Hanging Out the Wash

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For the last month, I’ve been participating in an experiment called Project Laundry Line. Sponsored by Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent and My Blog Spark, this challenge has prompted me to wash all our clothes in cold and line dry them for a month’s time.

Do they know how many loads of laundry a mom of six children, four of whom are boys, has to do in a given week?

Whew! I’m tired. But, I’m sticking with it ’til the end — which is in 2 hours and 52 seconds. Not that anyone is counting….

I’ve come up with a system. Instead of doing laundry every day (my old habit), I now wash clothes twice a week. As you saw in my vlog a few weeks ago, I set up the portable laundry line in my hallway, right outside the laundry room and my bedroom. Right where I can’t miss it.

You see, I’ve been known to forget the wash outside, and so this method is working in my efforts to avoid rainy cloudbursts and swarms of killer bees.

New Routine

Washing clothes in cold water is nothing new to me. I’ve been doing that for the colors for quite some time. I have adapted this challenge to fit our family and my comfort level by washing whites and towels in warm instead of hot, and using just a splash of bleach in both for disinfectant purposes. (If I were drying the clothes in direct sunlight, I could opt out of the bleach, as sunshine has a natural disinfecting power.)

The line drying has thrown me for a loop, though. A few weeks ago, I sorted through my kids clothes and took a lot of clothes away from them. I found one ten too many sets of CLEAN clothes in the dirty hamper because “someone” was too lazy to put it away. So, they were weaned down to five shirts and five bottoms.

Yes, I’m a mean mom.

But, I’m even meaner when I have to do the same work twice. So, they have fewer clothes which both helps and hurts this line drying thing. There are fewer clothes to wash in general which is a beautiful thing. Yes, yes, it is.

But, if someone is truly out of clean clothes, well, he’s stuck. It will take half a day to remedy that dilemma without using the dryer. I haven’t resorted to using the dryer yet. However, I know long term, that would have to come into play.

In the meantime, they’re learning the true meaning of sharing.

Impressions Now that It’s Over

Check out my latest vlog for some more thoughts on how this challenge went.

Interesting Facts about Laundry, Cold Water Wash and Line Drying:

According to Seventh Generation and My Blog Spark,

  • 90% of the energy used when washing clothes is used for heating the water.
  • The average household can save up to $25 per month off electric bill by line drying.
  • Sunlight bleaches and disinfects
  • Getting out of hot water can save you money—as much as $70/year on your energy bill.
  • Laundry that’s cold water washed and line dried lasts longer, helping to protect the environment and your wallet.

I think one month is too soon to see a big difference in our energy and water usage, but I like the idea of using cold water and line drying as it fits into the scheme of our household.

Try this at home!

This week I have another great giveaway. One person will win a Project Laundry Line Kit which includes a bottle of Seventh Generation Natural 2x Concentrated Laundry Liquid, a portable laundry line, clothes pins, and a laundry basket.

Simply leave a comment on this post, telling us how you do laundry at your house. (Click through to this post if you are reading this in an email.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday night at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. If winner does not respond within a 48 hours of notification being sent, a second-chance winner will be selected.

This giveaway is closed. Congrats, Alicia.

Disclosure: Seventh Generation and My Blog Spark provided me with a “Project Laundry Line” kit that included Seventh Generation Natural 2x Concentrated Laundry Liquid, a portable laundry line, clothes pins, a laundry basket, and a Flip camera to record my experience. I was not compensated in any way for participating in this challenge or offering this giveaway, nor was I required to do so. My opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Delaney nalder says:

    I have been doing laundry the standard way with warm water and drying in the dryer. Although I seem to be able to wash and dry laundry, I just can never seem to get it folded and put away.
    I have been looking for a umbrella clothes line though. I am not sure which one to get. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Wodentoad says:

      @Delaney nalder,

      Home Depot has a great rotary clothesline by Minkey that holds about two loads AND is approved by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen! Only down side is that you have to tighten the lines each time you put it up.

      While searching look for “Rotary solar dryer” or “rotary clothesline” which may help.

    • @Delaney nalder,
      Dalaney, I decided against one of the outside umbrella style dryers and instead bought two of these clothes drying racks. I have just as much drying space and much more flexibility. I can dry inside or out with them and the close up small enough to be easy to store. I like how they are all US manufactured and according to the website if anything every does break on it, it is repairable. So few things are built to not just be thrown away that this was a nice thing to see.

  2. I do laundry pretty much the same way as your 30 day challenge. Ihave not however washed everything in cold water. I used to wash all of the towels in hot water to disinfect but switched to using warm water to save some money. I usually try to hang all of the clothing (excluding towels) to save money in the summer. I tried using our basement in the winter but the clothes never seemed to dry in a timely manner. Thanks.

    • lisa white says:

      I have to go to my Mother-in Laws. My washer has been borked for awhile. lol I usually wash in cold water and hang them up to dry. I just always assumed most people did it that way. If you work hard for your money ir does save a little. Every little bit helps in this economy…

  3. I’ve recently switched to cold-water wash (except for sheets and towels). I would love a line dry because using the dryer really heats up our family room – it vents to the crawl space beneath. And it seems to be a daily chore to do laundry. Sigh.

  4. I’m a warm wash/dryer kind of gal. However, lately my husband and I have been experimenting with using more cold water, trying homeade laundry soap, and we’ve talked about line drying. Would love to have a portable line to try!

  5. I have been trying to line dry for a few weeks. everyday rain storms are messing me up though! I never use hot water for the laundry. Hope it does make a difference in your energy cost!

  6. Cold water, and I love seventh generation products. I am hoping to do more “hang drying” this summer 🙂

  7. Yes, I use a clothes line and drying rack outside whenever and as often as I can. I use cold water-mostly, but can’t on everything.
    Thank you.

  8. My dryer needs to be takes forever to dry. I take and hang our damp clothes on our unused exercise equipment.

  9. I wash mainly in cold except for whites, towels and sheets in warm. In the summer I line dry as much as possible (at this point I haven’t run the dryer in two and a half weeks). During the winter everything goes in the dryer so I’d love to find a way to line dry inside.

  10. I do cold water washing. I have never tried line drying anything but rugs and beach towels but will give it a shot this summer.

  11. I typically wash most everything in cold water and hang in the summer. However! I will wash my whites and towels in warm with bleach for disinfectant. And I love my clothesline and use it whenever possible in between the rainy days.

    There was a time I was without a clotehsline and missed it terribly! Since we’ve moved a few years ago, the clothesline was one of my top priorities to get again. I love the fresh smell and “crispy” feel of my clothes dried on the line, not to forget the super-absorbency it gives my bath towels…I know, call me crazy for that!

  12. I have tried washing clothes in cold water and found they didn’t get clean. We have really hard water and no water softener so laundry is a constant battle. I tried homemade detergent for a while but it started leaving a weird film on the clothes and everything looked gray. I’d love to find a way to wash in cold and to line dry. Our neighborhood covenant forbids clotheslines outdoors so that portable indoor clothesline sounds fabulous!

  13. We do our laundry in cold water, not really for the saving energy aspect (although that helps) but because I mix all of my colors and using cold water helps to prevent my colors from bleeding all over the whites/lights. It also helps with not shrinking clothing.
    We hang dry our “nice” clothes on hangers in the laundry room and use the dryer for the rest. I would LOVE to win the portable clothes line because I would like to hang our clothes outside but our HOA won’t allow us to put out real clothes line. Does anyone know where to find the portable ones???

  14. I do laundry way too often. I have 4 little ones, 2 stinky dogs, and 1 husband that works two jobs. This means mounds of laundry if I skip a day!
    I usually do it at night while watching trashy tv so I feel less guilty about the trashy shows and I get my clothes washed, dried, and put away while everyone is sleeping.

  15. We wash whites, sheets and towels in hot, and everything else in cold. We have a fabulous gas dryer. I would love to try line drying but have been hesitant with the dust and wind in our area. If I could “win” a chance to try it, it would be well worth it!

  16. Anna Whiteside says:

    I used to line dry in college when I didn’t have a dryer, but haven’t since. Are all the clothes hard and “crunchy?” I’d love to save some money…

  17. I wash everything in cold water except for our cloth diapers and those are washed in hot. I dry everything in the dryer except I will let our jeans line dry about half of the time.

  18. I only wash in cold water, actually, the hot water isn’t turned on to the washer. I use only 1/2 the amount of laundry detergent recommended, as well as only 1/2 a sheet of fabric softner.

  19. Christine says:

    I wash everything in cold water. I dry many things on a drying rack, some things in the dryer. I want to get a clothesline so I can dry almost everything outside.

  20. Our washer recently caught on fire (yes…it did indeed! Good thing the clothes in there were already wet, or our home might have burned down!!) so we had to purchase a new washer and dryer, since we had a laundry center!! We now have a HE washer, and we mostly use cold water, but use warm for sheets and towels. We do use cold water detergent. I dry half of the laundry in the laundry room, out of a makeshift line and racks, and the others in the dryer. Our new dryer dries a full load in 20mins…as opposed to 2hrs 20mins as our old one took.

  21. I cannot tell you how much I want to win this. I just recently switched to only cold water washing, but am still using my dryer. My husband has really been wanting me to start drying our clothes on a line. This would be SO perfect!!

  22. Our 4 year old and I do laundry every morning after we have changed from our pajamas into our clothes for the day. I have always used cold water because everyone seems to have different opinions about why and when to change the temperature. We do one load of clothing (yesterdays and pjs) and one load of towels, wash cloths and dish rags. Once a week we do a load of sheets/pillowcases and once a month we do comforters. We hang dry clothes on hangers in the bathroom on the shower rod and we dry socks, underpants, towels and sheets in the dryer. If clothes are stiff, wrinkled or covered in fuzzies we throw them in the dryer for 10-15 min as you mentioned. We call it giving them a “little re~fresh”. I have to put away the clothes before we can shower or do baths so that is my main reason for hanging them in the bathroom. Nothing hangs for more than the afternoon around here. The fact that the laundry is in the hallway outside the bathroom helps too.

