Grocery Geek Presents: Read Your Junk Mail

Last week I had my grocery lists going and was all set to hit the stores on Saturday morning. We had been eating out of our stockpile, and I was looking forward to getting some new provisions to liven things up. Friday afternoon’s mail brought a stack of junk. But couponing has taught me to filter the junk carefully. In amidst the offers for credit cards and free debt was a postcard from Vons, a Safeway store. It was filled with coupons for several free and discounted items.

That night I went back over my shopping plan and made a few adjustments. I wasn’t originally planning to go to Vons, but the deals were too hard to pass up. The result was that the next day I paid $40 for all of this!

Some of the highlights:
flour tortillas – free after coupon
Pepsi – free after coupon
Kashi frozen meal – free after coupon
Butter – $.99/#
Kelloggs cereal – free after coupons
salad dressing – free after coupon
salsa – free after coupon
large ja olives – $.69 after coupon
2 gallons milk $2 each
4 cans soup – $.38 each

This load of groceries was accompanied by $50 of bread, produce, dairy, and meat from Sprouts, bringing me under $100 for the week – to feed a family of 8!

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  1. Katie @ goodLife {eats} says:

    that's awesome! I definitly could be better at looking through the junk. I at least scan the grocery store ads. Last week I found on the vine tomatoes for 77 cents per pound and asparagus for 89 cents per pound. Planned 2 different nights meals around those ingredients – BBQ Chicken Pizza (using the tomatoes) and Asparagus with pasta and sundried tomatoes in a lemony butter sauce. Both were excellent & inexpensive.

  2. My budget is 150 for a week for the 7 of us. We don’t really even use diapers except my boys sleep in pull-ups. With my stockpile I feel I could definitely keep it around 100, but it seems each week something comes up (like a lost library book, need for new blinds,making a meal for someone who just had a baby, birthday party, etc). I would like to get to a place where I could save, say, 25 a week in a bank account. I’m impressed with your budget.

  3. Amanda from Faith, Food and Family says:

    Awesome deal! I wish I would find some great coupons like that!
    God bless,

  4. FishMama says:

    Don’t be too impressed. The first few months living here I went grossly over. I haven’t been good about making myself stick to my budget every month. Last month worked, and I am hoping to make this month stick at the $400 mark.

    I’m amazed that I can do this in Southern California.

  5. HeatherC says:

    Great job- the vons coupons were so good. We didnt get any that I saw in our area. Do you have a Henrys down your way? They have some great deals too. 🙂

  6. FishMama says:

    We do have Henry’s but their ads are a little vague which makes it not always worth my trip over there.

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