. Otherwise, they will still last a while in a cool place. Just check frequently for spoilage.

  5. I'm very curious. Where did you ever find organic apples so cheap? The cheapest I've seen apples for this year is .99/lb.and that was not organic. Good for you! I'm a little envious. 🙂 I wish I could get some healthy organic food for my family at such a price.

  6. A few weeks back I purchased a case of apples and a case of peaches. I spent the entire weekend canning!! Our family continues to benefit with sliced peaches or applesauce for dessert. Yum!

    I live in Phoenix and participate in a local produce co-op called Bountiful Baskets. My $15 biweekly contribution partnered with an extra $10 raked in bananas, apples, berries, cauliflower, pinapple, cucumber, and all of the Turkey Day veggies (potatoes, yams, mushrooms, parsley, celery, etc). Yum!!

    I bought an extra Jennie-O turkey when they were $0.37/lb last week. I cooked it up last night and am shredding it tonight to go into the freezer. Usually I would use this for quickie meals mid week… This time around I'll be hosting out-of-towners for Turkey Day and will pull the meat out on Friday morning for quick and easy left over lunch without having to worry about how much left over turkey will be available from Thursday!!


  7. I did it! After reading this post I bit the bullet and bought a whole box of apples (3 pounds for a dollar). We only have 4 people in our family, so it made me a little nervous, but we go through applesauce like crazy around here. Also, since apples last so long in the fridge, they definitely won't go to waste!

  8. This is a good idea! One thing I'm wondering though is if you have ever weighed a pre-packed bag of produce. A lot of times, they weigh in at over the stated weight anywhere from a few ounces to a pound and a half. If you're paying by the bag, and the bags are overfilled, you're getting a far better deal than you think! Give it a try! I usually just pick up a few that feel extra heavy to me and actually weigh them on the scale before I make my choice. I feel a little silly, but it's worth it!