  23. I wash in warm water and line dry in the summer. We vent our dryer inside during the winter, so we use it then. It helps heat up the house, moisturize the air, and it saves on our gas bill. 🙂 During the summer, when we are running the AC, we don’t use the dryer. We use either the rotary dryer outside, which is on it’s last legs, or a drying rack inside. We also mounted a tension rod above the washer and dryer where we put things on hangers to dry, like shirts. It works for us. 🙂

  24. We’ve been washing in cold water for some time, except for towels. I borrowed my mother’s collapsible line dryer and that works pretty well, but we either need another one or an actual line to dry on 🙂 Thank you for this giveaway!

  25. Michelle says:

    I’ve been using cold water for a long time (except for whites (undies and socks really) and towels/sheets). I’ve been wanting to try more line drying (currently only delicates, bathing suits and sweaters) but the rain in the midwest has made it impossible. Now that my extra adult has moved out (my father and then my brother were living with us for the last 4 years), my laundry time has been cut down significantly. I’m still trying to get into a new routine!

  26. Iv been using cold water wash for quite sometime, and started line drying again when the weather heated up around here. Honestly some days it takes less time to dry certain things on the line then it does in my dryer…that’s Texas heat for you!! Only problem I have is with my towels…they never come out fluffy when I dry them outside, more crunchy even when I use a fabric softener or vinegar:(

  27. Tessa B. says:

    I wash everything in cold water using half the amount of recommended detergent, and dry the clothes in the dryer. 🙂

  28. I use cold water for my clothes, and I hang dry about half my clothes mainly to keep them from shrinking. I dry socks, underwear, and some pants/shirts in the dryer. I do towels and bedsheets on the warm/cold cycle and use the dryer for those. My husband does his own laundry (How did I get so lucky?), and I think he does warm/cold and dries most of his in the dryer.

  29. Andrea Watts says:

    I hang everything on a hanger!

  30. Christy B. says:

    I do 4-5 loads of laundry a week. Wash them in warm/cold and use the dryer. It’s the folding/hanging and putting away where I get stuck! 🙂

    I’d be interested in trying cold water washing/line drying as a money saving technique as well as taking advantage of the California sunshine to keep my whites white!

  31. I wash everything on cool except for our sheets. And I actually like hang-drying many things, but not everything.

  32. Merry Jo says:

    I wash towels and undies in hot water (makes me feel better about the germs… 🙂 ), but the rest in warm. Haven’t used cold yet ~ I guess I figure they don’t get as clean. During the warm months (sometimes even starting in February here in MD!), I line dry everything outside! I plan my laundry schedule around the weather report. Last summer, I could count on one hand the times all summer I had to use the dryer. I don’t have killer bees here, and my clothes have, on occasion, been shot from above by the birds, but the fresh air smell is so worth it! (The bird thing has only happened twice I think.) I’m such a line-dryer advocate! 🙂

  33. I do my darks in cold but all other in warm and hot. I never tried that product, would be interested in doing so. Not sure if the contest is open to Canadians.

  34. I wash everything in cold water, except whites. During the warmer months I try to hang everything out on a clothes line and then toss in the drier for 10 minutes to hopefully “kill” any bees or spiders I might have missed. Yuck.

  35. I mostly use warm water for our laundry and I only line dry the laundry if the timing is right (early enough in the day) and the weather is just so (warm and sunny). So in the summertime I line dry a lot more than the winter. I should start trying to wash in cold water sometimes.

  36. I’ve washed my laundry in cold water for years, but in the last year I’ve discovered that washing the baby and toddler clothes in warm water really does help take out stains! It’s worth heating a little water in order to save money by not replacing stained clothes.

  37. Jennifer says:

    I always wash with cold water unless the load has some baby clothes soiled with bright veggies. I hang dry the majority of my own clothes since a lot of them can’t be dried but I machine dry the rest.

  38. I wash in cold water, and do about 50/50 line drying/dryer drying. lol

  39. Laurie L says:

    I have been trying really hard to conserve both energy and water. Friends think I’m crazy, as we just built an energy efficient house and we use well water, but I think that frugal living is about much more than just saving money!

    I have started line drying a fair amount of our clothes, and I much prefer bed linens that have been line dried. I have not been able to force myself to dry towels on a line until they’re dry though, and the same goes for jeans. I tend to hang them until they’re just damp, then I toss them in the dryer. It keeps them from drying stiff, or maybe it’s just my imagination. 🙂

  40. I do laundry 3 days a week. On Monday the boys’ room, Wednesday the girls’ room and Friday the grown-ups’ room. I line dry approximately 30% of our laundry. My organization by room helps the putting-away to go more smoothly.

  41. I have been washing everything in cold water for about a year now. I do still use my dryer although I have considered getting a clothesline. I hang all of our dress socks and lay our sweaters out flat. I sometimes will hang dry nicer shirts and then fluff them in the dryer for a little while to get the fine wrinkles and ‘crunchy’ out.

  42. I would love to do more line drying but it doesn’t happen much around here in an attempt at actually accomplishing the laundry! I mostly wash in cold except for cloth diapers. I do hang some things to dry usually…I have a line outside but don’t have room for a permanent one and find my line is to weak to really support much. I sometimes hang the babies/kids stuff out but even that is difficult. If I had room for a real outside line I would be so happy! 🙂 Maybe someday!

  43. sarah thomas says:

    I wash just about everything in cold water, and line dry what I can when the weather is nice. The sun also helps to remove stains from my toddler’s clothing.

  44. I wash mine in cold (usually) and put in dryer on perm. press (lower heat). I would like to get clotheslines (both indoors and out) but that’s awaiting willingness from DH and budget. I’m not sure which will hit first :).

  45. I hot wash towels, socks, underwear and cloth diapers. Everything eles is cold wash. The only thing I line try is my cloth diapers, swim towels and towels used on the dogs. My subdivision prohibits cloths lines, so I would love to try the portable laundry line. As well as a new system that would save money!

  46. I do laundry pretty much whenever I have time. I always wash in cold and use a dryer.

  47. I use cold water for everything except warm for sheets and towels.

  48. I wash in cold with a dye and scent free detergent so I don’t have to use that baby detergent – hate the smell of Dreft!

  49. Currently I only ever use cold water (but I think I do that because of the fact I don’t know what clothes you can wash in hot water because my mom was a cold water only person.)

    I also line dry about half of my clothes. This summer I’ve definitely started drying more on the line, but during the cold parts of the year it seems to take me too long.

  50. I tend to do all my laundry on the weekends. I like to get it all done at once so it’s not hanging over my head and we all have clean clothes for the week. I wash mostly in cold water, but use hot for whites. When my hubby, a mechanic, washes his own stuff he uses hot water because he thinks it gets the greasy stains out better. However, I’ve never noticed a difference in his clothes when I wash them in cold verses when he washes them in hot.

    As much as I would LOVE to save money on our utility bill and save energy, I’ve yet to try line drying. I live in Florida which is always humid and we often have summer afternoon thunderstorms. I feel like stuff would never get dry! I don’t have much room to dry inside, but I haven’t researched a space-saving set-up.

    My next goal when my detergent stockpile is low is to make homemade laundry detergent.

  51. I use cold water only but put all my clothes in the dryer. My husband line dries some of his things (pants mainly) but I’ve asked him to NOT line dry my clothes because they are so crunchy when they are dried. and yes, I feel guilty about that request.

  52. I bleach all towels and undies (white) after a family bout with MRSA, in warm water (my washer doesn’t have a hot setting). and then heat dry. Everything else goes into a cold water wash, then when the weather is warm, I divide between a line dryer and the regular dryer. I try to do two loads a day on the days we’re home, so it cuts my dryer use in half.

  53. I do laundry the normal way 🙂
    I do wash everything but my daughter’s cloth diapers on cold and lay a few more delicate items on the clothes rack to dry. But everything else gets thrown in the dryer.

  54. Kelly Delaney says:

    I wash my laundry on cold 90% of the time….the bleach load is on hot…I just have to have super clean dish clothes. And I line dry when the weather permits. I want to rig a system so I can line year round and not have to judge the clouds! I have been making my own laundry soap, but LOVE seventh generations lavender and blue euclyptess.

  55. Karen P. says:

    I wash only the lights in warm/cold everything else cold/cold. And I hang everything out on the line to dry. My dryer hasn’t been turned on since March!

  56. Cold Water and line dry all the way. I like to wash 2 loads a day as often as needed and plan for sunny days so I can be certain I can use the line!

  57. When I’m out of underwear it’s time to do laundry! My mother would flip but I don’t sort by colors I just wash everything in cold expect for white cleaning towels.

  58. I try to wash a load of clothes each day – with summertime here they must be put right into the dryer or they begin to have a not so pleasant aroma due to the heat/high humidity here. My grandparent’s always had an outdoor clothesline but I remember one too many times of trying to outrun the rain! Would love a portable clothesline and I LOVE Seventh Generation products!

  59. I wash colors in cold and whites in hot. I try to line dry, but the SW Fl rain showers have me tring to find a place inside to line dry. Now if I could just learn to keep up with my laundry……. 🙂

  60. I’ve been drying everything “damp dry” about 10 minute low cycle then we hang everything but towels, underwear and cloth napkins. It’s working great. I even have my teen boys convinced that this makes doing laundry easier.

  61. I wash our clothes in varying temperatures of water, depending on what’s in the load. I hang almost everything because we don’t have a dryer. Occasionally, I drive down the road to my in-laws’ house (just half a mile) and use their dryer…mostly if it rains after I get a load washed or something.

  62. Oh, I’d love to win! I make our own laundry soap except for cloth diapers. I line dry our whites in the summer about once a week and line dry cloth in the summer most of the time. I use cold water, just cause I’m cheap. I love Charlie’s Soap for cloth diapers.

  63. i use cold water for everything except cloth diapers and sheets
    we hang most things to dry most of the time (except when i am lazy)

  64. I wash everything in warm water and hang up most of my stuff to dry and use the dryer for my husbands stuff!

  65. Danyelle says:

    We make our own laundry detergent and line dry our clothes as long as we can, then when it gets cold we use our dryer.

  66. I wash our clothes in cold water, the whites using bleach and the towels and cloth diapers using hot. I use the dryer – though I have recently purchased all the parts for a clothes line out my window but no one has put it up for me yet……..

  67. I’ve been doing laundry all of my laundry in cold water, except for the baby’s clothes and cloth diapers. I have a huge drying rack in our bedroom that I try to hang most of our clothing on. Occasionally (okay, at least weekly!), I fall behind on laundry and end up drying my husband’s work clothes and undies in the dryer. Sometimes I iron my husband’s work clothes when wet just to have more space on the clothes rack. Wrinkles come out better when the clothes are wet, too, which means less time doing laundry!

