Grocery Geek Presents: Find a Coupon Buddy

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I admit, it can be cumbersome to go (bargain) hunting alone. Not to mention, well, lonely. When I first started clipping coupons and shopping the sales, I didn’t really know anyone who did it. I remember having heard an acquaintance scorn the idea of “cherry picking.” (That is, just shopping for the best deals at each store.) I was kind of a goober in my social circle to be looking for the lowest prices. But, I wanted to save my family money and I knew that adjusting our grocery expenses was one tangible way that I could do that. So, I forged on alone.

After a few months, I was blessed to meet my friend Crystal. Not only was she a pro at saving money, but she was a great comrade in arms. It was great to swap deals and special finds. I recall more than one occasion standing in a grocery aisle, talking to her on my cell phone, to share a clearance item or ask for her opinion on a certain price or special. It was mutually beneficial to our pocket books, but it was also just plain ol’ encouraging. I wasn’t alone in this quest to save my family’s food budget. Since then, we’ve both moved, and I’ve relied on the internet and emails and phone calls with friends in other locales to find common deals.

But there’s just something about having a coupon buddy in your own town.

This week I felt that enthusiasm once again as a friend who lives locally shared her shoplisting with me. Yeah! It was extremely helpful as I no longer receive the grocery ads in the mail at our new house. As uber-valuable as the sale information was, what helped me most was that I had a “partner in crime couponing.” Her enthusiam was infectious and we “grocery geeked” together, talking about the different specials and who was buying what. I’m thankful that we both have very tolerant and humoring husbands, too.

Edited to add: Thanks to my good buddy’s head’s up, I was able to snag all that’s in this photo for $83. Much of that includes items that we just “needed,” like marshmellows and hominy. But, she pointed out to me that one of my “necessities of life” that I mentioned last week (pepperoni) was on fantastic sale – $1.75/puff pack. I stocked up and now have 4 months’ worth of pizza night pepperoni to go into the freezer. I may have to go back….

But, here are some highlight prices, after sales and coupons:
$.70 – sour cream, softsoap, popcorn, cake mixes
$1.40 or less – chocolate chips, grated cheese
$.39 – yogurt
$1.75 or less – pepperoni, root beer, cranberry juice, sugar, pretzels

Having a coupon buddy helps me save money at the store. What helps you?

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  1. I have a couple of local gals who I share coupons and local deals with. We share online, and I've never met one of them face-to-face. But I send all of the coupons I'm not going to use to one of them, and she sends me back the ones she's not going to use. I email with my other frugal friend (who lives in the town where I work). We try to keep each other posted if we see a good deal when we're out and about. It keeps me motivated!

  2. I FINALLY have a "partner in crime". She just bought the house across the street, and asked me about shopping,etc. She brought over her Sunday coupons she didn't use, we exchanged, and we went shopping (looking for deals,of course) on Tuesday! It was quite a thrill, to watch how someone else saves money. My husband, bless his heart, has had to listen to me "brag" about finding great deals at the grocery store. Now, SOMEONE actually GETS IT!!!!! THANK YOU, GOD!!! I don't have to feel like such a "geek" and drive my husband crazy forever!

  3. I'm a coupon geek, too. So much that they wrote an article about me in my local newspaper. That really helped me to reach some of the people I know, and now they are couponing right along with me. It's fun by yourself, but it's even more fun when others are doing it with you!

  4. I *think* I might "know" your grocery geek buddy. ::snerk:: I think she's lucky to have you for a partner in crime too. 😛

    P.S. for HeatherC! The pepperoni is on sale at Albertsons through tomorrow. Buy 10/$10 and get $3 back at the register. 😉

  5. I keep forgetting — I answered HeatherC's comment via email, but I didn't copy and paste my answer here. If you have your email attached to your profile, you just might get a direct answer. Sorry to those who were wanting to know the same answer.