Grocery Geek Presents: For the Love of Peet’s!

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I haven’t done a ton of “deal shopping” over the last month or two. In fact, very few coupons have crossed my palms. Life has been busy and “regular” sales have been good enough. Since we’ve moved away from a lot of processed, packaged goods, the coupon thing just hasn’t really made as much cents as when we ate differently.

That, coupled with bulk shopping for freezer cooking has really reduced my deal scouting over the last few months. And we’re still averaging $600/month for groceries this year.

However, this week, I went to Ralphs not once, not twice, but THREE times. Yes, yes I did.

I surprise even myself. But, yes. Ralphs, our local Kroger affiliate, had one of those Mix and Match, Buy 10 items get $5 off sales. And it was sweet for some very favorite items. Namely — Peet’s Coffee.

We have a few Peet’s stores in the San Diego area, but each is a little off the beaten path for our family. But, since it’s FishPapa’s and my very favorite coffee, not only do we splurge, but we also make a drive to splurge. What can I say? We’re coffee geeks. But, Peet’s recently had to raise their prices, and I almost cried. Almost.

This week, Ralphs had the 12 ounce packages on sale for $7.99 in the Mix and Match sale. I did some quick math and found out that this was about 33% less than what the Peet’s store sells it for. And when I went to Ralphs, I found that they had my very favorite in the whole wide world, Uzuri African Blend. So, that closed the deal.

(No, the grocery store grind isn’t as fresh as what I’d get at Peet’s, but I’m willing to overlook that for a few bucks.)

They also had boxes of hot cocoa mix for $0.49 a box, compared to $2-3 that they normally charge. I don’t normally buy hot cocoa mix, I make my own. But for such a low price and the holidays and cold weather approaching, it all made sense to me.

It made sense in a beautiful-I-can-drink-my-favorite-coffee-with-lots-of-cream-and-sugar-for-the-next-three-months kind of way.

I bought 9 packages of coffee, 16 boxes of hot cocoa, and 7 other items to make it an even 30 items, or 3 (1o item transactions).

And what made the whole deal even sweeter was that Ralphs had sent me a voucher for $22. I guess that was my rebate for the last two years of using my cloth grocery bags. Who knew? It’s not easy being green, but sometimes it pays off in free coffee. Whoo hoo!

It probably sounds crazy that I stocked up on coffee and cocoa, spending $58 for a winter’s worth of hot beverages for 8 people. Maybe we better rename this feature, Coffee Geek.

What splurge would YOU stock up on if given the chance?

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  1. Washed Raw sugar/Demerera sugar. The brown minimally processed sugar. The crystals are so large I can get away with using half of what a recipe calls for. But it is so expensive and rarely does it go on sale.

  2. cathi carpenter says

    gosh…. it would be either MEAT…and I mean GOOD MEAT… like the occasional thick steak or REALLY good beef roast…or…like you…. COFFEE!

    Actually I did get a really good deal a few weeks ago… I was blessed by a wonderful stranger in the Millstone aisle at my Kroger…. She gave me coupons for FREE 1/2 lbs of bulk Millstone…. Like 7 of them!!! So I filled 7 bags with 1/2 lbs each…ta-da…….ALL FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am set with a variety of flavors for a bit! I don’t know who that lady was…but every time I drink my Cinnamon Hazelnut or Peppermint Mocha I just SMILE!!!!!!

  3. My husband and I are coffee snobs, so I, totally, get this post! A few weeks ago, Fred Meyer’s (a Kroger affiliate, too) had their Founder’s Day Sale. Well, Seattle’s Best was on sale for $3.99 (regularly 8-9 bucks a 12 oz bag). I found coupons in the back of the store on a cardboard display for a $1/off a bag. I got around 10-12 bags of coffee. We are stocked for a while!

    Between purchasing an espresso maker a few years ago, to finding amazing coffee deals on good coffee, we are saving money, even though we feel as if we are splurging when I make a latte or even a pot of drip coffee.

    🙂 Jada

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Jada, one of the ways I rationalized it was that getting coffee out is soooooooo much more expensive. 😉

      • @Jessica Fisher, Totally know what you mean. Coffee out is expensive.

        We typically pay about $6-$7 a bag, as a friend here owns a coffee roasting business; his prices is less expensive than the stores, and it is so FRESH. And I love to support him. However, when I found that coffee deal at the store, I had to get it.

        I do enjoy a cup of Peet’s coffee, though. Here in Seattle, I kid you not, there is a Starbucks NEXT DOOR to a Peet’s coffee shop. Crazy!


  4. Wow! I wish I had a store like that close! I would love to stock up on coffee, cereal, and nesquick! I’m like you, I don’t buy much processed food so the coupon thing rarely applies to us. 🙁

  5. Christine says

    I totally get it! I could give up anything but not coffee. I have never tried Peets so when I head over for the free triscuits I will have to get one in my deal! Enjoy

  6. Michelle says

    I don’t drink coffee, but I still get it. When you like what you like, then it is worth it. And, when you can find it for less, best to stock up!

  7. I can totally relate on the coffee! A few years ago we opened a new building in a new section of town that had no stores or coffee for miles. I am a northern cali. coffee snob (and prefer Peet’s to the ‘Bucks) and I convinced our office to chip in for good coffee versus the nasty stuff our employer provides. Five years later it is just a part of our office culture … every couple of months everyone brings in two pounds of coffee and good creamer (no powder, thank you!) without fail!

  8. I can relate. We go through coffee like its nobody’s business and there is only 2 of us. What works best for us is warehouse clubs. The little coffees at the grocery store barely last us and they are so expensive!! If you split a warehouse club membership (me and my mom do), it is so much cheaper. We liked the Dounkin Donuts coffee and it comes in a big bag at the warehouse club. We recently switched to Chock Full O’Nuts. The big container was $9 at the club and the container that is half that size is $8 at the grocery store! I found that is also true with Lipton Iced Tea Mix Canister (huge price difference).

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