  68. I wash in cold many times, but hot when sanitary is important. I use a huge-huge bag of FOCA laundry detergent from Sam’s Wholesale…I love that stuff! It has the cute seal on the front of the bag and has no phosphates. I also use Borax when a disinfectant is needed. When I want something to smell fragrant I will use Suavetel or many times I use white vinegar as a softener when it comes to underwear etc. For line drying I use a drying rack when I have one that is not falling apart, but many times I use the ceiling fan to hang items or drape items over laundry basket to hang damp clothes. It works! : ) Please put my name in the hat for the give away! Thanks! : )

  69. I’ve been doing all of my laundry in cold water, except for the baby’s clothes and cloth diapers. I have a huge drying rack in our bedroom that I try to hang most of our clothing on. Occasionally (okay, at least weekly!), I fall behind on laundry and end up drying my husband’s work clothes and undies in the dryer. Sometimes I iron my husband’s work clothes when wet just to have more space on the clothes rack. Wrinkles come out better when the clothes are wet, too, which means less time doing laundry!

  70. Malisa P. says:

    I do all clothes on cold, except for towels which I use warm water on. Now, thanks to blogs like yours, I also do not use bleach, instead I use white vinegar. I haven’t started hanging clothes up, but want to try it.

  71. I used to do laundry every day also, when I had two teenagers playing baseball and a husband working construction and a toddler. (WHEW!)
    Now, the big boys have moved out so we are a small household of 3, and I do laundry twice a week. I like to use natural products when possible, but also am pretty picky about making sure things are actually clean. I’ve got a washer & dryer, and I’ve experimented with line drying inside (can’t do it outside because I have terrible allergies) but have not found much difference in power bills for us. So, I wash it, toss it in the dryer, put it on the couch to fold, and everyone puts their clothes away. 🙂

  72. I wash on warm or hot because I use soap nuts and then I line dry outside (unless it’s going to rain, and then I use the dryer!)

  73. I have a front loader washer and dryer and I have 4 kids who do the same thing! They put clothes in the dirty pile because they didn’t want to put them away. I wash all in cold except for my whites and bed clothes. I always line dry my rugs but we all have horrible allergies so outside drying is out of the question. I do try to line dry some things but our laundry is in the basement and does not dry very quickly.

  74. I wash laundry! I wash everything in cold except whites/towels and I use warm. I hang laundry on drying racks or outside if it’s sunny.

  75. I use mostly cold water, because my husband’s clothes tend to shrink if I don’t, but I’m sure I use way too much energy in drying my clothes. I have a tendency to forget clothes in the dryer, so I’ll turn the dryer on again to fluff out the wrinkles. Sometimes (when I’m very busy or very forgetful) a single load will go through 3 dryer cycles!

  76. I am a cold water gal. I line dry when the weather is nice. Need to come up with a way to do it in the colder/inclement weather times though.

  77. Thank you for this opportunity! I wash all of my laundry in cold water and in the shortest cycle possible. This works well for my family of two as we rarely have heavily soiled clothing. I line dry whenever possible! We have an outdoor clothesline and two drying racks for indoors, plus a makeshift indoor line (could use another one). When I do use the dryer, I use six felted wool dryer balls to help cut down on dryer time (they really work). I do use fabric softener, but half the recommended amount. That means if I’m line drying, I use 1/2 the liquid amount; if I’m using the dryer, I use 1/2 of a dryer sheet.

  78. I have a wonderful front-loading washer and matching dryer and they make laundry SO much easier than it was with my old set. No more running the spin cycle 3 times and still getting heavy soggy clothes.

    I have a retractable clothes line outdoors that is wearing out. It would be great to have an alternative.

  79. Serenity says:

    I mostly use a cold wash/dryer combo. I do use hot for diapers, which I line dry. I want to do more line-drying but it’s been cloudy recently, not sunny!

  80. M. Arnold says:

    I use warm water for colors. I use hot water for towels and whites. I try to dry as many clothes as possible inside using the shelves abovethe washer and dryer. I usually use the dryer for sheets, towels and any bulky items.

  81. I’m working on greening my laundry routine. I try to get a green detergent – at the very least dye and perfume free, and preferably biodegradable and phosphate free. Always cold water on colors. I wash whites separately, usually cold, and only use warm water and bleach every few washes when they start to look dingy. Starting to try oxi-clean to replace bleach. Most of my clothes seem to be line-dry, so I hang those up on one of those folding drying racks from Ikea. The more durable clothes (like jeans) and the linens go in the dryer. I use dryer balls rather than dryer sheets/fabric softener. So not totally green, but like you trying to find the balance for what will actually work for me.

  82. I have actually started this system myself! i only use warm and cool temperatures for our laundry, and now that the weather is warmer I hang clothes outside a lot more! I’m hoping over the next few months to see a difference in a couple of our bills. Thanks for the encouragement!

  83. I actually love doing laundry! I cloth diaper, so I do a lot of it. My routine is to get up in the morning, throw a load in, then get breakfast and the morning routine going. Then that load goes on the line outside or hangs in the basement (we have been dryer free for 3 years now). I try to keep up with laundry so I only have one load a day otherwise if it piles up I have no space to hang it. I also try to use all natural laundry products. Soap Nuts are my fav right now.

  84. I use cold water for everyting unless someone threw up or had an accident on clothing/linens. I also line dry as soom as I can in the spring and as late as I can in the fall. Every once in a while the clothes stay out there for an extra day and get an extra “rinse”, but it doesn’t hurt them!

  85. Deirdre Hopkins says:

    I have always used warm water to wash clothes in, but now that I have been educated to the cost effectiveness of cold water I will probably switch! I also use a standard dryer because I am also intimidated with the line but would love the chance to try it.

  86. I also do laundry twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. I do about 3 loads each day, and hang dry about 1/4 of what I wash. The rest I save until nap time or bedtime to fold while watching some TV.

  87. I line dry whenever possible. I love it! It is my meditation. Great way to whiten those dingy whites.
    I only use warm water on camping clothes or to shrink something. Otherwise, cold has worked just fine for me.

  88. I usually try to do one load a day. Wash in cold, then I hang it up in my basement. My husband put up a clothes rack for me down there.

    I have to dry my kids jeans or they are way too baggy! I don’t hang up my towels either.

  89. I wash everything but sheets and towels in cold water already. I will try switching to warm for the sheets and towels. I have several hooks, drying racks and 1 clothes rack in the garage where I “line dry.” I don’t line dry everything but I would say I line dry 75-80% of the laundry each week.

  90. I wash all my laundry in cold water, except bedding and “sick” laundry. 🙂 Those require warm water atleast. 🙂 I was just telling my hubby that I wanted a line. I have a 6 ft line just for bathing suits, beach towels and everyone’s shorts in the summer. I’m not sure how it would work in the winter. But if I had a portable one, I would put it in the basement. Hmmm……..

  91. Rachel K says:

    With just my husband and I, I do laundry once a week. Basically when I run out of the clothes I normally wear, I wash or when I see that my husband needs more clean polos for work. I wash all our clothes in cold water. His stuff goes into one load and I separate mine into darks and lights. Most of my clothes I hang up, simply because everything seems to be shrinkable. So I hang them up in our closet. I only use warm/hot water now when I wash towels and sheets.

  92. I washed delicates and colors in cold but found they came out with spots (like grease spots) in places. I called for repair of our machine, and found out that….

    In high altitudes (we live at 5280 feet), detergent does not dissolve well in cold water (the water gets too cold), so it will leave a residue inside your machine, and on your clothes. The way our washer was put together, it could not be repaired (well, it could be…but would cost about the same as a new middle-line machine), so we had to get a new one.

    So I have given up washing in cold but would still do it if I lived at sea level!

  93. I divide my clothes in to 3 piles, whites, light-colored and darks. I wash my whites in hot, lights in warm and darks in cold. I always rinse in cold water. I try to take advantage of hanging my clothes outside on the line whenver possible. Thank you for the giveaway.

  94. Rachel Gage says:

    I do just two loads of laundry per week, both on Saturday (just my husband and me for now!). I wash my colors in cold and have been trying to wean myself off hot water but am not quite there yet. I’m using less detergent to save money, but the big money grabber is my dryer. I don’t have a backyard, so if I try line drying, it’ll have to be on my covered back porch.

  95. I do laundry on Saturday’s. I wash everything cold with the exception of sheets & towels. Everything goes in the dryer.

  96. I wash my laundry only in cold water now. I find that I do not need to use warm or hot to get clothes clean or disinfected. I do dry them however because my husband and son have allergies. My daughter has asthma and when she was little the doctor told me NOT to hang out.

    I can say now that I think I can try line drying again and with grown people and no children, I think it could work well for me! Hope I win!!

  97. Elizabeth R says:

    I wash in cold only because my knob broke and it’s stuck there. I use the dryer on low.

  98. I use a washer and dryer but, hang when possible.

  99. I do laundry probably 4 or 5 days out of 7, using both the washer and dryer. The 8, 10, and 14yo all do their own laundry, so that leaves me with mine and DH’s along with 2 little boys and helping with the 5yo’s clothes.

  100. eunice b says:

    I’ve been washing in cold and hanging outside whenever possible…even rearranging laundry days according to the weather forecast. I just recently started doing whites in hot water to see it that keeps them whiter. 🙂

    ~eunice b
    rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

  101. I do it all day every day….does that count? haha!

  102. With 5 kids, we do several loads of laundry every other day. I have wanted to try my hand at line drying but haven’t convinced my dh to put up a line outside.

  103. Oh I would love to win this prize. We are apartment dwellers so there is no outside laundry hanging. I would love to hang the clothes inside and save money.
    Thanks for offering the giveaway, but all the information is good too.

    Wendy B

  104. I have been doing laundry this way for the last year…when I lost my job….and it really does make a difference…with the clothes and the utilities. The clothes smell so fresh and nothing better than falling into a bed with sheets that have hung outside to dry.

  105. Judy McMillin says:

    I launder with a washer and dryer in my home. I wash my bath and kitchen towels and sheets in hot water…everything else is in cold. The last 2 days I have put up a temporary drying line since my dryer has been broken. Here in the windy mountains each load would dry in 40 minutes…even towels and jeans! I think a month long challenge is do-able for me through the summer months.

