Grocery Geek Presents: Target’s Gift Card Deals

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Each Sunday I eagerly scan the Target ad. Usually, there’s really nothing I want from clothing, shoes, or electronics. It’s the back few pages that catch my interest.

Target Gift Card Deals

You see, Target regularly offers grocery gift card deals. These are signified by a little red $5 gift card on the ad. They usually require that you buy a certain number of a specified item and then you get a gift card back. If you regularly shop Target, this is a pretty good deal. If you use coupons, it’s even sweeter.

This week the ad said, “Free $5 Target Gift Card with Purchase of 5 selected Kashi items listed.” The sale price was $2.88 per item. That means that after the gift card savings, each item was really $1.88. Not a terrible price for Kashi, which tends to use less processed ingredients than other brands. Yes, it still has sweeteners, but they are less processed. Evaporated sugar cane juice, or sucanat, actually has vitamins and minerals in it that plain white sugar does not.

But, that is for another post….

Well, we certainly like Kashi. And I knew that I had a few Vocalpoint coupons left. And I had also picked up a few Kashi coupon books I’d found in the health food store. So, I was game for a trip to Target. As it turned out, the cereal boxes also had peelie stickers with three $1 coupons. Talk about your sweet deals.

I ended up getting 15 Kashi items (crackers, cereal, cookie, and bars). Depending on the coupons, I spent between $0.50 and $0.88 per box. While we have been altering the contents of our pantry over the last few months, I know that we have several trips, Disneyland included, on the horizon. I want some easy “grab and go,” prepackaged items.

Savvy Couponing

This is one of those savvy couponing things that took me awhile to catch on. In the old days, I might have bought one or two boxes, not even the whole five item deal. I might have been satisfied with $1.88 a box. But, when you’re dealing with packaged foods with an extended shelf life, you can’t afford not to stock up.

Granted this stash will be gone in about 6 weeks, but I won’t be buying crackers or boxed cereal at full price during that time. And we’ve got some fun vacation food in the process.

Do you do the Target Gift Card Deals? What’s been your experience? Any tips or tricks?

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  1. I’ve been doing the buy X amount of these items and get a $5 gift card for awhile now. I think the best deal I got was the Special K Fruit Crisps were on sale, had Target coupons and manufacturer coupons. After you factored in the gift card, the were well under a $1 a box. Sorry I don’t remember the exact price.

    What I do is I keep the $5 gift card for the next time I’m going to be buying a deal that offers a $5 gift card. That way you are getting the price that you figured with the $5 off and you’ll be getting another gift card for the next time you buy one of these deals.

  2. I love these $5 gift card deals on Iams dog food and Tidy Cat litter. I can usually combine these with both Target and manufacturer’s coupons to save well over $5 per item.

  3. Did you buy all 15 items at one time and get 3 seperate gift cards or did you buy 5 items on 3 different transcations? I did this yesterday and also had 2 $1/2 Kashi items printable. I think I should go again today!

    1. @Lerin, yes, I bought these all in one transaction. It wasn’t worth it to me to try to roll the gift card. I was satisfied that they didn’t balk at 15 coupons.

  4. I love these deals too and do the same thing on Sunday morning scanning the ad for them. I just finished the Maxwell coffee deal, but did not do the Kashi Deal. I didn’t have any coupons and $1.88 is too much for me ; )

  5. I really like these deals too, and used the $5.00 GC for 2 packs of Pull-Ups. My downfall is that I tend to justify another purchase in the store using that $5.00, like some puzzles for my son. Do you think that is a good or bad thing? To me, it is kind of like a reward, but I would really rather restrict myself so the savings goes back in my grocery budget where I need it. I think I need to practice self-discipline.

    By the way, I recently found your site, and am starting my own to hopefully share ideas and connect with others too. Thanks!

    1. I think the “reward” vs. “back to the budget” thing depends on what your money goals are. If you really want to lower your grocery spending, then you need to tighten the belt and avoid the puzzles, etc. πŸ˜‰

  6. I got 4 boxes of Heart to Heart crackers and 2 boxes of TLC Cereal Bars for $1.20 after the gift card (I used the $5 gift card from the Schick Hydro deal last week). I only wish that got the Heart to Heart cereal instead because I tried the crackers and they are not that good. I guess I’ll have some crackers to add to my donation box. Even if you take out the crackers, $1.20 for 2 boxes of cereal bars is good!

    1. No, the Heart to Heart crackers taste funny. And the Heart to Heart cereal looks like kibble. πŸ˜‰ I really like the TLC crackers. Those are my fave.

