Have a Trash Bowl at the Ready to Save Time in the Kitchen

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Countertop trash saves time in the kitchen

We have a fairly big kitchen these days, at least compared to the 4 by 6 foot kitchen that made up our newlywed home. My kitchen now is pretty big. And while big is great — totally not complaining — traipsing back and forth throughout the kitchen during meal prep time can slow you down. Even in a small kitchen, if you’re walking repeatedly toward the trash can, you’re wasting precious minutes unnecessarily.

One quick and easy time saver is to keep a trash receptacle on your kitchen counter while you prep your meals. I usually use a bowl. I keep it nearby as a catch-all for vegetable trimmings, package wrapping, and empty cans. Just empty it in the waste basket when you’re done prepping.

I’ve found that an added plus, is that you don’t drop things into the regular trash that you don’t really mean to chuck.

trash bowl

I’ve been known to drop half a canteloupe right into the garbage while I was holding it overhead, trying to scrape out the seeds. My daughter lost a carrot a few weeks ago. We waste less food, evidently, when we use a counter top trash receptacle.

Don’t spend time pacing back and forth from counter to trash can. Keep a bowl next to your cutting board and save yourself some steps.

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  1. I always always always do this. It saves me a ton of steps. Normally I pull out my stock scraps container from the freezer and use that for my veggie scraps, and put unwanted bits in the scrap bowl. I don’t throw away much without using it multiple times. Dinner/ Repurpose leftovers/ make stock/ Thursday soup. make every bit count 🙂

  2. MelanieL says

    This has me thinking about all the times I run to the trash can on the other side of the room…what a waste of time! This is a great time saving tip!

  3. That’s an arthritis – friendly tip for those with mobility problems:)

  4. Yes, I love it when I do this! I often have a compost container that I put veggie scraps in, but it’s a great idea to use one for other trash too. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Great idea! I’ve been known to dump cantaloupe in the garbage when I was trying to scoop out the seeds. I also compost so it’s much easier to take one bowl outside when I finish prepping for dinner.

  6. Claire says

    This is so super helpful when cooking/baking!!!! Its also perfect for placing your used measuring cups and spoons in. Then the mess on them don’t drip onto your counter.

    Thanks for t he helpful tips!!

  7. Melissa says

    This is a great idea, but what keeps me from doing it is the additional bowl to wash. Lazy, I know…

  8. Sorilea says

    Why not just bring the trash can to your prep area? We do this, and it works great.

    • You ever spend 20 minutes cleaning vegetables just to drop a whole almost completely peeled potato into a garbage can filled with gunk and coffee grounds? Yeah a bowl with just veggies peels is better to drop that potato in to.

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