  106. Susan Zangara says:

    I really do want a clothes line for the backyard. I miss the smell of clothes dried in the sun!

  107. Allison I. says:

    I have been doing all cold loads for a little over a year. I didn’t even realize the whole thing with the energy savings of using cold water til about 6 months ago. I have an “energy efficient” washer and dryer and I have started recently setting it to the lowest setting on the dryer and just hanging what isn’t dry (which is usually surprisingly little). It cuts down on my time to do a load which means I get more loads in before getting burned out (did I mention I am 6 months pregnant and have a 3 1/2 and 2 year old?? Yes, I’m crazy).

    I have wanted to do line drying for a long time but at our old house (that we moved from a month ago) the homeowners assoc wouldn’t allow clotheslines, but we now live in the middle of a different town so I’d love to really get to it!!


  108. Cold water except for sheets and I hang shirts on hangers to dry so they can go right into closets.

  109. Kristen Beecham says:

    I wash everything on cold water using our HE washer. But I put most everything that’s nonshrinkable into the dryer. Maybe I’ll start hanging up a little more often. Baby steps, right?

  110. Alycia M says:

    I generally wash in cold. I use a combination of hanging and dryer. I hang some items in the bathroom to dry and I use the dryer for the rest.

  111. I used to do wash when it needed it, but took Flylady’s advice and do a load almost every day. I just push the buttons on the washer and dryer and let it do the thinking for me. So, I don’t think about the temp of the water. You’ve got me thinking, though…

  112. Suzy Ivy says:

    I run a load of laundry every day – alternating between cloth diapers, clothes or towels and washcloths (we don’t use paper towels so we go through lots of towels and washcloths). I want to line dry, but don’t seem to get it together enough to do so.

  113. Already raising 4 on a sometimes tight budget, I already used cold water. But the stains were another story. I used lots of chlorine bleach. I now have my grandson living here, in cloth diapers also. I no longer spend money on the bleach. The sun is wonderful in removing stains, like magic. Also, less ironing and the sun with a breeze is faster than my dryer. One more thing I learned, never hang the laundry near a baby making mudpies.

  114. I always use cold water, even for whites. I also try to dry until the clothes are dry instead of over-drying, which uses more electricity. We don’t have a way to line dry in our house now (there’s no sunlight in our backyard), but I hope to in our next house!

  115. Tammy D. says:

    I almost always use cold water. I usually do laundry twice a week. This doesn’t always work out, but I try.

  116. Crystal Hankey says:

    I pretty much do my laundry in cold water. Don’t line dry yet but we moved into our own house so may start soon if we get any decent weather. When my son was 1 we lived in Germany for a year and did all our laundry in the tub and hung out or hung up in the house. We only had cloth diapers! Of course that was 32 years ago. LOL

  117. judy spencer says:

    I don’t do laundry at home. The laundromat is cheaper and the laundry room is now a computer room! I still line dry much of my laundry as it just smells so much better!

  118. We wash about 90% of our lights/white clothes in cold water and darks always in cold. I haven’t noticed a difference between how clean the clothes come out. And we have a mode on our dryer that we can set according to the type of clothes.

  119. I have used cold water forever, so that’s not a switch. However I LOVE me some dryer-dried clothes, sheets, and towels. But, in an unsure economy, if hubby were to lose his job, I might be willing to line dry if it would save us $25 a month. Or I might not eat for a week and enjoy the comfort of soft cotton. Hopefully it won’t come to that…but in the meantime, it’s always good to be prepared!

  120. I generally use cold water though cloth diapers I use hot. I have to admit, I mostly use our dryer but just got a clothesline outback so that should help! 🙂

  121. I usually use cold water, and line dry when weather permits. If I throw things like t-shirts, skirts, shirts etc. in the dryer just a couple of minutes first, they dry nicely with few wrinkles. I like to dry towels in the dryer to keep them softer, but have started drying them like 20 minutes then hanging them out. If it’s windy out they usually dry fairly soft.

  122. Amanda Y. says:

    We wash everything in cold and we inside line dry everything but socks and underwear mostly. I love it, but I do wish we had a nice place outside to hang or most space inside!

  123. Call me odd,but I enjoy doing laundry. I do laundry Wed. and Sunday nights. I wash mainly in cold except for whites, towels and sheets in warm. I would like to line dry, but I do not yet have a clothes line. This giveaway would be Great!! I fold while watching TV or talking on the phone. My downfall, I lose energy by the time I get to putting away my own clothes. I end up with piles of clean clothes on top of my dresser!!

  124. I’ve been washing everything in cold water since college when someone taught me that I didn’t need to worry about doing lights and darks together, at least in terms of the colors bleeding, if I used cold water. Now I definitely have enough laundry (and quarters, ha ha) to separate my loads, but I still wash in cold water for the energy savings. In the winter, I hang up delicates and things that I wouldn’t want to fade on a rack in the laundry room. In the summer, I plan ahead to do laundry on sunny days and hang everything but socks and underwear on the line outside.

  125. I wash in cold water and line dry during the hot summer months. We lived without a dryer for almost two years! Now we have one, and use it during colder months.

  126. I wash everything in cold except towels/underwear which I do in warm with cold rinse. For most clothes I dry for a few minutes on low and then hang dry. Everything else I dry in the dryer. There’s always clothes hanging all over my house!

  127. I wash everything on cold and use the dryer. I’ve used a line to dry before and really liked it but haven’t set it up at our new house. I think we’ll need a little portable one to make it doable here.

  128. Heather C says:

    I make my own laundry detergent and line dry most items using drying racks in my basement. However, I would very much like to try line drying outside this summer!

  129. I dry most of my clothes and my daughter’s clothes on a drying rack, plus my husband’s Tshirts and uniforms. My son doesn’t like his clothes “crunchy”! We’ve done it for years – it’s just automatic now!

  130. I don’t line dry outside…we live in West Texas (dust storms). But I do line dry much of our laundry in my laundry room. When we planned our house, I put a long pole for hanging clothes in my laundry room. For the rest, I use my dryer. I do still use hot water for underwear and towels. It’s a hard habit to break! But I am rethinking it now…

  131. I make my own laundry detergent and have always washed everything in hot. Since your previous post about line drying, I decided to give it a try and have been doing it for a couple weeks. I even tried to wash in cold water and my first load came out dirty. Not sure what was up with that, so I am back to hot water but and enjoying the line drying. I have been wanting to get back to a simpler way of life (even though line drying makes MORE work). I want to leave my children with a childhood full of memories of a slower paces life.

  132. i do mostly cold-water wash, but i do wash towels in warm water. i also hang dry many of my clothes but use the dryer too…. it just depends, and we live in an apt so there isn’t much space to line-dry. i would love to see how i can make this work though.

  133. I use cold for everything but sheets and cloth diapers. I use the dryers pretty much all the time. I’m working on it. : )

  134. I wash most everything in cold, except our whites. I do use a dryer but actually sometimes miss the days when I had to hang laundry outside. For some reason it was relaxing to me. I do think I need to look into a portable laundry line 🙂

  135. I’d be interested in doing the line dry. My dryer takes 2 -45 minutes cycles to dry a load of laundry. I’ve also been washing in cold water for quite some time. I love Tide’s new cold water laundry detergent. Thanks for the giveaway, fishmama!

  136. I have been hanging my laundry out on my clothesline since the weather has been above 50 degrees. Call kme crazy, but I love it. What keeps me motivated is knowing that it is saving me money in the long run. I wash clothes about every other day and start the night before washing several loads and putting them all in a basket. I also hang all of the shirts(except undershirts) on hangers to save space on the line and to take them straight to the closet to hang. I fold the clothes outside as I take them off of the line, and seperate them when I get inside. I find that this helps me to not just throw them on the couch or the bed when I get inside.

  137. i use the washer and dryer. i bought a clothes line several years ago but i can’t convince my husband to put it up.

  138. Erin Martin says:

    Cold water and line drying for me! And get the kiddos to help. My boys hang out their own laundry!

  139. I do most of my wash in cold water except the towels and dish clothes I wash in warm. Unfortunately I use the dryer but would love to hang clothes outside. I rent and do not have this option available to me. However, it never occurred to me to hang my clothes out upstairs. I considered hanging them in the basement but it is too dingy. I will definitely look into this. I cannot hang up a clothesline…but will see what I can come up with. Thank you for sharing.

    • @Tamara, You can buy clothes racks of many different sizes that fit into apartments pretty well. I think Target or Wal-Mart in a city would have this type of thing, or you could check When I lived overseas my apartment did not have a dryer but we had a waist-high rack that expanded to 8 feet long! It closed up very tidily to fit in a closet. I have also dried shirts by hanging them on hangers in the closet. Just leave a little room between them and the other dry clothes – works like a charm.

  140. I love this post! Have started doing these things myself recently, but I still got a few tips! I do everything inside right now too!

  141. I wash all the laundry once a week, and I wash everything in cold except whites and towels. Then I throw everything in the dryer, but if I had a drying rack I would LOVE to use it! I have been wanting one for a while. Thanks!

  142. I mostly use cold water, but sometimes warm. I dry everything in the dryer for a few minutes and then pull the shirts and khakis out and hang them so they don’t get wrinkled. I would like to do a load of laundry every day, but I can’t seem to get in the habit of doing it.

  143. I have switched over to cold water too. It’s been hard but I’ve done it–trying to save energy and money! I LOVE to hang dry outside but don’t do it nearly often enough as the line isn’t convenient. I grew up hanging everything and I am convinced there is NOTHING better than sliding into a bed just freshly made with line-dried sheets! YUM!!!

  144. Kim in AZ says:

    We are a family of eight now and we’ve got this system so far that is working well at the moment. We start a load of laundry at night and get it into the dryer before bed. In the morning, one of the big kids (ages 11 and 9) get the clothes out, sort and fold them – except for giving Mom and Dad ours to put away. Then, each kid needs to put away their own clothes. We start a new load in the morning and the same kiddo helps with that load – the next day, the “other” child gets to work on this. Whichever son is not helping with laundry unloads and reloads the dishwasher so they are constantly shifting jobs. 🙂

    I’d love a chance to win – line drying would be an amazing thing for our big family. I’m sure it would save us a lot and help with our frugal lifestyle in just one more way. 🙂

  145. We try and wear our clothes until they’re truly ‘dirty’, which means wearing our jeans, dress clothes, and pjs multiple times before we wash them. I wait until a load is completely full and then wash in cold or warm water using half the recommended detergent.

