Grocery Geek Presents: Let Your Little Brother Do It

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So you know, my brother moved in with us while he finishes his last semester at college. And since he has late night classes. And since he asks me if I need anything while he’s out. And since I usually do. I sent him to school with a stack of coupons.

Yes, yes, I did.

He came home a believer. Four boxes of Kashi cost less than the one loaf of bread he bought for himself at Albertsons. And the Vons deals? Less than $25 for several bags of groceries. And that included the expensive Chinese food ingredients that we bought just ’cause we like them. He’s ready to shop for me every week. Ladies, he’s going to make one heck of a husband!

Here are the deals to write home about:
Kashi cereal and bars: $.50/box
Mission chips: $1
Instant Oatmeal: $1.12/box
IBC Rootbeer: $2/6 pk. {It’s a weekend treat}
Tuna: $.88/can
Saltines: $1.29/box

Lest you think this is all we ate this week, rest assured that the freezer is so full I can’t get anything more in it. And we made some other quick trips for milk, lettuce, and other produce. But, beats me if I know where the picture or the receipts are. So, believe me when I say we’re eating well and getting fat and happy.

Especially now that I have a personal shopper!

What great deals did you nab this week?

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  1. WTG, little brother!

  2. Undeserving says

    Wow, I'm so bummed right now to be an only child! 🙂 What a great brother to have!

    I'm really enjoying the General Mills catalina deal going on out here on the east coast. (Maybe elsewhere?) This week I scored 11 boxes of frozen Green Giant vegetables, 5 boxes of Totinos pizza rolls, a Betty Crocker Warm Delight brownie, 10 lbs of flour and some Fiber One toaster pastries for $5! Plus I still have $6 in catalinas to keep rolling. 🙂 And lots of snacky foods for football season. 🙂 Hurrah!

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