Grocery Geek Presents: Loving Freezer Meals

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Since I did so much shopping and cooking at the beginning of the month, I’ve got a free pass from shopping this month. Well, almost. I still have made trips out for great deals and for produce and milk. But, it’s so nice not to feel like I have to go anywhere.

This past week we scored on the produce. Both Sprouts and Henry’s had some sweet sales. Highlights?

oranges $.15/pound
brown rice $.69/pound
pineapples $.88 each (used a raincheck from previous sale)
broccoli $.77/pound
caulifower $.99/head
clementines $2.99/5# box – $1 coupon = $1.99/5 #
shrimp $2.99/pound

Also made a trip into Ralphs for milk, canteloupe ($.33/lb) and cabbage ($.25/lb). Pop over to Good Cheap Eats for a chance to win $25 Kroger (and affiliates) gift card.

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  1. Wow, do I ever live in the wrong part of the country. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of produce that cheap. I’m happy if oranges are $2 a pound and I can get a head of cauliflower for $3! Great job shopping!

  2. Jenelle says

    Where did you get the cauliflour, Sprouts or Henry’s?

    • @Jenelle, the cauliflower was Henry’s. Sprouts has been kinda ick lately. I’m about to complain.

      • Jenelle says


        That’s too bad about Sprouts. I actually just went there for the first time last week when I saw the cuties on sale. I drive right by the on in San Marcos on my way home from work and was thinking I’d make it a regular stop. But if their produce is not up to par maybe I’ll just stick with Henry’s.

        • Jessica Fisher says

          @Jenelle, we used to live right down the road from a Sprouts and it was great. But, since January we’ve had bug-infested broccoli, rotten avocados, and hubs said he had to search the cuties for a cpl boxes that weren’t molding. Not sure what’s happening there. We shop at two different Henry’s and so far have had great experience. I haven’t given up on Sprouts, but I’m cautious now.

  3. I am doing eat from the pantry this month and like you I am loving only shopping for my produce, dairy and frees. This is so much fun and a relief to not to have to run out with the kids!

  4. WOW, I must live also in the wrong area…..I never seen produce at low prices like this, …….
    Happy for you though

  5. Wow, California produce prices are great! Helps make up for the housing prices, huh? I’ve never seen any fruit for 15 cents a pound. And around here cantaloupes are sold “each” rather than by the pound. Great deals!

  6. I am AMAZED your pineapple is so cheap! I live maybe 10 miles down the road from Dole and routinely pay at least $2.50 for a whole pineapple! LOL

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