Grocery Geek Presents: A Quiet Week

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One of the beauties of stockpiling and shopping from the sales is that some weeks I don’t need to go shopping. The sales have been really good over the past weeks, so this week I didn’t get too freaked out about shopping. My brother, otherwise known as Charles in Charge, picked up a few basics at Costco and I bought what’s pictured at our local health food store.

Some of the highlights:
clearance bread $.99/#
apples $.99/#
eggs $1.25
hamburger $1.99/#
mozzarella cheese $2.99/#

Did you get any great deals this week? How often do you shop? Do you keep certain basics all the time?

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  1. Unlike many of the internet crowd, I don't have the time, organization, or even brain power to do couponing thanks to pregnancy. We also haven't been able to justify getting the local paper since my savings won't make up the differance.

    We do however shop the loss leaders and have a good store of food. I am sure with the amount of meat, frozen or canned veggies, and grains in my pantry we could go for a couple of months without shopping. We don't go shopping every week. In fact sometimes we skip a week or two. We even buy things like bananas super green so they will last longer than a week. Usually after two weeks and with limited garden produce {tomatoes right now} we are dying for produce though.

  2. Kristin Sidaway says

    I got a ton of stuff from Fry's this week. I was able to get 5 Betty Crocker warm delights for FREE, 2 FREE propels, 8 FREE Fiber One Yogurts, 2 FREE Sobe's, and a ton of other things. After two grocery carts full, the reciept said I had spent $105 but saved $195. Not a bad week if I do say so myself. We have a ton of food, but plan to give some away to families in our neighborhoods without much food because of lack of jobs.

  3. The Prudent Homemaker says

    I spent $250 at one store on peaches and pears (plus I got some free bacon). My SAVED amount was over $1000! (Which makes me laugh; I would NEVER have paid $2.99 a pound for the peaches at full price). The cashier said "you saved too much" and she had to get a manager to override the savings. I bought 324 lbs of peaches and 144 pounds of pears. The peaches were on sale for .49 a pound and the pears for .59 a pound. I am canning them as fast as I can. My family is also eating them as fast as THEY can. I'm posting my total jars here:

    So far I've canned 41 quarts of peaches.

    My goal is to be able to have peches and pears to last us the year, until they are on sale again and in season. During the winter we eat fruit salad almost every day, and I use those peaches and pears, along with other canned fruits, to make the salad. We will have bought fruit at the lowest price to enjoy for the year!

    I look forward to the day when my own fruit trees are big enough to provide enough to can, but until then, I look for the best deals.

    This winter, our fruit salads WILL include fresh pomegranates from our tree.

  4. Your "local health food store," while not at the same location as mine, is the same chain. Unfortunately mine no longer sells clearanced bread. The reason? It's in a froofy area and the manager thought their grocery basket of clearanced breads looked tacky (even though they'd sell out ASAP, so it evidently didn't bother the Hummer and Lexus set TOO much)!! So now they just thow the older bread away…what the heck?

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