Grocery Geek Presents: My Shopping Is Evolving

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Tomorrow is the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive sponsored, in part, by the National Association of Letter Carriers. They couldn’t make it easier for you to donate canned goods. Simply place a bag of non-perishable food by your mail box and your letter carrier will deliver it for you.

I collected up items that I had multiples of. It is always good to share a good deal. As I was gathering items from the pantry, I was a little taken aback at the changes that have been happening in there. Junk foods are on the decline, while  basic ingredients are on the rise.

The Evolving Pantry

Wondering why that is?

Part of the reason for my evolving pantry is that I’ve been reading about the best ways to healthify our family’s diet. My conclusions, which may be very different from the next girl’s, have been to read more labels and opt for food in its most natural state whenever possible. This is not to say I’m not buying convenience items. I still love my boxed cereals.

However, I’m making more of my convenience items instead. Consistent freezer cooking is really changing the way we eat and the way we shop. And I think it’s for the better. Not only are we eating more homecooked food (as opposed to take out), but we’re also saving money. My monthly average for the year is right around $500 to feed eight people. That is super encouraging to me. Last year’s average was $663/month.

Focus on Fresh Produce and Dairy

This past week, since the freezer was full and the sales weren’t anything to write home about, our shopping focused on fresh produce and dairy products (well, and some handmade tortilla chips). FishPapa actually did the week’s shopping with a stop at Sprouts for me. (Love that man!)

We got some great deals:

corn on the cob $0.19 each
pink lady apples $0.88/lb
tomatoes $0.88/lb
avocados $0.49 each
milk $2.50/gallon

We also got a huge bag of oranges from friends for FREE.

While I would love to boast fantastic deals on organic items, this just isn’t the case. But, I feel like we’re making great strides in increasing whole grains and fresh produce. Baby steps, baby steps.

How is YOUR pantry evolving this season?

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  1. karen says

    We’ve been trying to move away from anything that comes in a can. Since the first of the year, with the exception of tomatoes and tuna, no cans!! Hubby and Kid 1 are still hopelessly addicted to breakfast cereal but it’s all about the baby steps. Kid 2 begs for oatmeal every morning! “hot oaty mama, peeeease?” How can I say no to that?

  2. So fun to watch the evolution!! 🙂

  3. Rebecca Shepard says

    Have you ever looked into a food co op for better prices on your whole grains? I belong to one in my area called UNFI West but perhaps Azure Standard delivers to your area.
    The only drawback is you have to buy in bulk anywhere from 5#-25# and in some instances 50# if one is ordering say bread berries to grind their own wheat.
    Just a thought for you and FishPapa to consider or perhaps even look into.
    Go Indians:))
    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.
    God Bless,

    • Jessica Fisher says

      That made me laugh! Go Centurions! (For the rest of you, Rebecca and I went to rival high schools.)

      And, yes, I’ve heard of Azure Standard, but have yet to jump into it. I was thinking of it today when I ran out of sugar and thought about getting sucanat. Off to click away. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Instead of pre-prepared (is that redundant or what?), I have a lot more ingredients in my pantry. Like diced tomatoes rather than jars of pasta sauce. Really like this change, and what it means about my cooking!

  5. Okay, the way your avocados are lined up, I thought they were Mickey Mouse ears – and I thought you did something creative for your Disneyland trip. Then I looked closer. 🙂

    Now on topic, I am the same way as you. I have been buying more and more basic foods and turning them into yummy dishes. I’m buying less convenience, prepared foods. Hope to keep the momentum going.

  6. If your feeding 8 people with an average of $500 a month, your doing something right.

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