Guest Post: Too Many Kids

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Judy Crawford is a wife, a mother to four, a music teacher, a seamstress, a writer, and a speaker. Judy has also authored an insightful and humorous devotional for moms, entitled Time-Out for Tired Moms. The following is her take on how sweet it is to be a mom. I hope you are encouraged. To read my review of her book and to enter for a chance to win a copy, visit my giveaway page.

I was assigned the task of organizing a farewell party. Having ordered the cake, I stopped by the grocery store to pick it up. At first glance, an obviously easy task. Add four rambunctious kids into the picture and suddenly easy took on a whole new meaning. Let me explain my dilemma. My toddler needed to ride in the cart. My son, Will, had recently broken his foot requiring him to ride along as well. The other two could walk but I’m not sure I could trust them to carry a cake. I’ve often considered myself a master juggler when it came to mothering but this task truly tested my talents. Determined to complete my mission, I boldly entered the building, kids in tow.

Amazingly, I managed to transport cake and kids to the checkout where a three for a dollar sign caught my eye on the candy bar rack. The sucker for a sweet sale that I am, I unwittingly gave the kids permission to each pick one out. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But I guess the combination of kids, candy bars, and a yes from Mom was more of a mix that I could handle.

Adam swayed back and forth studying the choices. Will insisted that he should be allowed to have them all. He was crippled, wasn’t he? Joseph began to grab whatever was in reach. Michaela was the only one that could make a quick decision. As I refereed the chaos, my focus scattered. I guarded the cake and helplessly attempted to corral my crowd forward. I was so distracted; I could barely write my check.

Noticing the confusion the baggage handler snipped, “You had to have four kids. You couldn’t have stopped at three?” He really wasn’t trying to be rude, but rude he was. Just as my mother hen feathers were beginning to ruffle, God gently brought to mind the many times similar words had crossed my lips. Whenever caught in an uncomfortable public situation where my kids were beginning to get out of hand, my flippant excuse was always, “Too many kids! I just have too many kids!”

I never thought much of the comment until now. The whirlwind around me suddenly slowed as the significance the statement insinuated became apparent. With a lump in my throat I pondered, “Which child would I give up?” If I have too many kids, the inference is that I need to give up at least one.

Glancing at my children as they fought over their candy selections, I considered each individually….Who? Who do I give up? Which child do I let go?

Each child’s bent is unique and special. Each a gift and blessing from above. Like the many candy bars that graced my cart, though different, they all offer the same sweetness. With a new resolve I reconsidered, Too many kids — I think not. From now on those words need to be blotted out of my vocabulary. I don’t have too many kids. I have just enough.

Yes, the cake and the kids did make it safely to the car. Too many of us had a sweet ride home — kids, chocolate, and a yes from Mom — a good combination. Who can resist!

excerpted from Time-Out for Tired Moms, by Judy Crawford, Ambassador International, Copyright 2008, All rights reserved.

Don’t forget: to enter for a chance to win a copy of Judy’s book, visit my giveaway page.

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  1. At my old job (thankfully, I'm a SAHM now) my female coworkers would all comment when a woman (a friend, and an amazing mother and wife) came in with her 5 kids. They would make awful comments about closing her legs, being a religious fanatic, child abuse by having too many, too stupid to know how kids are made, etc. I am still in shock at hearing those things. I can't believe that people would say something like that. It's hard not to say mean things when my protective mother hen blood starts to boil. Children are blessings. Thank you for sharing, for the encouragement, and for reminding me that it's best not to say anything out of defense. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. The idiot that made this comment probably didn’t have any and led a very dull and boring life.