Grocery Geek Presents: Have Coupons, Will Travel

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This weekend we’re headed out of Dodge. Going to see the grandparents and visit some of our old stomping grounds. Even though it’s a little tough to travel with small children, I’m excited for the change of scenery, the extra daylight, and beautiful landscapes. The Central Coast of California is one of my favorite places in the world.

One thing that our family loves to do on vacation is eat. No surprise there, eh? I was so happy this past week to see that the sales and my coupons collided to provide a wonderful collection of vacation snacks. This video shows all that I got for a mere $3.38 + tax. While it’s not our regular “diet,” it’s a super fun vacation snack plan.

I am such a grocery geek!

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  1. We’re heading to Disney for my daughter’s Make-A-Wish. Everything will be provided for us but I still am taking snacks…which I bought at great prices. I’m also taking a couple of coupons to purchase some protein-y snacks once we get there. Yeah for thinking ahead!

    1. @Shelah, so happy that you get to make that trip. What a blessing! Come back Monday for some special Disney posts.

  2. Great vlog! I agree and I do the same thing when we take road trips! It is fun to provide vacation snacks for almost nothing! Enjoy your road trip up north.

  3. So awesome when that happens especially before vacation. It is always nice when you can have some sometimes foods for a fun snack than the kids and adults don’t feel like they are deprived because we didn’t get to eat out as much. We live in MN and the winters get very long we often just get a hotel in town to swim and have fun snacks and a free bkfst in the AM.
    Have Fun!

  4. FishMama,
    I live on the Central Coast and the weather right now is wonderful. So from this Indian to my fellow Centurion enjoy all there is.

    1. @Rebecca, thank you! Yes, the weather here is wonderful. We got here late this afternoon and are loving it. Go Saugus! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I do the same thing! I have a big bag in my pantry that’s labeled “Spring Break Only” and I keep putting aside both healthy snacks and treats that will travel well. I can’t imagine paying full price for anything and we’re going to try and avoid as many meals at a restaurant as possible. My kids will not suffer malnutrition if they eat a few pop tarts that week!

  6. Hey! I got thos kettle chips at Henry with $1 off coupons too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    That’s a great deal for all those snacks. We are going out of town this weekend too and I have to admit I am not nearly well prepared. :/

    Maybe next time, right??

  7. My daughter is on a socer team that travels to tournaments and I do the same thing! We always have baggies of this and baggies of that that I only paid mere pennies for. Helps alot! We do allow her one good meal the Friday before the tournament on Sat. She always picks the same place and eats the same thing so we know pretty much how much it will cost. I also pak my sandwich stuff and veggies and off we go!

  8. Great Post Jessica! Have a wonderful, fun-filled family trip and Happy Snacking! ~Connie
    cmh esh at yahoo dot com

  9. Thats awsome.We do not go nowhere but those would be great to have as treats for the kids when im just having an off day

  10. I do the same thing. I try to pack not only chips and cracker but some high protein snacks such as nuts and protein bars. We also pack some juice boxes and chocolate milk boxes (the kind that don’t need refrigeration) in the cooler. That way we can pack a picnic lunch instead of hitting one of the fast food joints.

    Something else I stock up on for trips are those single sized packages of tide. When I get those Tide coupons for $1 off any size, I grab one for free.