  146. Our “nice” clothes and all my husband’s dress shirts get hung up to dry (then his shirts have to be starched and ironed – yuck!). Diapers go outside on the line on our deck. Everything else goes in the dryer. I know I need to use it less, but it’s just so convenient!

  147. I try to wash everything in cold water and I line dry all dress work clothes. Once they are almost dry I fluff in the dryer for 10 minutes, works like a champ!

  148. I have recently started a similar challenge of line drying as much as possible. I wash the majority of our clothes in cold and now line dry everything except bath towels. Best thing about this for me has been that it has encouraged me to wash our bed sheets more often because I love drying them outside!

  149. Tara LaPierre says:

    I always wash in cold except sheet get hot to kill stuff makes me feel better! It seems cleaner! I should do a load a day to keep the chaos a way but I do it once the basket gets overflowing…not good. Then its a marathon of laundry which reminds me i need to flip it now before i go to bed!

  150. I wash all my clothes in cold water and I make my own laundry soap. Love the fact of hanging the clothes to dry but dont have any means of doing so. I do a load a day and have my husband and kids help fold and put away. I would love to win. We as a family try to say money any were we can. Thanks so much

  151. I already wash everything in cold water and hang outside to dry. In the winter I hang up the laundry in the basement in the furnace room so they usually dry overnight.

  152. I do laundry twice a week. On Monday’s I do all my family’s clothes. On Thursdays I do all towels, sheets, etc. This works for us. There are only 3 of us right now. I wash all of my colored clothing in cold water. I do however wash my towel, sheets, and white load in warm, sometimes hot and I dry everything. We live in Phoenix Arizona, if I lined dry clothes this time of year they might be hard as a rock seeing how hot it is here! I know this is more expensive I just cannot get over the idea of not having super clean and fresh disinfected sheets and towels. So this would be a fun challenge for me. I would have to see how it comfortable I felt about it!

  153. We’ve always used cold water to wash – don’t think we’ve ever used the warm or hot water setting on our washer. We can’t line dry outside, though – it’s against our neighborhood covenant.

  154. Hey! I wash everything in cold water, and line dry or hang up clothes on a drying rack or a rod in my laudry room (to hang shirts on hangers). Its a lot more work, but it’s more money in my family’s pocket! Thanks for the chance!

  155. I’m washing more and more of our clothes on cold but still use hot or warm for whites.

    In the summer, I hang it outside on the line (and have the same problem you mentioned remembering to take it down). I dry in the dryer if it’s raining and all winter (I’m in Michigan). I’ve heard of people line-drying outside even in the winter but I’m too much of a wimp.

  156. My mom taught me to hang clothes on the line before I could reach the lines! I love to hang my clothes to dry when time and weather permits. I’m a little leery of doing all my washing in cold water because I don’t think it gets clothes as clean – with exercise clothes especially I really prefer hot water to get them fresh – but I have started doing more cold or warm loads where I used to use hot water.

  157. Rocio H. says:

    I’ve pared down all my family’s clothing,so we have enough for seven days of wearable clothes. The kids are now doing their own laundry on the weekends, while ours is done during the week.

  158. Right now it is always indoors, but I really like to hang out when I can, especially sheets. I love the smell of them. I am a cloth diaper user and prefer to hang them out as well. I haven’t always lived in places where I could do it, but I do enjoy hanging out when I do.

  159. I have been hanging out all our laundry for almost 2 years now. I use only cold water. I have 3 lines and lots of clothes pins. I enjoy hanging out laundry each morning and taking them off the lines in the evening. I use vinegar as a softener for my towels. You can’t smell the vinegar and it makes the towels soft. When I take the laundry off the line, I put them in the dryer for less than 10 minutes to soften them. Works like a charm!

    We have had huge savings on our electric bill. Before I started hanging the laundry outside, our electric bill during the summer months averaged almost $350 a month. Now, it’s less than $200 a month during the summer. Amazing??? Most definitely!

    I would love to have an indoor laundry line, so that I could hang the laundry in the winter, when it’s wet outside. I do hang the laundry outside during the winter, if it’s not wet. It saves so much!

  160. OH…I sooo am that mom that sees CLEAN clothes in the hamper because my child is too lazy to hang it. I get all the excuses! I just had come out of ‘strike’ for 3 weeks not washing my girls clothes. They share a room and they had a MOUNTAIN of clothes in the hamper, out of the hamper, on part of the floor in their closet…it was a mess. I didn’t do THEIR laundry for 3 weeks and they STILL had clothes to wear! GRRRR! (lots of hand me downs and spoiling grandparents…can’t complain) I think I’ll have to adapt to the 5 outfit deal you have!

    I wash all my laundry in cold water except whites and towels. I have the washer set at warm when doing those last two. I am constantly washing it seems. Three kids and a hubby with uniforms. I use a dryer for all my clothes except some delicates. I will have to line dry some clothes but it’ll have to be indoors b/c of our deed restrictions. I just don’t like the hard feel when clothes are line dried though…but it saves mulla and that matters more!

  161. Katherine says:

    I generally wash in warm water and dry in the dryer. My husband did set up a clothesline outside a few years ago, so when the weather is good I use it. (It is in need of some repair at present.) I like the smell of the clothes that have been dried on the line in the sunshine. If there is not a breeze, I don’t like the stiffness of the towels and prefer those done in the dryer at least part of the time.

  162. We’re a cold water house, except for blowouts from our 4 month old 🙂
    I’d love to try line drying but it would take some convincing of my hubby…. This prize would help!

  163. Stephenie says:

    I’ve always been a ‘cold water wash’ kinda gal. I have six children and like you, I try to keep their outfits pared down to the bare minimum. Much like you, I dislike washing clean clothes over and over! I use my clothesline outside in the spring, summer and fall. Lately, though, with thunderstorms everyday, I have ended up using the dryer. I would love to have a portable clothes drying rack inside. Not really sure where I would put it, but I would make room for it. 🙂

  164. i do all my laundry on cold (as a 6′ tall lady i’ve got to preserve every bit of length in my clothes that i can) and i usually use tide free & clear. i only wash on hot if i’m doing a load of all towels and sheets.

  165. All of our clothes are washed on cold. Except, DH’s are washed on warm(he works with metal) and whites are washed on hot. The dryer is used to dry them. I want a clothes line but my laundry is upstairs and the thought of dragging wet clothes down stairs them back up is not appealing!

  166. I wash my laundry with cold water, then dry it part way then hang it. No wrinkles that way. I don’t hang it outside though because I don’t want the birds to poop on it!

  167. Cold for everything except whites…….I use home-made laundry soap which I’ve loved (first month to try this out!)….and use both the dryer and the line (only in summer). thanks 😉

  168. Cold Water Wash, Line dry if the days arent windy otherwise I am retrieving unmentionables from neighbors yard and having to rewash them… doesnt really save anything on those days. 😉

  169. Caroline says:

    I have been doing it 2-3 times a week with a front-loading washer and dryer. I am very interested in line drying and just need to do it! We’re moving to a larger home soon and I am committed to trying there where it will be a little easier.

  170. Stephanie R says:

    I would LOVE to have a clothes line so I could hang my laundry out, but so far haven’t been able to talk my hubby into it. He doesn’t want to have to mow around the poles, so a portable clothes line would be fabulous!

  171. I would love to have that type of clothes line for use in our town home. We have a very small “backyard” with no space or trees to do a traditional clothes line. We are doing a ton of wash now that we have our third little boy (three under 4 years old). It seems like I am constantly washing something that has been spilled on, peed on, or pooped on! We could probably see a lot of savings by line drying!

  172. Currently, we have no washer or dryer, so it’s off to the laundromat I go. 🙁 I’m about to start bringing it all home wet and line drying though- the cost of the laundromat is adding up!!!! 🙂

  173. I wash pretty much everything in cold, and use laundry racks to dry all of my husband’s clothes and my clothes, but dry the kids’ clothes in the dryer.

  174. I grew up in South Africa where the lovely weather and exhorbitant electricity costs mean that line drying is the most widely used method of drying clothes. When I first arrived in this country we lived in Buffalo and my American in-laws laughed when they’d come and visit and see clothes hanging from every radiator and window in the winter months… I decided a dryer was essential… at least in winter….
    Winter became Spring, Spring became summer… Buffalo, NY became Austin, Texas… and still I tumble dry ever load in my drier.

    I think your post (line drying for a family of 8!! OUCH) has inspired me to get back to my roots and return to line drying. Here in Texas there really is no good excuse not to… well, except we’ve nowhere to hang it!

    Like you, I have used cold water washes for quite some time already.

  175. Since it has rained for the past, hmmmm, six months here, I wasn’t too motivated to try the challenge. I do wash most of my loads in cold, I put in warm just to mix with the soap, then switch to cold to fill the tub. I don’t use the automatic sensor on my dryer, it ends up going longer. I have figured out how long each type of load needs and I just use the minutes. I told my laundry immediately, so I never waste energy on redrying.

    I went almost five years without a dryer and it worked fine. But, I lived in Kansas where it was warm and dry most of the time!

  176. I use a drying rack outside always. I use cold water-mostly, but can’t on everything.

  177. Michelle says:

    Laundry is done every day here. We use the dryer though as I do not have a clothesline – however, I’d love to have one! Thanks for the giveaway.

  178. I’ve been washing our clothes in cold water most of the time for almost a year or so now. There are times where I change it to warm and cold rinse (sheets). Dryer is used about 50% of the time. I used to use my drying racks all the time but being in Florida with the high humidity, it’s tough sometimes to get the clothes to dry in 24 hours! My work clothes are all hung to dry, the kids jeans and most of their tshirts are line dry, all of hubbies stuff is in the dryer along with towels and sheets. BTW – I’m still appalled that there are neighborhoods where you can’t have an outside clothes line (across the street from me is a little association of 16 townhouses and they can’t).

  179. I wash in cold water except for whites. I absolutely love drying my clothes on the line. You can’t beat that fresh smell. Living in Canada, however, I can only line dry for about six months of the year. I do it as much as possible. It definitely takes more time, but it’s worth it!

