Grocery Geek Reporting: This Week’s Deals at CVS and Walgreens

Personally, I don’t think the sales are that exciting this week, but I could change my mind as I check out the coupons in today’s paper and as other needs arise. But they don’t have Indiana Jones cereal, so I’m not dashing out.

I cashed in my RRs from last week at Walgreens in exchange for a couple newspapers and a ton of coupons (from said papers). In fact, the wonderful people at the KC Star inadvertently put double of one of the inserts in one of my papers. Hey, mistakes do happen. I would call this one “a happy accident.”

Here’s an example of a CVS transaction you could try this week. It’s obviously for MOMs.

2 Almay eye makeup @ 6.99 ea = $13.98
Nail polish remover $2.49

Subtotal $16.47 + tax
Minus $3/$15 coupon
Minus $1 Almay coupon (in today’s paper)
Minus $1 Almay coupon (in today’s paper)
Total $11.47 + tax

I would pay with ECBs I already have ($6 and $3.99) and then pay a balance of 1.48 + tax in cash, but if this is your first time at CVS, you would pay this initial out of pocket expense.

The total would be $11.47, but I would get $5 and $5 in ECBs back. Making the Total cost for the transaction: $1.47 + tax

There are different ways to calculate your cost. I choose to take the ECBs and RRs off the cost of the initiating purchase. So in this example, even though I’m paying with ECBs and a little cash, I’m not going to take those ECBs off the “cost” of this transaction because I have already counted them against the purchases I originally made to earn them.

*If you don’t need nailpolish remover (I do), you could get the Oral-B toothbrush for $1.99. Use the $1 coupon that’s out there, and get another ECB back.

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