Grocery Geek Presents Freebies Week

I “purchased” all that is in the photo — for free! Yeah! It feels so good to get something for nothing! Isn’t that amazing?

Prior to my adventure in couponing, I regularly bought baby wash for the kids. It comes in a pump container which I like for reducing waste. However, these Johnson Buddies soaps come packaged in this funky green wrapper that helps the soap last longer than a regular bar. These are regularly priced under a dollar at Target and CVS. And since Johnsons & Johnsons releases $1 coupons quite often, these soaps are free! I bought five this week at Target which should last us a couple months. Kid tested, budget approved.

In other shopping endeavors, it had been several weeks since I had been to CVS. There are a few good things about spreading out my CVS trips: it makes the activity fun again and it improves my chances for good coupons to print out of the scanner. Both happened this week.

I received a $5/$30 purchase coupon as well as one for a free mouthwash.

Here’s how my transaction went:
2 Colgate toothpaste @$2.99 = $5.98
2 EARinse @$7.99 = $15.98
1 CVS mouth wash $2.79
2 packages Scott paper towels @$5.49 = $10.98
subtotal $35.73 + tax
minus $5/30
minus $2.79 free mouthwash
minus $1 Scott coupon
minus $1 Scott coupon
minus $1 Colgate coupon
minus $.75 Colgate coupon
Total $24.19 in ECBs and cash
Rec’d back ECBs for $5.98 and $15.98 (totalling $21.96), making my “cost” for the paper towels $2.23.

You can do this, too! Check out my CVS primer for February as well as MoneySavingMom’s CVS posts.

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  1. Katie @ goodLife {eats} says:

    that’s awesome! I bet it feels great when you get all that stuff with the coupons and it costs you nothing.

  2. okay – i’m new to couponing. so please let me know what “ecb” stands for.

  3. Gale, your profile isn’t available, so I couldn’t email you directly. But, if you read my primer for Feb here: that explains what an ECB is.

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