  180. I wash as much laundry in cold as possible and try to line dry as the weather permits. I also try to hang items around the house to dry if the weather is not so good. This depends on if anyone may be stopping over that day or not.

  181. Sara Jane says:

    I wash our clothing in cold water, but I still use the dryer. I really want to start line drying soon. I think the portable clothes line would really help, as I fear I would have the same “leaving the clothes out” problem.

  182. Kim D in TX says:

    I wash my clothes in both cold and warm/hot water and do use the dryer. I want to put up an outside clothes line to dry on but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. 🙁

  183. We line dry all summer….and make our own laundry soap and fabric softner.

  184. My husband does our laundry. He works at home and he likes to take a break and hang it outside. He also likes the $$ saved by line drying the wash.

  185. We have hard water, so I use warm water to wash and cold to rinse. Love to dry clothes outside….weather permitting….but sometimes I dry clothes inside during winter months to help add some moisture to the air in the house, which is dry due to the heating system.

  186. I wash one load of laundry per day – except during baseball season, when it increases. I’ve always used cold water, and I’ve been hanging the clothes out since about February of this year. I’ve just been laying them over my deck rails, since I don’t have a clothesline!

    I start the load right before we go to bed, & just shut the door to the laundry room. Then I hang them out when I get up in the morning. So far, we’ve only had a couple of times when we needed something that wasn’t dry yet!

  187. Because I live in Florida we can hang our clothes outside 10/12 months and have them dry in <1hr. I try to do this as much as possible but bugs and time constraints dont always make it possible.

  188. In nice weather I hang my tops and bottoms on hangers on my porch, small stuff goes on a hanging rack. In poor weather… I previously hung two clothes lines in my basement and use them with a dehumidifier or fan running.

  189. I’ve been doing laundry the same way for 7 years… since living in Germany where people do laundry a lot like you’ve been doing it. We wash in cold water, hang almost everything on a laundry rack I bought in Germany, and fluff in the dryer if necessary.

  190. We do laundry in all cold water to save money & energy. Occasionally I will run a load through a hot cycle, since I heard doing this every now and then helps wash away soap residue which can lead to mold (we have a front loader). I would love to hang our clothes out to dry, but our neighborhood association doesn’t allow it 🙁

  191. I wash in cold water and hang as much as I can on the clothesline or a drying rack on our patio.

  192. I always use cold water but am guilty of ALWAYS using the dryer! Lazy right?? I need to try harder to use the line drying. Maybe if I win this I will succeed! Thanks for all the tips for me!

  193. I typically use cold water to wash everything, except towels and sheets, which I use warm. As for drying, I dry everything on the lowest setting so nothing shrinks. I wish I had a clothesline to hang things on, so I would love to win this prize!

  194. michelle says:

    I don’t use the dryer on a lot of my clothes – I hate them shrinking and I don’t want them to fade. So I wash in cold water and hang pretty much all my clothing on the shower rod, and door facings when I run out of space there.

  195. I live in Arizona so drying outside is FAST! With some loads, such as sheets, it’s faster than drying in the dryer. I dry almost everything outside in the spring/summer/fall, reserving the dryer for the winter. I think next winter I’ll try drying more clothes on my drying rack inside the house. In my dry climate it should help humidify the air and maybe not take tooooo long.

  196. I wouuld love to line dry but its been about 5 years since we had to take our line down due to an addition and its still not back up! the idea of a portable line is interesting!

    I doubt I’ll win but if I do, I won’t be online from 6/20-6/29 so can’t respond within 48 hrs but wanted to comment anyways!

  197. My husband and I decided a long time ago to switch to cold water washing for everything but the sheets in our house. This spring we decided to give line drying a try, because with the a/c on and the pump for our small above ground pool, the electric bill is enormous for three or four months. We purchased two retractable clothes lines and mounted them on two deck posts on the back of the house and attached two hooks on another two posts on the spearate decking that goes around part of the above ground pool. I love it – when laundry is done, I take the lines back down, and no one knows they are ever there! So far this spring, my dryer has been used no more than 3 times, and that was for an emergency!

  198. We have a wonderful clothesline in our backyard, which up until recently I’ve used primarily for hanging my daughter’s diapers out to dry. (I love that the sun is a natural disinfectant, as bleach is a no-no for cloth diapers.) Washing/drying diapers is a regular thing so there was never much room for anything else on the line Anyhow, she is mostly out of diapers now so I suppose I should really get in the habit of hanging out clothing out!

    I’m procrastinating because I HATE to iron, and I know the clothes will be more wrinkled coming off the line than from the dryer.

  199. katherine says:

    Just this past weekend I line dried all of our clothes except for 2 loads of towels. However, I have yet to put up one basket of my work clothes.

  200. I recently started line drying, before I cold washed and machine dried. I could use another clothes line, though, so I hope I win.

  201. I wash everything on cold except whites on warm, and didn’t know I was supposed to consider doing towels on hot to disinfect! I just recently discovered some hooks in our basement that had probably once held a laundry line (our house is new to us) and was thinking about setting one up when we got water in the basement and now everything smells musty. I’d love to try it outside, but humid Ohio might not be the best place to actually get clothes dry.

  202. I wash everything in cold and air dry clothes inside on folding racks.We are a family of six.

  203. Ok, I admit, I love the line for a few items here and there but I am all about the convenience of a dryer. I DO need a new line though, so this would be GREAT! 🙂

  204. Amanda P. says:

    we do our laundry about once or twice a week. always wash in cold water and throw into the dryer. i would love to line dry my clothes!

  205. Oh my gosh I would love to win this! I’ve been wanting to line dry for a long time now!!!

    My laundry routine varies depending on the day. I usually like to make my own detergent once every other week or so, depending on how much I’ve got and if I want to make powdered or liquid.

    I keep lots of baskets around the house and then gather them all up to go outside on the porch where our washing room is. After a load of washing, I dump them in the dryer (after turning everything inside out). Then I pray. I pray because our dryer like to rip the buttons off of our clothes (hence the inside out). Then I fold, hang, or set aside to sew on new buttons.

  206. I recently came back from a 2 week survey trip to Brazil, and found that nearly everyone does their laundry the way you have for the last month. Most don’t have yards, so cord is strung in rooms and balconies and porches. While it is economical, it also takes a lot longer, not to mention the extra ironing that has to be done because everything is wrinkled off the line. Can I tell you, when I move to Brazil, I’ll be taking my dryer!!!!!

  207. I have 3 dryers in the house. One has some rollers broken and eats laundry, one is old and is not repairable and one we cannot seem to get hooked up properly to work. for the last year I either hand my laundry out on our outside line (which is starting to fall apart) or go to the laundry mat. Needless to say, I could use some help. This would be a great giveaway to win. Thanks.

  208. I wash with cold water for clothes and warm water for towels and bedding. We wash all of our laundry with Charlie’s all natural soap and it works great for us. I dry our cloth diapers on a line in the laundry room but I really want more drying space and i really want an outdoor line. I hope i win

  209. I have two laundry days a week for clothes. Underwear, gym tshirts and our cloth napkins are washed hot, rinsed cold. A few other things I was warm, but eveything else is washed cold. I do dry everything. I live in Colorado and I also work – those are my excuses, anyway. 🙂

  210. I’ve been trying to do some laundry every day (children, adults, towels, sheets/blankes) and I’ve been washing in hot/warm with a cold rinse cycle for the towels/blankets and cold/cold for most clothing unless it’s really dirty. I’ve been thinking about line drying for a while since I saw your first post but I’m just not sure how to start since the drying racks seem to be kind of pricey. I’d love to win it so I could see if it works for my family. Thanks for the opportunity!

  211. I’ve always washed all of our clothes in cold water and I throw them in the dryer on the energry saver setting. I usually have to do a load in the evening and a load in the morning and there are only 4 of us. My boys big & little get really dirty alot lol.

  212. I wash everything in cold water, except my husband’s stinky barn clothes. I do a combination of line and dryer. My routine is to throw a load in the machine in the evening after baths, let the clothes soak overnight and start the machine as part of my morning chores.

  213. Jennifer says:

    I do a load or two every day. Usually wash in warm with my homemade liquid detergent, then toss in the dryer. Now that it is toasty warm outside, we dry beach towels and rugs over the fence. Would love to have a clothesline, but haven’t made it happen yet. Great idea for a giveaway!

  214. Melanie K. from RC says:

    I always use cold water to wash my clothes and have hung my clothes to dry….not really sure why except that I don’t have a clothes line. Though I’ve been thinking about putting one up.

  215. Warm/hot water and dry in the dryer. I do make my own laundry soap and add vinegar to each load. Sometimes I line dry, but until June or July we have a lot of rain. Even if I line dry, I toss everything in the drier for a few minutes to fluff. I rarely iron, so I like to just be able to fold/hang warm clothes to reduce wrinkling.

  216. I use the dryer for everything. Which is a shame because I live in AZ, in like the hottest climate EVER! When I have had to line dry, they dry in less time than it takes my dryer! I really do need to line dry. I would love a starter kit!!

  217. I do all my laundry on Monday’s. I line dry almost everything – I have three big drying racks I set up in our bedroom. I hate having them up there, so it gives me incentive to put everything away quickly!

  218. I wash everything except towels and sheets in cold water, but I do use my electric dryer for everything. I have aspirations of hanging laundry outside, but it hasn’t happened yet…

  219. Shelah Miller says:

    I line-dry about half of our clothes….my DH set up some lines in the basement.

  220. Currently, my laundry system is to do the week’s clothes laundry for my daughter and I on Fridays, the day when I work from home. “Household laundry” (sheets, towels, cloth napkins) gets done on Saturday — the towels post-bathtime. (Each person has an assigned place to hang their towel, and we reuse them. This is the system I grew up with, and I’ve never understood the need to wash towels every day.) My husband does his own laundry. I use the washer and dryer, although some things are laid out on towels on the bed in the guestroom to dry. I remember helping my mom hang clothes on the outdoor clothesline when I was a teenager, but we don’t have a clothesline. I have mixed feelings about it: I love the money-saving aspects, and it’s actually a really nice chore to do the outside hanging up/taking down on a nice day (with thorough shakes when you’re taking down to dislodge any bugs), but we also have allergies in my family, and all the allergy advice says *don’t* dry your laundry outside. Our laundry room is also our utility room (furnace, hot water heater), which makes it an awkward space to put up an indoor clothesline — but I might try some time.

