Grocery Geek Presents: A Whole Lot of Melon

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What can I say? Cantaloupe was 4/$1 this week. I bought 8. The first two were delicious! I’m hoping that the rest are as well. Got any great suggestions for what to do with melon? I’m thinking of trying it with vanilla ice cream like I heard Rachael Ray talk about years ago.

Despite the fact that I never got my garden planted, we are clearly enjoying the fruits of summer. The sales — and the flavors — have been incredible.

So sweet (pun intended) that I did some canning. It’s been five years since I made jam, but I thought it was time. With strawberries 77¢ a pound and blueberries 88¢ a pint, the moment to experiment has arrived. Typically FishPapa isn’t crazy about either one in the form of jam, but I bet the kids would be. I may mix them up with some fresh nectarines from the tree out back. Hmmm… what will I think up next? For starters, though I made a small batch of strawberry. Yummy!

Anyway, along those lines, here’s how I did in my shopping this week. For those of you following along with my progress in The All You Grocery Challenge, staying under budget has been pretty easy. I just have to plan. My mental week ends on Saturday, but the spending week for the challenge ends on Sunday, so I have needed to keep that in mind. I ended last week with an after church stop at Henry’s where we stocked up on some great produce and meat deals. That brought our Week One total to right around $125, out of an allotted $175.

This week finds us still under budget going into the weekend. I spent $50.98 at my local health food store, buying:

bulk paprika $.76
butter $2
eggs $1.39 each
milk $2.49
cream $4.49
yoghurt $2.50
colby $1.99/#
jack $1.99/#
Santa Cruz lemonades $.50 – after sale and coupon
Boulder Cyn potato chips $1 – after sale and coupon
pork loin $1.99/#
chicken tenders $1.99/#
broccoli $.88/#
cantaloupe 4/$1
cilantro 3/$1
green beans $.99/#
green bell pepper $.77
red bell pepper $1.25
zukes $.49/#
grapes $.99/#
watermelon $1.50
strawberries $1.25
nectarines $.99/#

And then another $20 or so at Ralphs:

strawberries $.77/#
London Broil $1.69/#
black olives – not on sale
milk $.89 after sale and coupon
pepperoni – not on sale
sugar – $1.99

We really don’t need anything more, except to go nab those super cheap blueberries!

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  1. Averyswife says

    I'm so jealous that you can find fruit that cheap! Around here (SA, TX) the best price on strawberries is $1.99/#, blueberries are $2/pint and cantelopes (LOVE THEM!) are $1 a piece at best.

  2. Jennifer says

    I wish we had fruit prices like that around here! Wow! Enjoy every bite!!

  3. Anonymous says

    If you have a dehydrator, melons make great candy-like snacks!

  4. Amy @ Finer Things says

    I canNOT believe your produce prices. So jealous!

  5. FishMama says

    I tell ya, it was like "coming home" today when I busted out the canning equipment. I never used it my whole five years in Kansas because I never got good enough deals on produce to make it worth it. I think it somewhat odd that I associate home canning with California instead of the Midwest.

    I have an evil scheme to go get my limit of 6 pints of blueberries every day until the sale ends. Bwahaha! Is that ethical?

  6. Keeling says

    I make a coleslaw that has cantaloupe and strawberries in it. Just take a bag of coleslaw mix, add strawberries and cantaloupe (cut up very small), and almond slivers. For the dressing, mix red wine vinegrette and poppy seed dressing–it kind of sounds weird, but its delicious, and it would be a good way to get rid of the extra cantaloupe and strawberries 🙂

  7. number17cherrytreelane says

    THAT is amazing! Well done!

  8. Southern Gal says

    My favorite way to serve cantaloupe (besides straight up):
    Use a half as a bowl to serve chicken salad. The kind with grapes and walnuts. It's Delicious!

    Fruit prices are rather high here. But I did get to pick blueberries locally. Pick one quart for them/keep one for yourself. I got five free quarts of blueberries when I picked ten. Pretty neat. Plus my son and I got to eat what we wanted as we picked!

  9. Anonymous says

    I always freeze cantaloupe to using in smoothies or salads later. I also freeze fresh pineapple. It works fine and is great in slushes or smoothies.

  10. UnfinishedMom says

    I was wondering what you have planned for the cantaloupe. Will your family really eat 8 cantaloupes before they go bad?

  11. FishMama says

    UnfinishedMom, we're certainly going to try. We all like it and have had some every day. I bought them at varying degrees of ripeness so the pressure is lessened a little. Once they're ripe, I'll store in the fridge, but there are 7 of us eating melon and they're not huge.

  12. Anonymous says

    Here's a Mexican Recipe for you:
    Make "agua fresca"(like lemonade)
    Slice the melon and place in a blender,
    cover with water and add 2 scoops of sugar or to taste and blend. Makes a great fruit drink alone or with meals. We also like it with watermelon.Milk can be sub for water to make a smoothie. Sprouts has 4/$1.00 this week. Thanks for all you do!!!! Myriam Gomez Dallas, TX

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