Grocery Geek Presents: Shopping for Thanksgiving & Beyond

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Since I’m such a grocery geek, I actually like shopping for Thanksgiving groceries. Some people may look at it as a chore, especially if they go during a crowded time. But, I like it!

It’s not just the meal that I am shopping for. Due to the huge variety of holiday sales, I’m actually shopping for the next three or four months.

While I’m not stocking up on fresh produce or dairy, now is the time to lay in a supply of canned and frozen items that will contribute to our meals throughout winter. Veggies, frozen turkeys, and baking supplies are on great sales right now.

Last week when the grocery ads came out, I scanned through each one to see which store had what on sale. And if I had really wanted to, I could have gone shopping at up to 8 different stores for some great holiday deals. But, since I’m trying to streamline my life a little, I have to choose.

I looked at the list I had created for each store and then decided where the best deals were and which stores had the most of them. Then I narrowed down my selection. After stopping at Fresh&Easy where I had a $5 store coupon, I cruised by Walmart to round out my shopping.

I could have done price matching at Walmart for everything, but the $5 coupon at Fresh & Easy was worth the extra stop. Plus, my younger boys love to go there and bag all our groceries themselves.

Generally speaking, Walmart has the best price on most non-sale items. Baking sales aren’t that great in these here parts this week, so there was a fair number of items to get “off sale” for our holiday desserts as well as some regular grocery items. I was able to find them at Walmart for the same or less as the “sale prices” might have been at the other stores.

Plus, I can pick up the other non-food household items that we might need while I’m there, like the GladWare I bought inexpensively for storing Christmas cookies. While I have to be on my guard not to buy things we don’t need Walmart has proven to be a good resource for my grocery-geekiness.

I spent $95 total, shopping at the two stores. This included a ham, a turkey, 20 pounds of potatoes, and a ton of baking supplies, fresh fruit, milk, butter, cream, and egg nog. It wasn’t technically “Thanksgiving dinner” because I don’t shop that for just one meal at a time. But, it was great stockpiling for the season.

Found any great sales lately?

Disclosure: Walmart provided me with a gift card to check out their holiday sales and trim the budget.

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  1. I love shopping the sales too but have never really had the extra money to do much stockpiling – this year though, I want to stockpile some on sweet potatoes. What is the best storage method for sweet potatoes? Should I freeze them raw, or cook and freeze? I was thinking of baking them and making mashed sweet potatoes and freezing those – but I have never tried that before. I would love to hear about your stockpile storage methods!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Wanda, you’re talking to the wrong person about sweet potatoes! LOL. My mom never made them and hubs doesn’t like them.

      Readers, help Wanda out!

    • @Wanda, I bake them and mash them, and then freeze them in a casserole with a simple topping of chopped peanuts, butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. You could probably also just mash and freeze plain — I’ve never tried it though.

  2. @Wanda, 37 cents per pound! Thats a crazy good price! I do freeze my sweet potatoes, I do them mashed most of the time. You will have to expect some separation so be prepared to remix them. Also, I make sweet potato fries-super easy and the kids love them. Just cut up, toss with olive oil and your preferred seasonings, and bake. Then flash freeze them on a cookie sheet, and put them in a larger container to keep. You can grab a handful out at a time to heat, and they last for awhile.

  3. jessica says

    yep, sweet potatoes at $0.39 a pound here.
    I have gotten some good holiday deals at Aldi here lately, but hmmm, do they have those out in CA?

  4. Kendell says

    I am so glad you mentioned Walmart. I have tried to start into the “grocery game” and never really get myself going because it seems like even with coupons, Walmart’s generic price beats the name-brand every time! I know that when you can combine and double-up on coupons it helps, but I just have never made it that far!

  5. victoria says

    Sweet potatoes were .33/lb at Wal-mart in New Hampshire today!

  6. If you are in IN, MI, OH, or KY–Meijer has sweet potatoes for .25 a pound!

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