Have a Cup – It’s On Me

The excitement just never ends — there are all sorts of fun and prizes around here. And more coming up.

In recent weeks I’ve given up the bingo cage and drawing names out of a hat. Instead, winners have been chosen randomly by Random.Org. If you see your name as a winner, please contact me within 48 hours of the post date, otherwise I will choose another winner. Let’s face it, I have enough to do to chase after SIX KIDS, so please be kind and drop me an email right away –

You can view the winner of the Birthday Cake Drawing here.

As for the “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About FishMama” Sweepstakes, thank you for such interesting and convicting questions. Some made me laugh, others made cry. I’m not half as on top of things as you all think I am. Regardless, I’ll be answering them soon. You can still leave a question, but the sweepstakes part is now closed.

The winner of 5 bucks at Starbucks, chosen at random, is Sarah who asked,

I have a hard time keeping up with my 11ds…and he’s my only one so far. How do you manage to keep up with all of your kids, and do it with so much grace (and have time to blog?). What does a “typical” day look like? What routines/tricks work for you?

Oh my! Well, today you get the short answer. My life feels like I am constantly spinning plates. Some things (or people) might get a little more attention than others on a given day, but I try to make it even out in the long run. And the kids communicate, intentionally and not, when they need a little more TLC. For instance, I know that my 4 year old is needing a little more of Mama when he wakes up in the night. That signals me to step up the cuddles, stories and individual conversations and playtime during the day.

Overall, it helps that I teach our children at home and that my work is mainly done in the home. I can focus on their needs because I’m not spending a chunk of time running around. I also only sleep about five hours a day. But, I’m hoping that is just for a season.

Stay tuned for the long version of my answers to this and other questions.

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