  7. I did the Kashi deal earlier this week. I have more coupons so I am going to head back today. I bought a box of the chewy peanut, peanut butter bars and hubby said they looked great but tasted like cardboard. I liked the pumpkin spice ones. I had a Target coupon for $1 off 3 boxes of bars that I printed last month, so that made the deal even better. I plan on using my gift card to get Huggies, which will be free after coupons and gift card. Horray for coupons! πŸ™‚

  8. I just did this with formula. I breastfeed, but supplement so I know how much formula I use regularly. The formula was on sale at a good price and if you bought two you got a $5 gift card. I happened to have received a $5/2 off coupon from the register the week before. And I had a $5 coupon check from the brand. So I bought two got the gift card. Rolled it over and bought two more and got my $5 gift card. And then I got the another coupon from the register for $5 off 2. So I went back in to the store. Bought 2 more and this time got $10 off by using my new coupon and the $5 gift card. And I have a new gift card burning a hole in my pocket.

    So I ended up saving ..$30 in gift/card coupons. And I have enough formula to last until my little one starts drinking milk. I basically got one can of formula free. I am sure if I had more brand coupons I could have done better, but I was pleased. And I had to pull some money out of the grocery envelope to work this…but saving $30 on something that I have to purchase anyway seemed to make sense to me.

  9. I LOVE Target gift card deals! My best experience with this was over the holidays. I got a Target magazine (never gotten one of those before or since) with a coupon on the back…spend $150, get $20 off. I’m guessing that they were expecting people to use that on a high priced purchased for Christmas – but I collected my stash of coupons and figured out what $5 gift card deals they were running and hit the store for toilet paper, paper towels, coffee, shampoo, cleaning supplies and laundry detergent. I stockpiled our house for 6 months, got money off with coupons, got my $20 off with Target, and got over $40 back in gift cards! WOO HOO HAPPY DANCE!!

  10. Thanks for the post we like Kashi…I have tried couponing but I found almost all the coupon deals where for overly processed foods although my children loved it I looked at what I bought/scored for next to nothing and realized this is not what I want to feed my children even for free, which brings me back to you post and the link to your other post, Thank you! I hope you will continue to do these types of post.

    1. It’s tempting to get the “free” food. I’m limiting ours for travel times and the occasional junk food munchie thing. Who knows how the pantry will evolve?

  11. I got the BEST deal this week and I didn’t have anybody to brag about it to, so I’m going to share here. πŸ™‚

    I had previously received a Catalina for $5 off of a purchase of $20 worth of frozen foods. I also had a $5 GC from doing the Kashi deal earlier at a different Target.

    Well, I found Kashi frozen meals clearanced down to $1.62 a box! I bought 10 boxes, along with 5 clearanced Lean Cuisines at $1.22-$1.52 a box.

    The total was around $23 before coupons.
    I used my $5/$20
    10 $1/1 Kashi frozen foods
    1 $1/2 Target coupons for Kashi frozen foods
    1 Buy 4 get 1 free Lean Cuisine
    1 Target Q for $1/2 Lean Cuisines
    My $5 Gift Card from the earlier Kashi deal.

    I ended up getting back 2 $5 gift cards, and all of that food for free! I was SO happy. πŸ™‚ I used the gift cards on 2 pairs of B1G1 50% off sandals for my boys for Summer.

  12. I did the Kashi deal. I got 2 boxes of the Heart to Heart Crackers, I hope they arent as bad as you all say. LOL. Ive bought the Heart to Heart cereal before, but this time I got the blueberry kind-hope its good. My husband eats the stuff so…I also did the Pull Ups deal. So, I ended up with 2 $5 gift cards for next time. I had done a Pull Up deal before and had another $5 gift card in my wallet…so I used that in addition to all the coupons I had.

    What I find confusing is the receipt from Target when you stack coupons…Or is it just me? Im wondering now if they actually scanned all my coupons and if the computer let them all through? I spent over $100 so its hard to track back each item now after the fact and how much I spent on it due to the receipt confusion I am having. Does anyone else find their receipts hard to read?

    1. @Cathi, Yes! I hate the way they do their receipts. I usually keep my transactions small so I can figure everything out and make sure I got credit for each coupon I used, but I do not like thir system at all!

  13. I did the same deal, just once though with the cereal. I also had some of those vocalpoint Qs left over, and the peelies made a great difference too! I had a gift card from a previous deal that I got to use too. Can’t wait for the next gift card deal so that I can roll that gift card.

  14. I love the G.C. deals too! I generally try to never “spend” my 5$ target giftcards. I just save them for the next giftcard deal so I’m really paying only the .88 cents or whatever. I always have one in my purse, and I love them because they don’t expire the way things do at other stores!