Handy Dandy Notebook Vlog Transcript

Here’s the transcript of the above vlog:

Hi. I’m Jessica from “LifeasMOM.com.” And today I want to talk to you about my Handy Dandy Notebook. Do you have one? Because if you don’t have one, you need to get one! Having a personal planner or household notebook is a great way for you to organize your life as mom, and to enjoy it as much as you possibly can. Because the days are long, but the years are really short. So, don’t waste a single minute in enjoying the life that you have, today. I wrote a book called “Organizing Life as Mom” that tells you everything you need to know about creating your own personal planner. It includes worksheets and planning pages for everything from meal planning, to goal setting, to family fun, to budgeting – everything that could possibly encompass this life that you have as a mother, wife, friend, woman, person. So, I encourage you to find out how you can make your own Handy Dandy Notebook.