Grocery Geek Presents: Markdowns for Lunches

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As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite things to do is stroll the aisles of the grocery store or even Target and look for great items on clearance. My husband did not realize this about me when he agreed to go to Target with me last weekend.

We both lost track of time — and missed the Chargers kickoff. Oh yes, yes, we did.

The conversation on the way home was comical.

Hubs (confounded): Why did that take us so long? It was just a trip to Target. You get in and you get out.

Me (laughing): Honey, didn’t you know that Target was like therapy for me?

Obviously, not.

Last week it was swim trunks for $2.48 at Target. This week’s great deals were markdowns from Ralphs that go great in our new and improved lunches.

I found sandwich rolls, apple slices, and baby carrots marked down at my local store. And now that we’re packing lunches though we’re home at mealtime, having these easy to throw together food items was super helpful. I say was because we go through food pretty fast around here. All this was consumed before the sell-by date, thank you very much.

I’m thankful that I’m finding ways to make our sack lunches both healthier and more economical, too.

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How did you save this week?

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  1. I really wish that Target had the bigger grocery section here in Ohio. They just have a meager little section with no produce. I read about these great deals and salivate! Some day?

  2. Awesome score:-)

  3. Great finds! We packed our lunches for homeschool this past Thursday night. I was overwhelmed with all the ‘help’ at the time (they were thrilled at the novelty of packing their own lunches!) but when lunchtime rolled around on Friday and all we had to do was pull out the lunches, well, I was one joyful mama! Thanks! Wish we had a Target closer to our house, so we could get some of those great deals on healthy lunch stuff.

  4. Ortega Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas were on clearance for $1.38 (regularly $1.99) at my Target this week.

    I just happened to have $1 off 2 coupons I had printed when I signed up for the Ortega newsletter. So I was able to get them for $0.88 a piece. Target=happiness.

  5. Great deal on the marked-down produce.

    Just wanted to pass along a tip on diy apple slices, in case you’ve not heard of this. We go through a LOT of apple slices in packed lunches here as I have 2 sons in braces and they are not supposed to bite into whole apples. I am not going to pay for those packs at the store. I will slice up apples on Sunday night and dip them in Sprite. This helps prevent the cut apples from turning brown; you can also use lemon juice. Icut up enough to last the week. I then package the slices in small containers to just pop in the lunch boxes in the mornings.

    During the summer I just put all the slices in one bigger tupperware so that the boys could help themselves at lunch time. With packing more lunches, having enough small containers may be an issue, so using a bigger container may be more practical.

    About the Sprite, one 20 oz. bottle lasts me a few months. I pour just enough for dipping into a flat-ish tupperware. I will reuse this container for 2 or 3 weeks. The soda can be flat; it still works for preventing browning.

  6. When I packed lunches, I found bread outlets to be a great place to shop.

  7. I can relate to Target being “therapy” — I remember one evening a couple years ago, I went to a Gal’s Night Out with some friends. We ate at Panera’s, and then they went to a movie that I didn’t want to see. Since I had an evening ahead of me, I crossed the parking lot to Target and examined every. single. aisle. Twice. Didn’t buy a thing that wasn’t on clearance, and I stuck with stuff we needed. Well, except for the fun square plates. 😉

  8. We have a Super Target that is not terribly far away…sometimes when my husband thinks I need to get out for the evening, he ask me if I’d like to go shopping for a little while (on my own while he watches the kids)…somehow I can pass a few hours there without even realizing it. I usually come home with a few sweet deals too!

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