Grocery Geek Presents: Costco, Sprouts & CSA Week 2

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This week I have been overwhelmed by the tasks on my plate. They are all worthy tasks that leave not a lot of “extra time.” In that vein, I’ve had to simplify my shopping practices.

I spent very few coupons — like none. This means I didn’t spend time cutting coupons, tracking deals, or matching prices. That bought me at least an hour.

I made two grocery stops and hubs made one. That may seem like a lot to most people. But, I like to get out of the house.

We got some good food for good prices.


Costco is often a weekly stop on my rounds. Their prices on dairy, breads, and some pantry staples can’t be beat during most weeks. Last weekend I picked up milk, cheese, bagels, tortillas, bread, beans, turkey, and ground beef.

I came home and did a marathon batch of frozen burritos. Love having those in the freezer for quick meals and snacks. I made 40, but I don’t think they’ll last very long.


On Wednesday, FishPapa picked up our second week’s share of the CSA we joined on trial. I am not sure I ever saw a head of lettuce so big! We received oranges, grape tomatoes, melons, avocados, dill, lettuce, eggplant, edamame, yellow squash, and bunching onions. They were missing our apples, so we’ll get those next week.

The quality is proving to be really good, except for a few tomatoes that were past their prime. But, seeing as I had traded swiss chard for the tomatoes, I can’t really blame them. Tomatoes were not supposed to be in the box this week.


The kids and I ran errands one morning (ortho, post office, library) and, as Providence would have it, we got out the door early enough to score some deals at Sprouts’ bakery clearance rack. It’s so exciting when the shelf hasn’t already been cleared.

I filled out our fruits and veggies supply with strawberries $(1.25), grapes ($0.99/lb) and cukes and peppers (0.50 each) as well as  picked up a few meats on sale. Chicken tenders and pork loin roast were both $1.99/pound and bratwurst was $2.99. I put those in marinades and dry rubs immediately and stashed them in the fridge.

So far this month, I think I’ve spent about $300 on groceries. That includes a lot of stocking up. I still have my co-op order to pay for and some more milk and a little produce, but I think we can easily fit under our $600 budget for the month.

How do you cope on crazy weeks?

No shopping? Some shopping? Little shopping?

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  1. Even on non-busy weeks, I can’t manage to find the time or motivation to clip a bunch of coupons and do deal-matching. lol I have an Aldi near me, so doing that stuff isn’t necessary most of the time….like Costco, they have really good everyday prices, and that saves me a lot of stress and time. 🙂

  2. Melanie says

    I’m curious how you portion out the $600 grocery budget over the month. Obviously you don’t just give yourself $150/wk, but do you stick with $300/paycheck? Or do you allow yourself access to $600 and when it’s gone for the month, it’s gone? In which case do you use cash for the groceries or credit card and pay it off each month? I’m always trying to figure out a better way to budget for groceries.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Melanie, my husband gets paid at the beginning of the month. We pull some cash for groceries and incidentals and allow some for ATM/debit transactions. We have a little wiggle room to let me spend more some months and less during others.

      But, when there was absolutely no wiggle room, I pulled $100/week and paid only cash. That was three years ago. I’m thankful that we’re now out of debt and have the wiggle back. 😉

  3. AllieZirkle says

    We have to pick up produce today. I’m glad to hear our 2 main items are on sale (Grapes & strawberries).

  4. Do you have the burrito filling recipe on your site? I saw the video about folding the burritos, but did not see the recipe. I have not cooked a lot of things to freeze before, but my husband loves burritos and we have a new baby so I am thinking about giving it a try. Your site makes it seem doable. Thanks!

  5. During crazy weeks, we do our best to keep things very general. We live outside of town, so running in to the store takes some time. I try to make one quick trip for some basics that will make a lot of different things. Bread, milk, eggs, tortillas, cheese, and maybe a roast or chicken that can be divvied out into several meals. Or… I’ll make a big batch of something that we can count on for leftovers, and then round it out with various quick fruits and veggies. A pot of beans and rice is dinner one night, then maybe quesadilla filling another night, then maybe a soup for another night. Hang in there, and hope things settle down soon.

  6. Lately, there hasn’t been any other kind of week around our house. Sports, dancing, fall activities, school projects, meals for neighbors who are in need, football games,etc. So glad I have food storage, freezer meals, and the blessed garden fruits and veggies. Hubby built shelves floor to ceiling on three sides of the downstairs storage room. Right now it looks like the local grocery store shelves. FULL of choices. What a relief to just go basement shopping. Our youngest loves to fill up the shopping cart and wheel the groceries around the house. Only having to stop for milk is wonderful!

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