Have a Plan for Afterschool Snacks

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Have a Plan for Afterschool Snacks | Life as MOM

Whether they homeschool or go to public or private school, most kids need a little break after a day of learning. Having an afterschool snack prepared for them is a great way to start the afternoon and evening off right.

Create an afterschool happy hour where you reconnect with your kids over a special snack. Healthy snacks are awesome, but it’s fun to mix things up with something not-quite-so-healthy from time to time.

Something Cool

Something Savory

Something Sweet

What’s a favorite snack at YOUR house?

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  1. Claire says

    Made your recipe for cheddar coins, finally. My children really liked them. They will be a regular snack here. So easy to make!!!!

  2. My go-to is cheese filled breadsticks. (the copy cat olive garden ones from moneysavingmom.com) toss the stuff in a dough cycle and wrap around string cheese. 90 minutes start to finish. stash in freezer. the bread flour is extra protein and sometimes there’s some leftover red sauce in the fridge for dipping. these also make for a good brown lunch bag filler when the grocery envelope is empty.

  3. Love these ideas. My kids always come home hungry. They’d love those sweet snacks. You are right, it’s a great opportunity to reconnect with our kids.

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