Grocery Geek Reports: 4 Cent Yogurt and More….

Oh happy day! I had such fun doing next week’s grocery shopping. I found some great deals that were “unadvertised” – always so fun when coupled with coupons. Here’s the low-down for my many purchases this week.

Hen House and Hy-Vee:

This is not an exhaustive list of what I bought, just the highlights.
Chex Mix $1.50 – $1 coupon = $.50/bag
Town House Flip side crackers $1.77 – .50 coupon = $1.27/box
Shaved Ham (15 oz.) on sale $2.79 marked down by another $1 due to sell by date in a few days – $1 coupon = $.79
russet potatoes $.33/#
Lunchable Jrs. $1.66 – $1 coupon = $.66/2pk
Yo Plus yogurt $2.17 marked down by another $1 due to sell by date in a few days – $1 coupon = .17/4pk = 4 cents per yogurt cup!
Go-gurt $2.53 marked down by another $1 due to sell by date in a few days – $1 coupon = $.53/8 pk.
eggs $.79/doz
feta cheese $1.66 – .55 coupon = $1.11
Dove ice creams Buy one @ 3.49, get one free – 2 coupons for $1 ea = .75/pint
24 pk bottled water = 2.99
organic tomato paste $1.05 – $1 coupon = .05/can!
Solo heavy duty paper plates $2.88 – $2 couon = .88/44 plates!
apples $.99/#
Dole caesar salad $1.66 – .50 coupon = 1.16/bag
iceberg $.59/head

Between the two stores I paid $86.32


Lately, I’m thinking that Walgreens isn’t worth my time. But, there were decent sales on dried apricots, toilet paper and hydrocortisone which we need for our eczema issues. So the above cost me $14.49 after coupons, sales, and rebates. But since it was on a gift card, my out of pocket was $0.


I already visited CVS earlier in the week. But returned for some of the sale items I hadn’t yet picked up:

3 Nivea for Men shaving creams @3.99 = 11.97
1 Gillette Fusion razor at 9.99
1 Heath bar for filler .50
Subtotal 22.46
Minus $3/15
Minus $4 Nivea coupon
Minus $1 Nivea coupon
Minus $4 Gillette coupon
Total due = 11.17, paid in ECBs and cash
Rec’d back $4 and $5 in ECBs, so the total cost was $2.17

Next transaction:
4 Balance bars @1.59/ea = 6.36
1 SchickQuattro razor 9.49
Subtotal = 15.85
Minus $3/15
Minus $2 Schick coupon
Total due $11.06
Paid in ECBs and cash, rec’d back $3 and $5 in ECBs, making the total cost $3.06

My total week out of pocket $91.55. If you’re tracking with me, you know that last week I spent $139. My monthly budget is $400. So, I’m up to $230.55 for the month. But, my freezer is full of chicken from last week and I have a ton of stuff in my fridge. So, I think we’re good. Stay tuned.

This has been Grocery Geek reporting.

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  1. Wow! I wish we had CVS where I lived! You did a good job.

  2. Crystal Paine says:

    Way to go! You definitely did better than me! Where did you get the Town House coupons and the $1 Lunchables Jr. coupons? Were they in an insert from the last two weeks? I wanted those and didn’t have any coupons!! 🙂

    And way to score some mark-downs!

    I like your new coupon printer. 😉

  3. FishMama says:

    I just live for praise from Money Saving Mom. 😉

    The TH coupons were in an insert a few weeks ago and the Lunchables were online somewhere. There were Lunchables marked down also, but they were flavors the FishChick might not have liked.

  4. wow, you are doing well at your couponing! i’m feelin lucky to get a few great deals right now. How in the world do you have time to pull it together, shop it, photo it, load it, document prices…..
    and you have almost double the kids i do!
    does your day secretly have more time or are you just very energetic?!:)

  5. FishMama says:

    My mom would describe it as “driven.” I very desperately want us to have our debts paid. I feel such bondage from it hanging over our heads. We are 2/3 of the way out. The end is in sight! So, I am willing to stay up late or spend time on this to get to the end of the tunnel.

    I think I spend about 4 hours a week printing, clipping, filing, looking through the ads, and shopping. The photo part is easy since I unload all the bags, shoot, and put away. The documentation is easy, too, since it’s just a transcription of my shopping list.

    Plus, I get such an adrenaline rush from making a good deal. I am woman, hear me roar. 😉

  6. Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart says:

    Nice work.

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