Grocery Geek Presents: Some Things Money Can’t Buy

at Costco.

While we set some grocery goals this year that will affect our time, money, and comfort, FishPapa and I know that there are some things that just aren’t the best to buy at Costco. It’s not a big deal, but I want to maximize our savings where we can. And taking advantage of really good deals when we do, indeed, want to have those things is something I hope to work into the scheme of things.

Plus, getting the deal is still really fun! Especially now that I don’t feel so much pressure to do it.

This week I went to CVS and followed my primer for January. They didn’t have the Naso Gels, but I was able to get four boxes of throat coolers which my kids like when they’re sick. Here’s what I did:

2 cases bottled water 2 for $5.99
bottle deposits $2.40
4 Throat coolers @$4.99 ea = $19.96
1 newspaper $1.75

Minus B1G1 Throat Cooler coupon -4.99
Minus B1G1 Throat Cooler coupon -4.99

Total due 20.50, paid with ECBs and a gift card
Rec’d back $19.96, making my total cost $.54! Yippee!

Pictured above are the great deals that I got at Albertsons. You can see an in-depth post of the sales and coupon match ups at I am Frugal. Just double check them for your area. If you live near a Shaws, similar deals are to be had there.

After coupons and catalinas, my costs were:
Organic milk = free (win some for yourself here)
Yoplait yogurts $.37 each
chicken strips $1.14 (they changed the price on me so it wasn’t the deal I expected)
Pampers $3.50/package
Bisquick $.25
Cheerios $.25
Dawn $1.17
Frosting (for my bday cake challenge!) $.37
Sodas $1.67/6 pack

How did you fare this week? Any big savings?

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  1. While I didn’t go OVER budget, I didn’t score any great deals either! BUMMER!! But I did do really well in the clothing dept. I got a ton of stuff for the family at Old Navy for dirt cheap (shirts for my girls for $1!!). That made me feel better! LOL!!

  2. topaztook says:

    I did pretty well this week — I am playing a game myself this year seeing how long I can go without spending any actual money to get stuff at CVS (I’m rolling ECBs and have a gift card). It was the first week I’d gone grocery shopping in a while, though, so the time issue was all screwed up for me — I need to improve that. I actually wrote about all my deals today:

  3. Sounds great, ladies!

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