Grocery Geek Says: Pay Attention!

I’ve had to put the brakes on stockpiling for awhile. Since we’re moving, space is at a premium, and I don’t want to ship things that aren’t really worth their weight in gold. I am taking most of my currently stockpiled items (toiletries, etc.) but figure that unless it’s going to be consumed before or during the trip, it’s best not to add to the stash.

That said, it’s a little hard to judge how much we really will consume in the next two weeks (2 WEEKS??!!) prior to liftoff.

I made a few outings for necessities and good deals this week. The best surprises were at Price Chopper.

It pays to keep your eyes open!

Pay attention for marked down items. They are not “bad,” just items that the store wants to push so they don’t take a loss on it when it is past its “sell by date.” I have found great deals on produce, dairy, meat and bakery items. So look for these items next time you shop.

I found all-natural, hormone-free, locally raised beef marked down half price. This made it cheaper than the sale hamburger I had planned to buy. If we weren’t moving, I would have bought all they had.

Also found bakery rolls (subs, onion rolls, sandwich rolls, gourmet breads) marked down to $.25 and $.49. So I bought two weeks’ worth and have them stashed in the freezer. (Both the beef and the breads still had time before their “sell by” dates.)

Aldi – I wonder if I will miss Aldi. They aren’t on the West Coast, though we do have Trader Joe’s. I wonder if TJ’s deals can compare. Anyone? Anyone?

Anyway, Aldi had dairy and fruit on special this week, so I stocked up on those items.

Target – Luvs diaper deal: 2 family packs @ $15/ea minus $5 manu. coupon, minus $1 manu. coupon, minus $2 Target coupon, minus $1 Target coupon, minus $5 gift card earned for the purchase = 170 diapers for about $17.

Kashi deal: 4 boxes Kashi Go Lean crunch for $11 minus $2 manu. coupon, minus (3) $1 manu. coupons, minus $5 gift card earned for the purchase = $.25 for each box of cereal. Remember my cereal rule? (I’m going to go back to take advantage of this deal again and the waffle deal.)

Walgreens – Went for free children’s Dimetapp. Will possibly go back before closing on Saturday to take advantage of this coupon. I would pick up more free cold meds and “the free after rebate” items. But, then, they probably aren’t consumable before we go. I have a date with a cup of coffee and the ad this morning.

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  1. Hi. Where did you find your Kashi coupons? I have only managed to find 2.

  2. Hi Nora,

    I printed some off of either or eversave. I can’t remember. Then, I received some in the mail because I’m on vocalpoint’s mailing list.

  3. I don’t consider Trader Joe’s to be a sales store at all. We are military, though so I compare everything to the commissary which is like one big sale all the time (comparably – especially here in San Diego). : )

    I enjoy your blog! I don’t delurk much, but I do read often (when I have the time – I homeschool and my dh deploys often so time is sometimes a luxury). Congrats on your sweet new baby.

    Blessings, Michelle

  4. We’re military also – I haven’t beat the commissary prices often here in central CA, but I’ve found some decent deals at Trader Joe’s and even Whole Foods (on their organic 365 line). When I lived in WA, I did find the prices at TJ’s were just as good, if not better, than at my in-town Safeway. Even driving extra in a truck (so figuring in my gas money) I did better shopping at TJs there than I did at Safeway – but part of that is we don’t use a lot of processed foods with coupons that might have lowered the bill at Safeway.

  5. Good job!

  6. Trader Joes is awesome; we find so many all natural, organic items at great deals. I’ve joined a local organic co-op, with great prices, but I haven’t been ordering as much, because I keep finding better deals on the same things at Trader Joes. It is worth the hour drive it takes me to get there. Love it!!

  7. Sisters Savings says:

    Oh, Trader Joe’s doesn’t really run “sales”, “markdowns”, etc. but….their prices are so competitive! I was there today and bought granola bars (1.99 for 6) and fruit grain bars (1.69 for 6). Now, there are no coupons, etc, but these are high fructose syrup free, so, for y children, I feel a little better! I think you’ll love it!
    Good luck, congrats!

  8. I don’t have Aldi on the East Coast either, but my parents have it in Arkansas. We have Trader Joes. I love to go there for a few things, but it’s not a bargain store, that’s for sure. What I like about it is how healthy their food is and the unique items I can get there that Wal-Mart and other grocers around here don’t carry, such as quinoa, whole wheat couscous, frozen bell pepper strips, cinnamon dried apples, and more. Definitely a great place to visit, but if being frugal is important, don’t plan on doing the majority of your shopping there.

  9. I don’t think I was thinking of TJs as a “sales” store. But when we lived in CA prior to KS, they had the best prices on things like milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. just like Aldi does here.

    In fact, the two stores are sort of related:

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