  221. Generally, all of my laundry gets done on Friday as it is my housecleaning day. I have been hanging my laundry on a line nearly my whole married life. Right after my husband and I got married, we moved to England where almost no one has a dryer. I learned to hang my clothes out or put them on the radiators. Because it rains so much there the radiator was often the better option. Even though we moved back Stateside (two years ago) and have a dryer (hallelujah!) I still hang out our clothes.

  222. Ok, so I have to admit something: my husband does all of our laundry. I don’t know know I got so lucky but ever since I bought him his new High Efficiency Kenmore Elite W&D, I’ve never had to do a load in the last three years. He even does the baby clothes. Crazy, I know! I just have to help him put the clothes away. He usually breaks up the loads and does 1 or 2 a day throughout the week so it’s not overwhelming and washes everything in cold water. We use a dryer to dry our towels, t-shirts, workout clothes, etc. but hang dry our jeans and delicate items.

  223. I use seventh generation (mainly because we have sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate any of us). I also have been hanging clothes up rather than drying for at least 6 months now. I was AMAZED looking at my electricity bill on how much I saved (even with it being a cold winter). My hubby sometimes doesn’t like seeing the laundry all over the house as I look for drying spots. I love that things like his boxers and all our sheets don’t get those annoying wrinkles when I hang up (unlike when I dry them). I also loved that in the winter I had a (non-electric) humidifier.

  224. I put a load on laundry in every morning (except weekends), put it in the dryer at lunch and have it put away before bedtime – at least, that’s what I try to do. I do have weeks (like this week) where the clean laundry sits there for a few days before I get it put away.

  225. I put one load of laundry in every night after dinner – that way my husband gets to play with the kids while I hang everything to dry. It’s dry and ready to be folded and put away when I wake up in the morning!

  226. I wash most of my clothes in cold water & some with warm water. I hang dry any of our nicer clothes- using your system- in my house. I do use the dryer for towels & other things- but always on low heat. i don’t really like the stiffness of clothes that are line dried.

  227. Towels, sheets, underwear and socks, are washed in warm water, and put in the dryer. Everything else is washed in cold water, and hung to dry. I do most of my laundry on the weekends, so Sunday night sees a lot of clothes hanging all over!!

  228. Jennifer says:

    I wash 95% of my laundry in cold water. I live in a townhouse so a traditional clothes line isn’t an option. I do have lines strung up in my basement where I dry a small portion of our laundry.

  229. Great challenge! It’s fabulous to save money on your electric bill, but what’s even more important is that you’re using less fossil fuels. In light of the current disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, I think it’s more important than ever to be conscious of our dependence on oil and to do what we can to reduce our consumption. Love your blog, FishMama!

  230. Homemade laundry soap, cold water unless something really awful happened and hang to dry both indoors and out, all year long! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  231. we just moved to a new state and for the first time EVER we have a laundry room so there is a perfect spot to hang my clothes to dry. I usually wash in cold and just partially dry most clothes. I would love to have a clothes line outside, but this is a rental and we are only hear for a year, so I am on the hunt for something I can move outside on warm sunny days!

  232. I’ve always washed my colors in cold, I was taought to wash my whites in Hot, but once I heard in my 20’s that clothing gets just as clean in cold, saves the planet & prevents shrinking I started washing everything in cold. When my daughter came along I learned to stain treat w/ Oxibaby (great for sensitive skin & I can multi-task while soaking large amounts in one bucket), and no stains means I can still wash in cold water & save on my wallet by making items last longer, colors don’t fade, the cycle is less harsh which means I get to pass clothing down to the next child & by not using bleach I have a better chance they will not wear down as fast.
    The majority of her outfits I also hang to dry to prevent shrinking too & save time by not having to iron items that would normally get left in the dryer till I needed socks… because most times us Moms get side-tracked! So that’s my laundry routine, pre-treat items, cold water wash, hang dry… all to save money, the planet & time!

  233. I’m very particular about my laundry and I wash towels and sheets in hot water and most everything else in warm water. I’m going to continue washing my sheets and towels in hot water but I will try washing everything else in cold water.

  234. Dee Campbell says:

    I’m so going to try this clothes line drying idea. Worried about my towels though. Will they be as soft as they come out of the dryer?

  235. Danielle B says:

    I would love to win this giveaway! My children are 4, 2 and 4 months and our dryer died 1 week after bringing our youngest home. It’s been a rough few months to be honest. Our car is having serious issues and it’s our only mode of transportation seeing as my husband has to drive 30 mintues to and from work. We’ve put hundreds into it already and are facing another vital repair in the next few weeks. There’s no money for anything except the repair.
    To put it lightly, a dryer has actually become a “convenience” item. I never thouht I’d say that! I do a load every day b/c our apartment is so small and they won’t let us hang laundry outside. I just hang most of it up on the bathroom shower rod on hangers and then on whatever spare doorknobs, dresser knobs, etc I can find! I do it every morning and can just about hang all of it up that night before bathtime.
    We’ve seen a difference in our electric bill already! I run the towels up to the laundry mat once a week b/c they don’t dry fast enough and end up smelling mildewy! Yuck!
    It’s absolutely tried my patience, but it’s also made me very grateful to at least have a washer! God knows what we need when we need it, and He won’t give us more then we can withstand. His grace is sufficient for us, even if it’s something as minor as line-drying your clothing for a family of 5!

  236. Connie Corey says:

    I do a load every day. There are five of us, three boys. Otherwise I end up buried in laundry and uber crabby!

  237. I hate laundry .. hate hate hate it. I am the mom that lets EVERYTHING in the house go into the laundry pile before I do laundry. Then it takes an entire weekend running both the washer & the dryer constantly to get everything done.

  238. Heather Abbott says:

    I’ve recently switched to cold water but still use hot water on towels and sheets. We’re also a dryer family, but would consider giving it a whirl if we won the giveaway.

  239. I wash everything in cold…unless someone has been sick.
    I also use half the amount of detergent that is recommended.
    I live in Ohio so I am a little nervous about line drying due to all the rain but I am willing to try it & give my dryer a break : )

  240. I use cold water to wash all our clothes and dry in the dryer. However, I do make my own laundry soap to help cut back on the costs of laundry. When I was little we used to line dry clothes and I liked it but since getting my own house I don’t have a clothes line.

  241. I do a load of laundry about every other day. I wash everything but towels in cold water. I dry everything in the dryer because I too am deathly afraid of bees making nests in my clothes and I forget about them being on the line.:) I would love to be able to set something up inside my house to line dry clothes.

  242. I wash all my laundry in cold water on the shorter delicate cycle already but don’t line dry much. When I had a large basement, I strung lines up to do so but don’t have that space now. This challenge has made me realize that I really just need to invest in some simple portable clothes lines for use inside the house.

  243. we do laundry only in cold…have for a while now. i love to line dry if time allows, i put them outside and they’re dry in a couple hours (texas), i always line dry jeans/pants since they seem to last longer that way…i love the smell of fresh air/sun dried clothes!

  244. I haven’t line dried in a long time because I don’t have anywhere to do it, my dogs would take it down outside

  245. I typically do towels in hot, and everything else in cold. I line dry when possible, but would love to have an indoor clothesline for the blah! days!

  246. I wash my clothes with warm/cold water and dry using the sensor feature of my dryer.

  247. I use cold or warm water and wash clothes about once a week (there are only two of us). We just bought a house that has a clothesline out back but I have yet to use it.

  248. I’ve been using cold water for all my washing lately and the dryer, but now that we’ve moved to a house with a yard, I’m scoping out the best spot for a clothesline.

  249. I do wash everything in cold water – but wonder about the towels, undies and such – are they getting just as clean and less germy than hot?? I hang everything I can outside spring summer and fall but winter in Buffalo – no way! –

  250. I have washed my laundry in cold water for the last 17 years. I have no hot water hook up to my washing machine so that’s just the way I’ve done it since I’ve lived in this house. I have been line drying the last 12 years or so….winter and summer. This past winter, we had horrible weather and I probably used my dryer more than I had used it in YEARS! I have a triple line in my side yard, it holds about 3 loads. I do laundry (usually) 3 days per week, unless we get some rain, then I just rearrange according to the weather. I have 2 daughters that help me get the clothes out, get them in, fold them, so that helps but I was doing it all before they got big enough to help anyway. Great topic, love laundry discussions (for some strange reason). Hope I win!

  251. AllieZirkle says:

    I wash in cold and dry at a low temp for 15 minutes. I only dry kids clothes and towels. Grown up clothes are hung to dry on hangers. I like the clothes pin idea though…

    I’d love to win this for a chance to try out 7th generation’s product!

  252. I have washed my family’s clothes in cold water for quite some time now. Only recently, I’ve started washing delicates, towels and any stained clothing in hot water in an effort to kill bacteria. I have three children, two in diapers, and after a rough winter of lots of colds and a few episodes of the flu, I figured it was worth a shot. I have recently become a full-time stay at home mom and plan to begin line-drying our clothes to save money, so I would be thrilled to win this giveaway! Thanks for all the great tips, tricks and encouragement you provide — I love your blog!

  253. Caroline says:

    I don’t do laundry as often as I should so it piles up. I wash all loads on cold and have for years. When it’s nice out I hang everything outside on the clothesline. I’ve been known to be out there at 8am when it’s 35 degrees because it’s supposed to get into the 60s and I want my clothes dried outside! When it’s way too cold I hang anything that can’t be dried on hangers in the doorways and on the drying rack. I try to do two loads of wash and only one load in the dryer. If I need to do sheets or towels, I do them after I’ve done another load in the dryer so it’s already heated and they dry faster.

  254. Sarah B. B. says:

    We only have one child so far, which males it easy to get all of our laundry done on Mondays, with some extra loads of diapers every 2-3 days. My husband just finished our outdoor clothesline, so that will cut down on our dryer usage tremendously! No more hanging diapers to dry on the rails of the deck! 🙂

  255. I do colors in cold, towels and whites in warm. Otherwise, they don’t come clean and start to smell bad. I grew up line drying and dry about half on the line…but this is my first taste of a Southern summer. Boy is it HUMID. One batch of clothes took three days to dry in the shade! Yikes. For the most part, I hang up clothes on their hangers inside and dry about half of our laundry in the dryer.

