Grocery Geek Presents: I Even Shocked the Box Boy

Many moons ago I worked as a “courtesy clerk,” or boxgirl at the local grocery store. In addition to bagging groceries, I spent many an hour helping customers out with their purchases, collecting carts, and putting away that box of cereal you changed your mind on and left in the diaper aisle. (It’s okay, I do that, too.)

Working in the grocery industry was a great education for the time when I would be a family shopper. As a teenager I learned how food is stored and handled, what kinds of customers are most annoying, and general food information. I asked questions every time a new item came down the conveyor belt. I also got a good idea for the prices of most things.

So, I knew that I had done well when the Albertsons boxboy commented on my very full cart today and my very low purchase price. Thank you, coupons! Here’s the lowdown on my grocery trip this morning:

Orange juice free after coupon
Pace picante sauce free plus overage after coupon
Trail Mix Plus free plus overage after coupons
onions $0.33/#
romaine $0.99/head
spare ribs $0.99/#
flour $1.49/5# bag (Yes, I really bought 20 bags!)
tomato sauce $0.39
baking soda $1.45
pasta $0.50/#
taco seasoning $0.15/package after sale and coupons
whipping cream $2.89
Steamfresh veggies $0.67/bag after sale and coupons
– $5 off $50 purchase
Albertsons total was $51.28 ($30 was the flour alone)

PLUS, they have a special now that if you buy a gift card for $300, they will add $30 free. So I bought that and used it to pay for this purchase. It doesn’t expire and we had the cash to do it. So, I gained 10% on my money. Where else can you do that these days? (Note to self: Just don’t blow it on frivolous items.)

clearance bread (still good till next week, longer if I freeze them) $0.99/loaf
corn meal $0.65
yogurt $2.50
colby jack cheese $1.99/#
organic tomato sauce $0.09 after coupon
pirate’s booty $1.50
organic cherry tomatoes $0.97
carrots $0.50/#
cilantro $0.33
cluster tomatoes $0.97/#
cukes $0.99 each
lettuce $0.50/head
green onions $0.50
avos $0.77 ea
bell peppers $0.77 ea
bananas $0.67/#
squash $0.77/#
Sprouts total $30.25

Not bad for $81.63, eh? A great morning’s work, I think. Check out this post for some great prices to shoot for in lowering your overall bill.

Come back Sunday night to see how we’ll be feasting this week.

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  1. Mrs. Querido says:

    Way to go grocery geek! 🙂

  2. If I could find flour at that price I probably would have bought 50#’s. 🙂

  3. Lynettee66 says:

    Way to go! My mouth literally dropped open when I saw your total at Albertson’s. You did a great job!

  4. Snow White says:

    so… do you just freeze all that flour? You must have a big freezer!!!

  5. HeatherC says:

    Have you loaded Albertsons “Avenu” coupons onto your preferred card? These can be combined w/ man coupons for big savings! Email me if you havent got the link 🙂

  6. Hoosier Homemade says:

    Great work! Wish I had an Albertson’s near me.

  7. Katie @ goodLife {eats} says:

    You go girl! That is awesome!

    You know what’s funny though? Albertson’s is the most expensive store here. I guess it depends on location. Here I get great produce deals at Sunflower Farmers Market. Walmart I get a lot of staples, like canned goods. Costco is great for stuff I use regularly and buy in bulk. Occasionally Smith’s has good deals on meats. I’m a big Costco shopper though. Almost never go to Albertson’s.

  8. Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam says:

    From one grocery geek to another – YOU ROCK!! 🙂
    I just did a post title – Grocery Geek last week. hee hee

  9. Musings of the Mrs. says:

    You are clearly a woman after my own heart. I spend a lot of time clipping coupons and planning for the grocery store (I LOVE GROCERY SHOPPING!) I also go to two stores each weekend, to get the best deals. And I love it. Then, on Sundays, I cook my butt off, since I work outside of home during the week.

    I found you on SITS and will DEFINITELY be back!!!

  10. Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead says:

    20 bags of flour? I’m wondering how long it takes you to go through all of that! I bought 6 during the mega-Christmas sales and just used my last bag. 20 bags would last us over year, but there ARE only 4 in my family…

  11. BarbaraLee says:

    I do pretty good on things like that. It is when you buy meat that it adds up.

  12. Is there a good place to go to find out about the weekly Albertson’s deals, or do you just do it on your own using the weekly ads?

  13. FishMama says:

    Snow White, so far I haven’t frozen it. Since I had a power outage in October, I’ve left my deep freeze empty. But, I’m investigating freezer alarms, so I may go that route. 20 pounds really didn’t take up that much room in the pantry. And as there is room in the frig/freezer, I will stash bags in there. We used up 12 pounds in about 2 months the last time I stocked up, so I don’t think I’ll have this for very long.

    We make pizza, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, waffles, bread, etc. so often, I probably use at least 4 cups a day which means that a bag isn’t going to last longer than 4 days.

    Megan, there may be a great place to get the heads’ up on Albertsons, but because they can differ so greatly from region to region, I just do the work myself based on my ad and the coupons in my box.

  14. Heather says:

    That’s great! And my son thought I was crazy for ‘buying’ 6 cans of air freshener on Sunday…20 flours? You better get baking!! 🙂

  15. JessieLeigh says:

    Fantastic deals! I love having tons of flour on hand… makes me feel like I can always “bake on the fly” if the mood strikes. 😉

    On a side-note, though, I can’t STAND when people leave stuff in the wrong place and it was never even my job to put it back. Hubby laughs at me because I am forever fixing things and putting items back when we’re shopping. I can honestly say that I have never left something in the wrong aisle… what can I say? I’m a very annoying rule-follower!

  16. Stephanie says:

    Way to go on the flour. I haven’t watched for prices lately, I should probably check b/c that is a great price!

    I have left things in the wrong aisle before but I try not to. But I almost always put my carriage in the little corral thing, so I am sure that redeems me 🙂

  17. Ooh, great tip for the Albertson’s gift cards! We shop organic, but their selection of organic foods is increasing!!! And deals are a necessity when feeding 5 kids 🙂

  18. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong, I can’t seem to make out to save my life! I have tried going to all of the grocery stores in town to see what days the meat dept marks down, I’ve clipped coupons, done bonus cards, made strict shopping lists. I still spend way too much money at the store. I need to make a friend that has the system figured out to walk me through it I guess 😉 I must just analyze it too much and put too much thought into and complicate it more than it actually is.

  19. ha ha i just saw this. our store wegmans has been putting flour on sale for 99 cents from oct-dec the past 3 years. since i started doing the artisan bread in five and baking more i have stocked up each year. i think this year i went the most crazy. i have a cooler of bags of flour in by daughters closet. i must have at least 25-30 bags…

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