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I’ve been enjoying having my mom here since Tuesday. I’ve dragged her along on my shopping expeditions. She was so wowed to see that I “saved” $100 at Ralphs. I only had three coupons, but everything was on sale, so the original total was inflated. That run was to stock up on Gatorade ($.59 ea) and Johnsonville sausages ($1.99/pkg).

This run was at my local health food store that has exceptional prices on produce, meat, and dairy.

eggs $1.25
lettuce $0.50
chicken breast $1.99
strawberries $0.69/#
blueberries $1.69
pineapples $1.50 each
clearance bread items $0.99
cherries $0.99/#
butter $2.50/#

Last month I went a little over budget ($665 instead of $600), so I need to make up for that this month. Ralphs cost $40 and the above picture was $75, bringing my total to $115 for the week, about $45 under budget. Works for me!

I am also planning to play in the All You Grocecery Challenge. Should be interesting to see how we do.

How did you save this week? Share it over at Money Saving Mom’s.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I stocked up on the johnsonville too! Have a happy 4th!

  2. Katie @ goodLife {eats} says:

    You rock! I love Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausage. Hardly ever see it on sale. Lucky you!! Happy 4th!

  3. This post popped up in our email and we wanted to stop by and say how awesome it is that you all enjoy Johnsonville's products so much.

    I work on behalf of Johnsonville Sausages, and since you guys love our products, we wanted to tell you about our new campaign called Create Your Own Ville where you can win over $23,000 in cash and grilling prizes. Just head on over to to check it out!

    Do you guys plan on submitting a VILLE?

  4. Our Safeway also has a reduced bread cart daily from 8-10 am after that it goes to our local food bank…I regularly get 100% ww bread for $0.50 and sourdough, rye, ww pitas, pizza shells, ww and whole grain bagels….I never pay more that $0.99 for any of these items…

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