Grocery Geek Presents: Clean Out Your Coupon Box

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Since there aren’t a whole lot of new coupons being released these last few weeks of the year, now is a perfect time to clean out and organize your coupon collection. In fact, many coupons will be expiring on the 31st so use them or lose them.

Last week, I pulled those out, focusing on the high dollar or FREE ITEM coupons, and compared prices on those items while shopping last week. I found several products that were on a great, unadvertised special which I could match with my coupons. I also redeemed my coupons for free items.

You may think that couponing is not for you. After all, many coupons are for convenience items and junk food. Too true. But, savvy couponing, matching your coupons to sale items, can be a very lucrative way to add a little more fat to your budget. See how I saved over $120 this way.

Do you coupon? If not, will it be one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Why or why not?

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  1. I was so excited when I saw this post! I was just speaking with my husband about this year, I will be embarking on the coupon journey. Thanks so much for your ideas and I cannot wait to see what else is in store.

  2. Yes, I love, love, LOVE couponing. It's my new full time job now that I'm a stay at home mom. It's so much fun to see how much money we can save and how many 'extras' or 'luxury' items we can have now because of couponing.

  3. I started couponing in April 2009 and am enjoying it so much. I am really amazed at how much money we have already saved and look forward to a full year of couponing for 2010. Happy Couponing!

  4. We recently started couponing and it's just great!! It becomes kinda like a game. I signed up for The Grocery Game dot com for the free trial membership period and then I realized, I could do all that myself. It's pretty cool. The most I've saved so far is $50.02.

  5. I got into couponing last year and have gotten out of it but hoping to get back into it this year! Thanks for the post!!

  6. I got into couponing in 2009 as well. I love saving money as well has having the luxury extra items Jennifer Spencer mentioned. It's like a game!