Have a Better Road Trip

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better road trip

The holiday season is getting in gear. Chances are you and your family might be hitting the road to visit with friends and family in the coming weeks. Vacations and road trips can run the gamut from fun adventures, to  experiences to be tolerated, to disasters of epic proportions.

While you can’t control everything, you can make a few preparations to make things less stressful for you as mom and to give your family a greater chance of having a fun adventure.

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Got a special trick that helps YOUR road trips?

Please share it so we can all benefit from your experience.

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  1. Our family has owned a trailblazer and various mini vans over the years and we find the best way to make use of the cargo space for long road trips that require a lot of clothes and supplies is to buy big plastic storage totes and pack in them instead of luggage. They stack better and can be bought to fit the space perfectly. They also make it easy to unpack the vehicle for a night at a hotel room and repack it fast again in the morning. No squishing or squeezing or bag avalanches.