Grocery Geek Presents: Gift Cards That Give to You!

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Since the freezer is full, there wasn’t a lot of shopping to do this week other than milk, bread and produce.

But, thanks to a tip from a Facebook reader, I did head into Albertsons to take advantage of their gift card deal. I had commented that we’re trying to work out the budget so that we have planned take-out once a week. Well, this savvy reader pointed out the deal at Albertsons.

For every $100 in gift cards that you buy, Albertsons will give you a $20 coupon toward groceries. Since we were going to be eating out anyway, why not buy a ton of gift cards AND get free grocery money to boot!

This was a brilliant idea. And since I had gift cards for gifts that I wanted to buy as well, we stocked up. Sort of.

Thankfully, my husband knows how to read the fine print. You can only use one $20 coupon per order AND the coupons expire 12/24. That limited how many times we “did the deal.” I didn’t want to spend so much money that I had too many coupons to spend before Christmas Eve.

So, we settled for $200 in gift cards (some for gifts and some to keep) and now we have $40 in Albertson’s money to spend in the next few weeks.

I loved it that it was the exchange of ideas that brought this deal about, too. Thank you, Christine!

How did YOU save this week?

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  1. I did this by buying gift cards to Carrabba’s for us. We like to go out to eat once a month, and since we knew we were going to spend the money anyway, we decided to shell out $100 now and get the bonus $20 card. We’ll have to use the card before the first part of February, but that works for us! I also do this by pre-loading a Starbucks gift card. When you use a gift card to pay you get discounts on the extras they add – plus a free drink of your choice on your birthday! 🙂

  2. I have done this deal several times and now I have even met twice the gift card guy who goes to all the albertsons and restocks the cards. Some stores have disney cards for $25, $50 and one that you set up the amount, that you can use to pay for your tickets at disneyland or for food, gifts at disneyland, wdw. They seem to have these Disney at the bigger albertons as I only found them at 2 of the 4 albersons I went to and we can even use them to renew our annual passes as so many people we know if the los angeles area have an annual pass. Also, they have the arco pump passes for 25 or $50 so we bought some and just essentially prepaid our gas for january. I asked at 2 different albertsons and the cashiers said they would try to see if they could use more than one $20 in one order. Then I tried it and have used $40 worth of the rewards in one order 3 times so far- I bought a lot of gift cards- can you tell? If it is more than one $20 in one order, the manager has to come over and turn their key in the machine to orderride the order but each time it has been a different manager and it has not been a problem. Don’t forget, you can’s use them on dairy- milk, butter, etc and the machine seems to catch it as I accidently tried to buy butter with it. If you buy King Arthur white whole wheat flour, Albersons sells it and it is on sale although it was “on sale” for 50 cents less last week! Also, before you shop, do the avenue of savings on the computer to see if albertsons will give you any more electronic coupons. We went out for Christmas lunch at work and I had everyone prepay me $20 each for the gift cards for the restaurant and I was able to get two free $20 of food that we can use for the breakroom so everyone won in this case! Hope this info helped.

  3. When I got my hair cut this week, I noticed that you could save 20% on gift cards. I always get my hair cut at the same place, so I bought a couple of gift cards to use myself.

    I always seem to put off getting my own hair cut because I think the money can be better spent elsewhere in our budget. At least now, I can’t use lack of funds as an excuse for going around looking like Cousin It.