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This has been an unusual week for me. I was sick all by myself. Unheard of in our house. Usually, I get it on the tail end of everyone else getting it. FishPapa was home three days out of five due to holidays/vacation days. And, I ordered groceries online and had them delivered.

Yes, it’s true.

In the junk mail over the weekend I found a coupon for Vons’ (a Safeway store) online grocery shopping. I didn’t think much of the promotion codes because, C’mon, certainly online shopping is for the rich and famous. But a few days later I saw a truck with the words, “Same great prices.” That got me thinking. One of the coupons on my postcard was for free delivery. Hmmm…. A look at my Vons list told me that most of my items were for loss leaders without coupons. Maybe I’d let my fingers do the shopping….

So, I did. About 10 minutes online got me an account and a cart load of groceries in my “virtual cart.” Later that day, the delivery man not only came to the door with 2 turkeys, 5 roasts, 12 pounds of sugar, 50 pounds of flour and a partridge in a pear tree, he also carried all that to the kitchen for me! That was worth the $1.20 I sacrificed in not being able to use my two coupons. I saved gas money, hassle, and a few trips to the van.

And the deals were good.
5# bags of flour $1.50 each
2# bags of brown sugar $1.69 each
roast $.97/#
turkeys $5 and $7
iceberg $.67
cream soups $.80
Chunky soups $.19 (after online promotion code)

There was one glitch. The roasts had a limit of 3. I ordered 5 out of ignorance. The limit was not declared in the online store. I called because I wasn’t aware of the limit. We figured out the problem, and I was originally advised to take them back to the store. But, wait a minute! The point was to avoid the store. If I’d gone to the store in the first place, I would have seen a sign with a limit. The “virtual store” had no such sign. I explained this and so, they gave me the added discount. (It probably helped that I said I planned to blog about this adventure….)

The only other casualties were one bag of flour has a hole in the bottom and one package of roast had a small tear. I imagine that this was due to their trip in a big, bouncy truck.

I could definitely see using this service in the future, especially if it was a crazy week and the sales were ripe. I’ve heard that they often send free shipping codes. And if I’d been thinking I would have ordered through Ebates for an extra $5 back on my order. Unbelievable. One twitter friend mentioned she uses this service when her Navy husband is deployed. Great idea! I think if you keep your eyes open you could definitely make this service work for you, especially if your time is better spent doing other things than schlepping through the store with a full cart.

This week was a perfect time to try it since everything I ordered was a great deal. (Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have even tried it.) Vons limits their coupon use and doubling, so using coupon sthere is always pretty tricky anyway. Yes, I could have saved a little more making a few different trips, but the gas alone probably would cost the same as the coupon.

In other news, I did head out to Stater Brothers and Ralphs while FishPapa made the necessary milk stop at Costco. This week proved to be such a great stockpiling week, I think I’m taking most of next week off. Some other highlights:
10# potatoes $.99
5# clementines $3.99
cheez-its $.75
Gatorades $.50
canned vegetables and tomatoes $.30/each
bagged salad blends $.50
frosting $.90
sweetened, condensed milk $.96
graham cracker crusts $1.19
bacon $2/#
case water $2.99
eggs $1.77/18 pack
milk $1.40-$1.60/gallon
butter $1.99/#
What kind of grocery deals did you nab this week?
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  1. Bloggin' Mama says

    I plan on doing this while my husband is deployed. I haven't done a trial run yet, but still have a few weeks to see if it will work for us. I'm definitely willing to take the hit on some of my coupons if it saves me having to take my 3 young kids with me every couple of weeks. I hope my experience goes as well as yours did!

  2. I've considered this when I have seen free delivery coupons, especially with a 2yo who hates the grocery store. Plus you got some good deals. Either that or my area is a lot more expensive.

  3. Corrie at "Cents"able Momma says

    Wow…that's awesome about the grocery delivery! I don't think any of the stores in my area deliver…but I would have loved to try it out. I also was under the impression that the prices for online grocery delivery would be higher than at the store, so that's great you can still get the deals (minus the coupons).

  4. Michele says

    I bought the same flour at Safeway that you did – five bags! I was planning on using this service when I had my third child, but then I wanted to get out of the house for a break, so I never needed it. But it's nice to know it's there if you're feeling under the weather. Hope you're feeling better!

  5. Jessika says

    Wow! You are an inspiration! I could only buy the 5 needed items this week. I didn't have the energy for stockpiling and I'm even not sick. Hope you feel completely better soon!

  6. Lori at CouponomicStimulusPackage says

    I made a quick trip so far this week and hope to get out tomorrow yet. But here's my great deals!

  7. FishMama says

    Bloggin' Mama, right now, there are some great online promotions because of the holidays. And if you're going to do it every couple weeks your total might be big enough to get free delivery every time. Check out their site and see if you can take advantage of those deals.

  8. I've thought of doing this because we currently only have one car, and with my husband taking on a temp job 2 evenings a week, it's going to be harder and harder to find the time to go grocery shopping. I thought, though, that Safeway allowed you to present the coupons to the delivery guy? Or has that changed?

  9. FishMama says

    Anonymous, our Safeway Affiliate is called Vons, so they may have different rules at Safeway. The driver doesn't handle any of the money here. You have to call a toll-free # with questions or errors.

  10. The Domestic Contessa says

    I found diapers at Walmart for $11! Having two little ones in diapers, this was pretty exciting for us!

    Check out my post here:

  11. My favorite deal this week: Aldi had their 5# bag of long grain white rice marked down to $0.99/bag (orig. $2.99). I bought enough to donate as well as stock my pantry for the winter.


  12. Johnlyn ~ says

    Do you tip the delivery driver? I know when we used to get pizza delivered we'd tip the delivery guy.

  13. Moms In Need Of Mercy says

    Just wondering what kind of roasts you got?? Were they the 7-bone? How do you cook them? I've never known, so I usually avoid those when I see them on special.
    I usually get the cross rib roasts (English roasts depending on what part of the country you're in!)
    Please let me know when you get a chance! Maybe a 7-bone roast is in my future after all 🙂

  14. FishMama says

    Johnlyn, no, Vons drivers are not allowed to accept tips. Good thing because I didn't even think about it. That's how little I know about the service industry.

    MINOM, I'm going to use the 7-bone for my shredded beef as well as for making ragu. It's going to be part of my Dec freezer cooking. I'll just throw it in the crockpot w/ seasonings. Easy peasy!

  15. Happy Hermit ( says

    nifty that is. i wish i had something like this , but i would be hesitant about letting smeone else pick y meat for me.

  16. Juggling Motherhood says

    Online shopping is an interesting thing isn't it. I tried online shopping when they were offering free delivery when baby no.4 came along. It was very quick and easy. I had a hard time swallowing some of the prices…but have learnt to bulk up on specials. I now use it every week.

  17. Online shopping is a good choice because I do online shopping especially with my grocery. I recommend because they gave a great discount that you are looking for.

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