Have You Met Alice?

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No, I’m not talking out the housekeeper for the Brady Bunch, but I am thinking I need one of those.

This Alice is an online, one-stop shop for household goods, like pantry staples, cleaning supplies, toiletries, even some over-the-counter medicines. It’s a grocery and drug store  — without the cart. It even supplies the coupons for you so you can find some great deals on the things that you regularly use without even picking up the scissors.

Right now if you sign up with Alice, you can receive a $10 credit once you’ve spent $50.

There are some great deals on cleaning supplies, so if you’re cleaning along with us, you may find some great new tools to help you do the job right. Check “the best deals” section for the latest super sales. And like the great deal from Diapers.com, it’s a great way to save money without leaving home or clipping a coupon. Sign up for your free account and check it out.

Have you met Alice? What was your experience?

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  1. I have really enjoyed our first two orders that have come in. A few things are still cheaper on Amazon, and it appears that you have to order a minimum of six items with Alice – those are my only complaints. Otherwise – VERY cool. Easy to order online and create an organized flow of housekeeping goods to my doorstep. I also especially appreciated how the lotions were taped to prevent spills and packaged in zip lock in case they should. Yes, it is more “trash” than if I got it in the store, but not if I reuse the zip locks. Also, the kids love playing with the boxes – as soon as they were empty they became boats. Also, there is the great fun factor of free samples, yummy tea! So far, I’m a fan!

  2. I loved it the past two times I ordered. I was able to buy a gift card at 15% off from Alice and then use it for my own order.

    I’ve found things there that I can’t find here (washing soda and “baggies”. The perfume free tide was cheaper on alice than it was at my local store.

    You do need to be careful though because some things are more expensive.

    While everything is packaged really well, I don’t know what to do with all the leftover packaging!

  3. I have had very positive experiences with my Alice shopping so far. Though I do agree with the other comments here – the shopping needs to be ever so slightly selective because you can find your buys at other places for a better price – I still love it. I especially love that I never have to pay a lick of shipping. And even though it’s usually cleaning and household supplies, I just love getting my Alice box every time it comes! Who doesn’t like to get packages? 😉

  4. Well, I am disappointed. Living in Canada we cannot get these cool things that you can in the United States. With five children and one on the way, I would love to have everything I could delivered to my home. I guess I should start actively searching for such companies that will deliver to our somewhat remote location.

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