Grocery Geek Presents:Ways I Saved This Week

Here’s a peek at some of the ways we saved money on food and home supplies this week.

— Returned to Ralphs for more of the Mega Mix and Match Sale. I ended up with lots of free things like dish sponges, lint rollers and evaporated milk. I also loaded up on apples when I realized what a great deal $0.39/# really was.

— Let my brother run to Albertsons for the few things I wanted from there so that I was not tempted to buy things I didn’t really need. Plus, by letting him try his hand at coupons and catalinas, I am training a new grocery slave to work for me.

— Bought a load of stuff at CVS for less than $4!

— Instead of running out for a storebought birthday cake for FishChick’s bday yesterday when I was feeling “caked out,” FishPapa and I brainstormed. We decided on ice cream sundaes with homemade hot fudge sauce instead.

— I was patient about doing the deals at Walgreens. Waiting until the weekend paid off as they released a $5/20 coupon for Friday and Sunday. (Check the pumpkin colored sidebar to click through and get yours.) This proved to be a great way to get a good deal on diapers which we desperately needed.

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  1. great job! We love ice cream sundaes here..going to have to try the homemade sauce. 🙂

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