Grocery Geek Presents: Seasonal Stocking Up

I mentioned that we are trying to stock up more on the basics at Costco. However, there were such good seasonal sales this week on things that I don’t buy at Costco, that I had to venture out. I had to. Honest.

I hope this doesn’t mean I am addicted to grocery shopping.

Yesterday I ventured into three grocery stores, once with all SIX KIDS in tow. They behaved very well, by the way, because we were stocking up on all this ice cream!

If you follow sales you know that the SuperValu family of stores, including Shaws, Cub Foods, and Albertsons had a “Buy $29-30, get $15 back” sale. So, I did two transactions, stocking up on lots of ice cream, a couple bottles of detergent and lots of Macaroni Grill supper kits. I think the pasta kits might go well in Christmas gift baskets or be good items for a food drive. They were $.40 each after all the coupons and discounts! For that load of stuff plus 2 gallons of milk I paid $19!

Then last night I headed to Vons for their Season of Baking Sale. They recently changed their coupon policy so it took a little work to finagle all the coupons and stuff, but for $40 and some change, I got this. We are set on baking for the winter, I think, with a turkey and the makings of FishBoy7’s birthday dinner to boot.

Lastly, I made a stop at Ralphs, partially because the baby was still sleeping and the others were home with FishPapa, partially because there was a “Mega Mix and Match” sale going on. $20 bought me all this junkfood, milk and apples – which I guess are missing from the picture.

Isn’t it wierd how the cheap stuff isn’t all that good for you?

Now, my pantry is almost completely stocked, possibly for the rest of the month. We’ll need to replenish with dairy and produce. I don’t have to go shopping for quite some time.

But, you know, Walgreens is having a really big sale on cereal next week….

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  1. You did awesome!!! I really wish I had some of those stores here. It has been way too long since I’ve had ice cream!

  2. Dear Daddy Blog says:

    How do you figure out your shopping trips here in southern ca? Do you do it yourself, or do you use the coupon mom website or some other resource. I have albertsons 5 minutes from my house but when I looked at their flier this week, I did not catch that deal! Thanks for any advice, Michelle
    PS – Also, is von’s still doubling coupons or no?

  3. Great job on your deals! I am in awe that you could do that with 5 kids in tow. I can barely shop with my 1 one year old!

  4. Michelle, I figure out the deals mostly on my own — at least for grocery stores. I get the ads in the mail on Monday so I have time to drool and add numbers before the sales start on Wed. That Albertsons deal is good until Tuesday night, so you can still go get that stuff. I imagine that it is the same sale within the county.

    Maybe we’ll have to hook up and talk sales. 😉

    Vons does double but they have lots of exceptions – only double one of each coupon, if you have duplicates, those are at face value. Also, they will only take one internet printable of each kind. No duplicates at all. THat’s what made my trip a little complicated. They just changed their policy last week. Thankfully, a supervisor was checking out my order and she was very patient.

  5. Dear Daddy Blog says:

    Thanks for the advice! I would love to get together for a coupon lesson. : ) That would be a real treat for me from a pro like you. Great job and have a fun weekend. It’s hot here today! Michelle

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