  256. I would love to try line drying. I never thought of doing it inside! Thanks for the give away.

  257. Mondays I do mine and my husbands clothes, Tuesdays is my 2 younger boys stuff, Wednesdays is my daughter and older boys clothes and Thursday is sheets, whites and random things. Sometimes I get a day behind or a day ahead. Sometimes I even get all my kids clothes done in one day, yay!!

  258. I probably let the laundry pile up too much. But I wash in cold except for towels and sheets and I always use the dryer. I’d love to give line drying a try!

  259. I do wash about twice a week. Everything gets washed cold water except sheets and towels. I line dry pants/jeans just because they take too long otherwise. Everything else dries in the dryer on medium heat for about 50 minutes.

  260. Brandi Connell says:

    We too have 8 people in the family n I was just telling my neighbor that I think of another way to be frugal because I am so nervous about our electriciy bill. We were just talking about using a clothes line. I have been lazy and have resorted towards the drier n also constantly piccking up kids clothes that were on the floor and just washing them because someone didnt put them away…but fishmama your influencing me to be a NEW MAMA. My husband will be so happy because we are saving money…thank you for advice!

  261. Hannah S says:

    With the exception of my daughter’s diapers, I was everything in cold water. I also try to line dry everything. The only problems is we live in a condo with no yard. So my husband used some wire and made some makeshift clotheslines on our porch. We don’t get much of a breeze so our clothes get really stiff. So we have to put the clothes in the dryer for about 5 minutes.

  262. It’s timely to read this post because I can’t use my dryer for a few days and I was dreading not making it, lol. In addition, my daughter has seasonal allergies during the spring, summer, and fall, making drying clothes outside on a line impossible because outdoors makes her skin break out. I think I’ll give the inside drying a try in the basement.

    I LOVE Seventh Generation laundry soap and dishwashing soap and stock up when it’s on sale and have coupons.

  263. Oh, forgot to talk about how I do laundry. For sheets, towels, whites, I use warm water; for everything else, I use cold. I do laundry a few times a week for my family of four.

  264. Betsy Negley says:

    We currently wash everything but whites and towels in cold water. Whites and towels get washed in warm with a splash of bleach. Unfortunately, we have to dry everything in the clothes dryer because I do not have a clothes line, even a portable one. I would love to win this so I can dry clothes outside!

  265. Ruth Hill says:

    We wash everything possible in cold water. We do use a dryer because we are busy. But this does sound great for drying clothes outside when the weather is cooperative.

  266. I do a combination of line drying and machine drying. I also have been known to forget my laundry and leave it out overnight!

  267. Johnna Shortsleeves says:

    I love hanging my laundry out…In the past 3 months we have knocked $40.00 off our electric bill!!!!! Enough incentive for me!!! 🙂

  268. I really like the Seventh Generation laundry detergent. It’s what I buy when money isn’t too tight. I try to wash most things in cold, but sheets and towels always get at least warm. I use my dryer every time, though I’d love a laundry line. Nothing would get dry if I tried to hang it in our basement (where the machines are) and I don’t have a good place to hang laundry inside the house, so outside is where it would have to go. I did use a portable folding drying rack from Target when my littlest was in diapers (we used cloth), but it was always in the way.

  269. I have always used cold for my wash but have recently switched to hot for bedding and towels. I would love to start line drying my clothes but just haven’t had the time!

  270. I, like many others, have been washing in cold water for some time. However, I don’t think my HOA will allow a line in my yard, so I would love to try a portable one. The miscellaneous items hung on the patio furniture are a bit sightly.

  271. Elizabeth says:

    I usually do laundry 2-3 days/week unless we have an emergency. I do wash colors in cold water, and do whites/sheets & towels in warm. Recently our dryer went on the fritz and I had to get creative to hang dry some things since we don’t have a clothes line. I would love to win a portable laundry line!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  272. I have about 4 loads to do a week so I try to keep them to the weekdays and avoid laundry on the weekends.

  273. I usually use the cold water, dry for 10 minutes, then hang shirts, pants and socks. It has saved me a ton of money and I get faster at it every day.

  274. I wash in cold water and then use the dryer. I think I could really use this! 🙂

  275. We wash, often in cold, throughout the week. However, we only dry when we are going to bed or not going to be home – we live in Texas, in an apt with window units instead of central air, and running the dryer in close to 100 degree heat is pretty miserable! We’d LOVE a drying rack to use instead!

  276. I’ve been doing laundry in cold-water since I was a freshman in college in 1992! Sadly, the reason I did it this way is because I knew I couldn’t screw up to huge with cold water. Several loads are done 2-3 times a week with Melaleuca Laundry Detergent or Seventh Generation, depending on what I have on hand. I like both a lot. For the past 6 months, I’ve been hanging most of our clothing, except the socks, undies, worn out items and towels. I live in Minnesota where the weather is sketchy most days so hang-drying outside is difficult for me and the amount of space I have inside isn’t conducive to the bigger items like towels and sheets. I find time to fold when my kids are playing near the laundry room. I’m sure my husband wished that was more often!

  277. I’m currently doing the washer/dryer routine with cold for colors and warm for sheets, towels, and potty training undies. I’ve been waiting for two years now for my husband to get around to putting up my clothesline. If the four years it took to get the bathroom finished is any indication, it may be a while before I’m line drying our clothes!

  278. i wash mostly warm as my little messy goes through lots of clothes. but we try as many clothes on hangers as possible

  279. We just replaced our vintage harvest gold Maytags with a set of Fisher Paykel w/d and I’m back to washing one load a day (cold water). I had hopes of line drying but we have severe seasonal allergies that we have to be careful with pollen. I’d love to experiment with an indoor drying system — I just haven’t found an ideal location for a permanent retractable line inside.

  280. Christina says:

    For years I have washed almost all our clothes in cold and the majority of my work clothes do not get dried. It never occured to me to completely line dry .. it’s hot enough in TX that I could! Thanks for posting 🙂

  281. Adrienne Larkin says:

    I have to say we still do our laundry in machines with warm water and use the dryer. I have been trying to be more “green” about it and use more cold water washes these days and hang dry as many clothes as possible without having our small house look like a laundrymat. I am trying to convince my husband to put up a clothesline so winning this would be my perfect excuse.

  282. What can I say about doing laundry? I do it constantly. I have five young children and it gets very overwhelming very fast. I have never considered line drying our clothers because it seems like so much work. After reading about your experience I think I can at least try it.

  283. Great! I almost always use cold water and much less detergent than the bottle recommends! I sometimes take my drying rack outside in the hot weather and have considered some type of retractable clothes line for outside.

  284. I have been line drying for about two years. I just put up cotton rope running it between the two fences. I purchased a couple of 8 ft 2×2, cut a notch in the top and use it raise up the line when it full. At first it seemed to take so long, I dreaded it. A couple months into I started enjoying it. It was “me” time. My daughter sometimes helps, it is a nice time just to talk about nothing, something we seem never have time to do.

    I thought during the winter I would have to stop, I just chose good weather days and continued. Last week Sears called to renew the contract on my dryer, I’m thinking of getting rid of it.

  285. I line dry a lot already (mostly inside) because of shrinkage and color fading. It’s the way my mother did it and she’s a domestic goddess!

  286. At my old house I had a line outside that I would hang clothes on. I have not gotten around to doing that at this house though.

  287. I’ve used cold water for years, only very occasional resorting to hot for kitchen towels to get rid of that last bit of grease and grease smell. I haven’t had a line in years, but would very much like to have one again, although I don’t plan on line drying exclusively.

    Now, we use a small rack to dry just a few things, and to sometimes take towels and other small things out of the closet and put them out to freshen them a bit. The rack isn’t big enough for sheets and such

    I’m surprised they didn’t include fabric softener, because even line drying that helps a bit.

  288. I always wash in warm/rinse in cold. I line dry when the weather permits, and use the dryer in the winter. Though I have a ton of shirts that I refuse to shrink in the dryer, so I actually do hang quite a few things to dry year round.

  289. I always wash all of the clothes in cold water and usually use the dryer to dry them. I have been inspired to attempt line drying more though by reading of your month long experiment. Thank you for the chance to win.

  290. Cold water with Purex detergent, dryer with store brand dryer sheets

  291. kelly woods says:

    I love line drying!!!!!!!

  292. Samantha says:

    Well, I have to do Laundry at the laundromat, we live in an apartment complex and there is nowhere to put washer or dryer, plus the water we use is included in our rent. I always use hot water and dry in the dryer for approximately 1 hour (I leave it there while I do other things). I would love to line dry, I would especially love to line dry outside. Back when I lived in the UK, growing up we always hung our laundry on the line in the back garden, 2 lines infact, and that was actually one of the fun things I liked to do, was hang the laundry on the line.
    Back when I was really small, all the houses on my row did that, infact all the Mom’s tended to do Laundry on the same day, particularly Nappies (Cloth Diapers), so one day a week there would be 7-8 houses all in a row, and all you could see where lovely bright clean Nappies!
    I would love to go back to doing laundry this way, but the small space we call home just doesn’t allow for it.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  293. I’m a “normal” warm water/dryer laundry person, but I’d love to give this a try. The drying rack looks amazing. I like the idea or line drying in the house. We live in the city and don’t really have a way to line dry outside (besides I know I’d forget it!).

  294. I currently wash our clothes in cold water (except the cloth diapers) and then dry them in the dryer. I know I should probably line dry, but both my husband and I work outside the home.

    My goal for a while has been to line dry…after reading your post I’m determined I’ve got to find a way to make it happen 🙂

  295. Julie Young says:

    Ok, I admit it! I use warm water and the dryer!! I need an intervention fast!

  296. We do laundry using our high efficiency washer and dryer, but I hang dry the baby’s cloth diapers, and I just figured out that I already had a clothes line hiding in my carport where I can hang towels and blankets! I’m concerned about putting too much outside because of all the allergies in my family.

  297. Andrea Bindewald says:

    I use both warm and cold water. I had no idea that using cold water would save energy and $$$!!! i use the Purex naturals detergent. I have always want to try the 7th generation detergent but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I would for sure line dry some if not most of the laundry if I had a clothes line.

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