Grocery Geek Presents: Fresh Produce for Cheap

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Last weekend I cooked up a bunch of breakfasts to store in the freezer and I lately also made a bunch of marinated meats and enchiladas. So, as far as shopping is concerned, I really only need to focus on fresh produce and dairy and keep an eye out for good deals on pantry staples.

This past week, me and six kids ventured into our local health food store for some fantastic prices on fresh fruits and veggies. Crazy to take such a big group into a store on double ad day, but it was double ad day! The sales were great and we worked it in between a trip to the library and lunch with FishPapa.

Here’s what we got:
clearance bread – $0.99
oats – $0.50/lb
brown rice – $0.99//lb
fruit leather – 3/$1
broccoli crowns – $0.49/lb
carrots – $0.59/lb
melons – $0.49 each
apples – $0.99/lb
tomatoes – $0.49/lb
grapes – $0.88/lb
blueberries (not pictured) – $1.69/18 oz
onions – $0.49/lb
bell peppers – $0.99/lb
avocados – $0.49 each
bananas – $0.49/lb
organic tea – $3.00
jalapenos – $1.69/lb
mushrooms – $2.49/lb

All told I spent $45.49, having spent about $350 for our month with the freezer packed to the gills.

What kind of good deals are you finding in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Wow! Can I just tell you I am seriously jealous of the prices you got on produce. The cheapest I’ve found blueberries here was $1.29/pint (~3/4 pound) or $1.59/lb at a pick your own farm. And melons for $0.49/each! Oh my goodness! Congratulations.

  2. {sigh} I was hoping to have a lot of produce from my own garden this year, but sadly, the bugs had other plans. Our peppers are stunted, so this week I picked up 22 bell peppers at the grocery as they were on sale for $0.68/each. In the wintertime here (in TN), the prices can go as high as 2/$5 for bell peppers! So I’m stocking up on the low prices and then spending some time chopping, slicing, bagging, and freezing for all my pots of chili, pizzas, and fajitas this winter. It’s not as good as “free” from the garden, but at least it helps!

  3. Excellent deals!!! Love double ad day! Can I ask where you shop? Those prices are better than I got this week!!!

  4. I want those produce deals! Some of the prices are comparable to my area but $0.49 for melon!

    You had an amazing month! Your family is twice the size of mine and I spent $215. Good for me but still.

  5. Excellent prices for produce! It makes me realize that we need to fit in a trip to a local farm and stock our freezer.