Happy Thanksgiving!

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Things I’m thankful for this year, in no particular order:

  1. A warm, safe home
  2. Cars that run
  3. Food for our family — and then some
  4. Great neighbors
  5. Awesome parents, in-laws, and siblings
  6. SIX sweet kids
  7. A hubbby who loves me
  8. The chance to publish a cookbook
  9. Jesus
  10. YOU

Have a great Thanksgiving! May your next year be full of blessings to count!

About Jessica Fisher

I believe you can get great meals on the table -- and still keep that pretty smile on your face.

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  1. I am grateful for all those things, except I only have one child. I am grateful also for you and your wonderful tips and insight. I am also grateful for all those great recipes you give us. I hope your Christmas will also be joyous ,peaceful and lovely. That’s one of the reasons we are here. To experience joy and expand our capacity to love. I always have a good feeling when I visit your website. Know that you have made a lot of people happy.

  2. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family. Have a great weekend.

  3. Blessings to you and your family and many thanks for the great advice and recipes! xx

  4. Kathy in Illinois says

    Jessica, wishing and you and your sweet family a happy Thanksgiving full of delicious food, fun, thankfulness and many blessings.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

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